Best Blonde Quotes Tumblr: 420+ Embrace the Gold in Thought

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Blonde Quotes Tumblr: Are you looking for the perfect blonde hair Instagram captions? Are you looking for something to caption your latest selfie with? Are you still waiting for that fresh bottle of bleach to arrive at the store so you can freshen up your blonde locks?

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Whether she’s wearing her natural hair or opting for a dye job that complements her new look, these Instagram captions for blonde hair are here to tell the world how much she loves this particular hue.


Looking for the perfect captions to add to your favorite blonde hair pics? We’ve got you! Enjoy this list of all things blonde hair related and just add your own caption or photo for that perfect look.


Ever wish you were a little more confident and bold with your words? Well, go ahead and channel your inner diva when you proclaim your love for the color blonde. Ranging from complimentary to confident, these blonde quotes for Instagram captions or bios will give you all the material you need to quip in style.


Blonde Quotes Tumblr
Blonde Quotes Tumblr

Blonde Quotes Tumblr


  • Let your hair do the talking.


  • My hair is my power tool.


  • Put a silver lining on life’s dark clouds by transforming your locks from brunette to blonde. How will you rock your new shade?


  • Even though Instagram doesn’t have a filter for how many followers you have, I would hope the number of your followers isn’t the only filter you use. If it is, you’re doing it wrong. But if they are indeed the filter you use to help determine whether or not you like a person, or want to date them, or love them, or notice them at all, then I’m officially judging you.


  • The best of Instagram, all the time. Download the free app of the day. Curated by E! glam squad members.


  • Blonde hair is all about shine and blonde hair quotes. Sometimes I’m blonde, sometimes I’m not.


  • We speak all hair types. To get #blondehair to work for you, you need to find the right products for your hair type. #hairsquad


  • What’s in my bag: Blonde, great hair, and a lot of fun!! 💁🏻


  • Bringing you your daily dose of blonde inspiration 💁


  • Curly hair-spring? Blonde hair-summer✨ Red hair-fall??



  • Changing things up with this golden look 💛🙈 What color are you dyeing your hair this fall?


  • A spirited blonde 👩🏻‍⚕️


  • Working through the week with #BlondeAmbition 😍💕


  • Your hair should match your tan line. Hair, don’t care.


  • “I’ve survived murder attempts, drug addiction and eating disorders, only to discover that the reward for surviving all that is me.” –Adelaide Clemens


  • Bee a goddess with a golden glow 💛


  • If there are 7 wonders in the world I have seen 6 because your are so amazing.


  • Be yourself and shine!


  • It takes a lot of courage to share your story. But you don’t have to go it alone—find strength in your family, friends and community.


  • Hello summer 🌞!! #hummer #blondehair


  • When she bleaches her hair, it always turns out like the Japanese flag #blondehairproblems 😂


  • Natural hair is great. But I’m not ashamed to admit that every now and then I need a break from the beach waves—and long blonde tresses are where it’s at.


  • If you have blonde hair, you are at risk for sun damage. Sun protection is super important to me. If you have blonde hair – wear it covered up in the summer! #blond


  • No one does blonde better than you babe. You’re so inspiring sometimes I can barely focus on my work because I’m so jealous of your hair #babylightning


  • Let’s not fight this. We all know blondes have more fun. So let’s live it up!


  • A study says that blondes are more fun…😜


  • Blondes have more fun 👌


  • Brunettes have more fun, but that’s alright because we prefer to keep things light and strawberry blonde. ∼🍓


  • Tall, brunette, brainiac, bombshell. The kind of girl that wears Converse to the Oscars. And red lipstick…always.


  • Be Good to Your Hair, Be Good to Yourself


  • If you can’t be a good example, then you’ll just have to serve as a horrible warning.


  • Never let anyone dull your sparkle


  • A golden summer day doesn’t go by without a dip in the ocean, a cold beer, and 8 hrs of Summer Friday. Enjoy 😎


  • Hey blondes, let’s see your vibrant and witty Blonde Hair Instagram Captions.


  • To you, blondes have more fun… and this Instagram caption is no exception 😎💻 🧔 #blondehair #blondechallenge #softdnnails #howidoitmyself #nailsof


  • ☀ Blonde hair, don’t care. Blonde hair, don’t dare. (please note if the Instagram caption for this one is fixed now – thanks)


  • Getting our hair autumn-ready with @thebalancesmbd’s Color and Moisture Detox 💅 #BlondeHairMoment


  • Let your blonde do the talking. You don’t have to worry about letting your hair do the talking for you.


  • I am blonde. I am awesome. Deal with it


  • Going for a dip in LA ☀️ #bchblonde


  • Blondes have more fun 💆🏼‍♀️


  • I don’t like my hair I love it.


  • Going gray may take a little longer.


  • There’s never a time or place for fake people. Be genuine always.


  • Setting up my lemonade stand tomorrow, so get ready to do the time warp again. 🍋🌶


  • Sunny summer days are the best. ☀


  • No matter how deep the darkness, love and hope are always there to guide you. 🌈


  • If you’re going to have a bad day, have it at the beach. – Unknown


  • Warm up with Touch of Gold Blonde, the brand’s must-have look of the season. 💕


  • Life is too short to be blonde; it’s time to go dark. @lorealhair #ColorAmbitious


  • Resilient. Strong. We are the blonde warriors of Instagram 😎 #blondelife


  • Be the blonde that you want to be.


  • Overheard inside this blonde’s head 💁


  • It’s time to step back, lighten up. Let your hair go natural 💁‍♀️


  • Chlorine hair is the best hair 💁🏻


  • There’s something about autumn that makes you want to reorganize your closets, deep clean your apartment, and chop off all of your hair.


  • Your hair is your crowning glory.


  • Who needs a filter when you got a filter! 😎


  • I feel like I’m already living in the future kind of lekker this summer ☀


  • Add a little sunshine into your life ☀😎


  • For when you’re late to the party, but worth the wait


  • Only 90’s kids will remember these iconic movies, TV shows, toys…that defined our childhood!


  • Whether your blonde locks are natural, blonde, grey, whatever 🙅🏼‍♀️


  • Summer is calling for some blonde hair vibes 💛💚


  • It’s time to think about Fall hair. Here’s what we’ve got to help you achieve your blonde hair goals. 💇


  • For a vibrant life, you need vivid color. #GoBlonde .


  • Let’s celebrate our gorgeous summer nights with a blonde 💕


  • You know you’re a blonde when summer is your favorite season. ❤️🌈


  • Living my best life… blonde!


  • Right now 👉🏼it’s just you, your hair, and an endless summer 🌞


  • Your hair color doesn’t define who you are… It’s what’s in your heart that counts 💁


  • Blondes have more fun!


  • Nothing like a swift breeze to give hair that undone summer look 👙 ⛅️ #HG


  • When the fall sun finally shines through these beautiful days, it’s time for brunette ✨🌞💛


  • Happily, purposefully, bringing the blonde back!


  • Did someone say 🍻🎉 Happy Labor Day weekend!


  • I’d rather die young as an original than live long as a copy.*


Blonde Hair Instagram Captions


  • Boldly going where no one has gone before #blondehairdontcare


  • Lucky for you, Blonde Ambition is here to help. Get the low-down on everything from passing summer time blues (it’s fun to be a blonde!) to rocking radiant locks like you mean it (with her killer how


  • There’s nothing like seeing the world through blonde-colored eyes 💜 #AmbitionIsBlonde


  • Any plans tonight? Just relaxing at home, washing my hair with blonde #HairDryer. If you could read my mind 😅


  • Letting your hair down mixed with a little bit of an edge – that’s MY style. – #Blondewithattitude


  • If I had another life, I’d probably be blonde, too.


  • Sometimes you gotta go blonde (even if it’s only for a little while, like this pinky ombre) 😘


  • There’s only so much brunette you can take.


  • We’re dying💀for some summer days.


  • I woke up like this.


  • Okay, I can’t get enough of these autumnal sunsets 🍂☀


  • Some like it hot 🔥


  • Until the sun burns out ✌🏼


  • It’s not that I’m afraid to die, I just don’t want to be there when it happens. – Woody Allen


  • When you’re feeling adventurous, but still want to be on top of your blonde game.


  • Even if you can’t take a swim in the ocean all year-round, change the color of your hair to a gorgeous blonde blue shade in 2019. 😎


  • Let’s be real. I won’t dye my hair blonde until it turns white with the years.


  • Sometimes, I wake up feeling like a blonde today 🤓 ✔️


  • I’m a blonde


  • Mix up your fall look with a subtle new hue. Take the plunge and go for it! #dovehaircolor


  • Summer’s hot blonde moments are made to be shared with the world. Use Instagram to capture your summer highlights 💄🌴


  • There’s a reason for this hair color…


  • Start your week off with a bang. Wash your hair, throw it up in a bun—and don’t touch it for five days! Itʼll be the coolest thing you have done all summer.


  • May the hair of the dog that bit you always be blonde.


  • In the 1960s, when you could be a blonde and a bombshell just like Marilyn Monroe.


  • Cutting edge color technology is all about rendering dimension.


  • *taps mic* *waits patiently*


  • This weekend is gonna be #lit 🎶☝🏼


  • Blondes do it better. We sure do. Here’s to blonde and beautiful at #blondehairgoals 😎



  • There’s zero chance of ever growing tired of blonde 💜


  • I like to think that every girl is blonde at heart – it’s just a matter of whether or not you have the courage to go for it.


  • We are all blonde until our first grey…I’m not quite there yet😂.


  • There’s something refreshing about a little blonde moment.


  • Life is too hard not to be blond. ~Betsy Johnson


  • I’m blonde with a sun-kissed face, It’s not the side effects of Vegas drugs. I’m blonde with a golden tan, I don’t want to be friends.


  • Ding Ding! We have a blondie winner 👑


  • Your hair is your crown. ─ Melody Moreno


  • There are some days when you wanna put your hair up in a bun, other days you wanna put it down. The secret is to let it down when you want it up and up when you don’t.


  • Do what feels good and look damn good while doing it! — Mary J. Blige


  • Show your beach side cool with an A-line cut that gives you some extra TLC 😜


  • Be the change you want to see in the world🌎


  • Summer fun is over… But blonde hair isn’t.


  • I’m tired of hair dye being limited to just brown, black, and red. They are not the only hair colors in the world! Do something crazy—go blonde!


  • My best friend visits me from out of town and we have a total blonde moment 👯😜.


  • It’s hard for some people to express themselves without saying a word. Show your voice with Blonde Wishes hair dyes.


  • Mix blonde, chocolate & brown ✨


  • Be a blonde. Be a bombshell.


  • Hair Romance is the thing. Hair romance is the life I’ve always wanted.


  • Blonde, when you wake up like this😉


  • No one ever has to tell me twice to go blonde.


  • Brunettes have more fun? Are you kidding me? Just look at this blonde…she’s got it all.


  • Ahh fresh blonde hair. Who doesn’t love the feeling of a fresh start? #uglyducklingto swan


  • Let’s talk about your hair goals. Each look is all about hair goals.


  • Makeovers and neon leggings.


  • I’m blonde ambition.


  • Remind yourself that it’s okay to be kind and good and forgiving and patient and human and happy, and it only takes a few seconds of breathing before you get there.


  • Do you have a golden heart? Show it off with a bottle of Blonde ☀ #blondehaircolor


  • If you’re blonde, then you’re just as sweet as sugar 💗


  • There are only three people in the world that are allowed to touch my hair clip, one of them lives in New Zealand, the other is on Fire Island, and the other one doesn’t live with me.


  • There’s an indescribable feeling about having golden, blonde hair.


  • Brunettes have more fun? Nope. Blondes do.


  • There’s a new sheriff in town 👋🏻 SWIPE LEFT to see some peeks from last week’s shoot 📸


  • Happy hair days! 💁


  • The only thing about you that needs to change this season is your hair.


  • To all the girls with dreams so big that they have to wear shades, keep being you.


  • Elegantly boho for today’s #NationalSunflowerDay 🌻


  • Turning up the volume to celebrate another birthday with you 🎉


  • There’s nothing more refreshing than the smell of a crisp fall day 🍁


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shades of blonde hair color pictures

1. “Golden hues and radiant strands of blonde.”
2. “A mesmerizing spectrum of blonde shades.”
3. “Blonde hair in all its glorious variations.”
4. “From platinum to honey, a kaleidoscope of blonde tones.”
5. “Unlocking the beauty of different blonde hair colors.”
6. “Blonde ambition: exploring the vast palette of hues.”
7. “Blonde like the sun, shining in different shades.”
8. “Celebrate diversity with these stunning blonde hair colors.”
9. “Every shade of blonde tells a unique story.”
10. “Discover your perfect blonde with these captivating colors.”
11. “Blonde dreams come true in an array of shades.”
12. “Embrace the versatility of blonde hair with these color options.”
13. “The artistry of blonde hair, showcased in various tones.”
14. “Blonde hair that captivates and inspires.”
15. “Blonde beauty in all its nuanced glory.”
16. “Unleashing the enchantment of different blonde hues.”
17. “A tribute to the timeless elegance of blonde hair.”
18. “From icy cool to warm and inviting, blonde is never boring.”
19. “These shades of blonde will leave you in awe.”
20. “Blonde hair that shines with individuality.”

pictures of blonde hair with lowlights and highlights

1. “Dimensional beauty: blonde hair with lowlights and highlights.”
2. “Adding depth and definition to stunning blonde locks.”
3. “Blonde hair with a touch of contrast and brilliance.”
4. “Playing with light and shadows on blonde tresses.”
5. “Unlocking the magic of lowlights and highlights in blonde hair.”
6. “Transforming blonde hair with strategic pops of color.”
7. “Creating visual interest with artful lowlights and highlights.”
8. “When subtle details make all the difference in blonde hair.”
9. “Lowlights and highlights: the perfect combination for dynamic blondes.”
10. “Elevating blonde hair to new heights with expertly placed color.”
11. “Contrasting shades that elevate the allure of blonde hair.”
12. “Enhancing the natural beauty of blonde locks with lowlights and highlights.”
13. “A masterful blend of colors on stunning blonde hair.”
14. “Exquisite play of light and shade on blonde tresses.”
15. “Dimensional blonde: the secret to a head-turning look.”
16. “Lowlight and highlight magic for a multi-dimensional blonde.”
17. “Lowlights and highlights that add depth and movement to blonde locks.”
18. “Blonde hair with a touch of artistic flair.”
19. “Highlighting the beauty of blonde with contrasting tones.”
20. “Unleashing the full potential of blonde hair with lowlights and highlights.”

Captions for medium blonde hair with highlights

1. “Radiant and sun-kissed: medium blonde hair with highlights.”
2. “Illuminating beauty: highlights on medium blonde tresses.”
3. “Enhancing the natural glow of medium blonde hair with highlights.”
4. “A match made in heaven: medium blonde and stunning highlights.”
5. “Elevating medium blonde locks with touches of brilliance.”
6. “Golden highlights that make medium blonde hair shine.”
7. “Unlocking the true potential of medium blonde with artful highlights.”
8. “Adding a touch of magic to medium blonde hair with highlights.”
9. “Highlighting the beauty of medium blonde tresses with precision.”
10. “Transforming medium blonde locks into a breathtaking masterpiece.”
11. “Effortlessly chic: medium blonde hair with delicate highlights.”
12. “Creating a sunlit effect on gorgeous medium blonde strands.”
13. “Medium blonde hair that catches the light with expertly placed highlights.”
14. “Embracing the warmth and radiance of medium blonde with highlights.”
15. “A symphony of colors on medium blonde tresses.”
16. “Highlighting the natural movement and texture of medium blonde hair.”
17. “Medium blonde hair that glows from within with stunning highlights.”
18. “Subtle yet impactful: highlights that enhance medium blonde locks.”
19. “Celebrating the versatility of medium blonde hair with artful highlights.”
20. “Highlighting the beauty of medium blonde in all its glory.”


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