Best 7+ Adsterra Earning: Exceptional Ads Platform $6,000

Adsterra Earning: Exceptional Ads Platform $6,000: Adsterra is a global advertising network that offers various ad formats, including display ads, popunders, native ads, and push notifications, to publishers and advertisers worldwide. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in Cyprus.


Adsterra claims to provide high-quality traffic from premium publishers, as well as advanced targeting and optimization tools for advertisers. Publishers can monetize their websites, blogs, and apps by displaying ads, while advertisers can promote their products and services to a large audience.


Adsterra supports a wide range of verticals, including finance, gaming, technology, and e-commerce. The network also offers flexible payment options, such as PayPal, Bitcoin, and wire transfer, as well as a referral program that allows publishers and advertisers to earn extra income by referring new users.


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However, it’s worth noting that some publishers and advertisers have reported issues with Adsterra, such as low-quality traffic, fraudulent activity, and poor customer support. As with any advertising network, it’s important to thoroughly research and evaluate Adsterra’s offerings before deciding whether to use it.


Adsterra network is an exceptional advertising platform that has truly impressed me with its outstanding services and features. I have had the pleasure of using their network for my online marketing campaigns, and I must say that my experience has been nothing short of fantastic. Here are some reasons why I highly recommend Adsterra:




Adsterra Earning: Exceptional Ads Platform $6,000


  1. Wide Range of Ad Formats: Adsterra offers a diverse selection of ad formats, allowing advertisers to choose the ones that best suit their campaign goals. Whether it’s traditional banner ads, pop-unders, native ads, push notifications, or even innovative ad formats like interstitials and pre-roll videos, Adsterra has it all. This variety enables me to experiment with different formats and optimize my campaigns for maximum performance.


  1. Global Reach: One of the key strengths of Adsterra is its extensive reach. They have a vast network of publishers and advertisers from all around the world, ensuring that my campaigns reach a wide audience. The ability to target specific countries, regions, or even cities allows me to tailor my campaigns to the right audience, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates.


  1. Advanced Targeting Options: Adsterra provides a comprehensive set of targeting options, enabling me to reach my desired audience with precision. I can target users based on factors such as demographics, interests, device types, operating systems, and even specific browser versions. This level of granularity helps me optimize my campaigns and ensure that my ads are displayed to the most relevant audience.


  1. Robust Analytics and Reporting: Adsterra’s analytics and reporting tools are top-notch. The platform provides real-time data on impressions, clicks, conversions, and other key metrics, allowing me to monitor the performance of my campaigns in real-time. The detailed reports provide valuable insights into audience behavior, helping me make data-driven decisions and refine my strategies for better results.


  1. Excellent Support: The customer support team at Adsterra deserves special mention. They have been incredibly responsive and helpful whenever I’ve had any queries or issues. Whether it’s a technical problem or assistance with campaign optimization, their support team has always been prompt in addressing my concerns and providing effective solutions.


Adsterra is an advertising network that provides a platform for publishers and advertisers to connect and monetize their online traffic. It offers various ad formats and solutions for both web and mobile platforms. While my knowledge is based on information available until September 2021, I can provide some general details about Adsterra.


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Publisher Adsterra:

Adsterra Earning: Exceptional Ads Platform $6,000


Ad Formats: Adsterra supports a wide range of ad formats, including:


  1. Popunders: These ads appear in a new browser window behind the main browser window.


  1. Display Banners: Static or animated banners that are displayed on websites.


  1. Direct Links: Text-based ads that redirect users to the advertiser’s website.


  1. Push Notifications: Messages that are sent to users’ devices as notifications.


  1. Native Ads: Ads that blend with the website’s content, providing a more seamless experience.


  1. Interstitial Ads: Full-screen ads that appear between page transitions.


  1. Video Ads: In-stream video ads that play before, during, or after online video content.


  1. Social Bar Ads: Ads that are placed at the top or bottom of the website, resembling social media sharing bars.


Targeting Options: Adsterra provides various targeting options to help advertisers reach their desired audience. These options may include geographic targeting, device targeting, operating system targeting, browser targeting, and more: Adsterra Earning: Exceptional Ads Platform $6,000


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Revenue Models: Adsterra offers different revenue models to publishers, including:


  1. Cost Per Action (CPA): Advertisers pay publishers when a specific action is completed, such as a sale or a sign-up.


  1. Cost Per Click (CPC): Advertisers pay publishers for each click their ads receive.


  1. Cost Per Mile (CPM): Advertisers pay publishers per thousand impressions of their ads.


  1. SmartCPM: A dynamic pricing model that optimizes revenue based on various factors.


Payment Options: Adsterra provides multiple payment options, including wire transfer, PayPal, Bitcoin, Paxum, WebMoney, ePayments, and more. Payments are typically made on a NET-15 basis, meaning that publishers receive their earnings 15 days after the end of each calendar month: Adsterra Earning: Exceptional Ads Platform $6,000


Approval Process: Adsterra has an approval process for publishers, where their websites are reviewed for compliance with their policies and guidelines. This process helps ensure the quality of the network and protects advertisers from fraudulent or inappropriate content.


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Support: Adsterra offers customer support to both publishers and advertisers. They have a support team that can be reached through email or a ticketing system.


It’s worth noting that the specifics of Adsterra’s services, policies, and features may have evolved or changed since my last knowledge update in September 2021. Therefore, for the most accurate and up-to-date information, it’s recommended to visit Adsterra’s official website and consult their documentation or contact their support team directly.


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In conclusion, Adsterra network has proven to be a reliable and effective advertising platform. Their diverse ad formats, global reach, advanced targeting options, robust analytics, and excellent support make them a standout choice for advertisers. I highly recommend Adsterra to anyone looking to run successful online marketing campaigns.

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