Best 80+ Message Congratulations On The Baby Girl

Congratulations On The Baby Girl: If you are considering baby shower gifts such as strollers, car seats, and baby carriers, our baby girl gift box has everything you need to welcome home a new baby girl. Gifts for girls will include items such as a baby sleep positioner, bibs with matching burp cloths, pacifier clips, and many others. This is a gorgeously packaged gift and makes a charming and memorable gift. Depending on the specific list of items selected, you can send this box even before the birth of your grandchild so that mom and dad will have everything, they need to take care of the little one after she is born.

Our beautifully designed baby girl announcement card begins with an elegant black cover that features a mother hen surrounded by her chicks with delicate gold flourishes.

With a new baby girl on the way, you want to have plenty of room for all the clothes and toys she needs. This large suitcase features a 360° spinner wheels that ensure a smooth ride, a durable polycarbonate hard shell, and a hidden laundry bag to keep dirty clothing separate from clean linens. It’s also been through an extensive durability test, so you can have peace of mind that it will stand up to the wear and tear of traveling.

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome our little girl into the world. As we prepare for her arrival, we’re sure you’re equally as excited as we are to find just the right gift for us and for baby. We’ve enjoyed browsing your catalog and website, and thought some of our favorites were:

Our baby gift box is the perfect way to welcome your new arrival! This gift includes

This is an invite to invite all of your friends and family to celebrate the birth of your baby girl.

Welcome to the world, baby girl! Before you arrive, send us a nursery theme and we’ll design a custom blanket just for her. A giant “congratulations” banner is always available.

We provide a memorable and remarkable experience for mom and baby with a reward she’ll appreciate for years to come.


Congratulations On The Baby Girl


  • Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl.
  • It is a girl! We are so happy to welcome a healthy baby girl into our world, no matter what anyone says, words cannot describe how we feel 💕
  • Good morning, my dear girls. #BabyGoals#BabyHarrison#BabyLove#BabyGoneRight
  • Here’s to the greatest adventures, trips, and memories. Wish your new baby girl all the best things life has to offer.
  • Celebrating the birth of baby Aviva 💗
  • Gorgeous summer day while I have a baby girl on the brain. 😍😘
  • #tbt to that time I found out my bestie was having her first girl. My heart is exploding with love for the tiny mini me (and of course, my old friend). I can’t wait to launch this little one into the world
  • The newborn girl is finally here, and our warmest wishes are with you. The important years ahead will be filled with great joy and laughter.
  • You must be over the moon with your newborn! From the moment she was born, you’ve been striving to make her smile.
  • Congratulations on the birth of your little princess.
  • We have a wonderful selection of baby girl clothes, including onesies, dresses, and other outfits. We carry a wide range of sizes so your little one can enjoy a great wardrobe from day to day.
  • We know that a new addition to the family is a big deal, and we really hope you’ll forgive us for handling her arrival in a completely unorthodox way! But when we were promoting [Product], we discovered something interesting, [Benefit].
  • We wish you all the best as you welcome this newest member of your family.
  • Congratulations on the birth of your baby!
  • We are so happy to welcome a baby girl into the world. She’s here, healthy, alive, and kicking. And guess what? We can’t keep her 😉
  • We are so overjoyed to be welcoming a little girl into our world! We pray for her health and Safety as she enters this wild and wonderful world!
  • Well we were all super happy when our baby girl was born. She is beautiful. And it doesn’t matter what anyone says to me about being a single mom it doesn’t bother me cause I have my baby girl. And she is healthy and here with me so that’s what matters !
  • It’s a Girl! We are so excited to have an adorable baby girl joining our family. She looks just like dad, only sweeter.
  • Words can’t express our joy and happiness. 💕💕
  • We are so honored to be her parents. We are blessed with this healthy, strong little girl. She is loved more than she will ever know.
  • We are overjoyed to announce that we have just welcomed a sweet, beautiful baby girl into this world. Although words fail us in capturing the joy in our hearts, it is indisputable that what matters most is that our family is growing stronger with each passing day.
  • Here’s to the greatest adventures, trips, and memories to come. We wish your new baby girl all the best things life has to offer.
  • There’s no amount of wishes as good as the one you made. A baby girl is as precious as they come. Helping her celebrate her first day is something new parents know how to do very well. So congratulations and here’s to the greatest adventures, trips, and memories.
  • Here’s to new adventures, unbounded happiness, and new memories. Wish your baby girl all the best things life has to offer.
  • Wish your baby girl all the best things life has to offer with this beautiful new addition ribbon.
  • Congratulations! You’re now the proud parents of a beautiful little daughter. We here at “Blessings for Baby” wish you and your daughter all the best things life has to offer, one moment at a time.
  • Sending the happiest wishes to the newest addition of your family. We hope that all of your greatest dreams and wishes come true!
  • Bring her into the world in style with a stylish and sophisticated baby shower from Shower Poems.
  • A nice summer day, when all I can think about is my baby girl. 💙💛✨
  • It’s a gorgeous summer day and you’re watching your little girl play in the sand.
  • A gorgeous summer day is the perfect time for biking through parks, lollygagging with your best buds, and getting wild with your bestie. (I like to pull out my inner hippie every once in a while 😜)
  • Gazing out the window of my cozy Paris flat , I can’t help but smile as I think about my little girl.
  • Sitting in our backyard watching my two and a half year old son and his best friend play together doubles as my favorite kind of day
  • Dear future daughter, Would love to know who you are and what you like doing. I can’t wait to be with you and share my life with you. And I want to cherish every moment with you. You will be lucky if you have such a loving husband like me and your mother. We will take care of your every need and protect you from everything. We will always be beside you no matter wherever we go. I can’t wait till see on how beautiful a woman
  • Make plans already with your bestie, spouse or your pup for a perfect date. Forget the box office because that’s so overrated.
  • We are so excited to have an adorable baby girl joining our family. She looks just like her mother!
  • We’re so thrilled to have a gorgeous baby girl join our family. She looks just like her Dad, but is so much sweeter.
  • We are over the moon. We have a sweet, angelic little girl joining our family. She looks just like mommy, only cuter.
  • We’re so excited to finally hold our baby girl in our arms. She’s a bundle of joy and a perfect addition to our family. Our neighbors are over the moon!
  • We couldn’t be happier to announce our new little girl. She has a smile that lights up the room, and those eyes!
  • We welcomed our beautiful daughter into the world. She is perfect in every way, just like her mother.
  • We are so excited to welcome Baby Terri into our family. She is beautiful, just like her big sister. Her big sister always said that she’d be the one to have the adorable baby. Looks like my wife is always right!
  • We’re so happy. We can’t keep our paws off each other. 🐾💕💕
  • Words can’t quite put into words how much we appreciate you for supporting our business. 💕💕
  • These are tears of joy 💕💕
  • We’re the happiest people in the world(maybe a little bias)🌎
  • ❤️❤️😊😊💛💛💚💚💙💙☺️☺️🌈🌈
  • 💙💙💙💙💙💙
  • We are so excited for you to share our love with your friends and family.
  • A nice summer day, when all I can think about is my baby girl. 💙💛✨
  • I’m waiting for the summer breeze to blow through my hair. But all I can think about is my baby girl.
  • The only thing that’s better than a nice summer day, is Allie.
  • A refreshing breeze, the sound of birds chirping, and the feel of sunshine on my skin. All these things remind me of my girl.
  • The warm sun and bright flowers make this such a wonderful day to spend with my baby girl.
  • It’s Saturday. It’s sunny. 🌞🌅 –
  • ✨✨✌💙🎶 🎵
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  • Finding the perfect baby shower poem can seem daunting, so we have compiled a list of beautiful and memorable designs that all new parents will cherish.
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  • We don’t like to brag, but our baby shower poems and songs are pretty amazing. We use real words and big, strong feelings to help you create a special reading list for your upcoming baby shower.
  • Bring your baby into the world with a memorable shower event. Select from one of our customizable invitations or design your own in minutes.
  • We welcome our beautiful daughter into the world. She is perfect in every way, just like her mother.
  • We welcomed our beautiful daughter into the world. She is perfect in every way, just like you.
  • We welcomed our daughter into the world. She represents everything to us; she is perfection.
  • We welcomed our little princess into the world. She is more precious than anything we’ve ever had. Our family is now complete.
  • Our beautiful daughter is an angel. She is constantly surprising us with her personality and gifts. As she grows up, we expect great things from her.
  • You were worth the wait. You are our perfect baby girl, and you were worth every sleepless night. You complete our family, just like your big brother.
  • Everyone tells us how much our little bundle of joy looks like her father, but we know different. She’s exactly like her mother.
  • My Project is to re-create a font where each letter has a unique brushstroke, making your text beautiful and lively.
  • 💖Thank you for reading!💖
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  • Never stop learning.
  • We all know a new baby is a blessed event. Let Shower Poems make your grand entrance memorable and grandiose with special baby shower poems.
  • From her first cry to her first step, your baby is an exciting joyride. Let Shower Poems make the ride even more beautiful with beautiful messages about love, faith, hope, and family.
  • Celebrate your little bundle’s arrival with a poem from Shower Poems. It’s the perfect way to show her how much she means to you.
  • Welcome to Shower Poems! We have the perfect baby shower poem for any special occasion.
  • Welcome your new baby girl into the world with this tasteful collection of shower poems, ready to print and put under the tree for the moms. These soft, soothing Pink Love poems are perfect for welcoming your little princess!
  • Hi, there! We’re Shower Poems. We help you celebrate a very special time in a very special way. A time when a family is brought into existence with joy and love.
  • We specialize in shower poems for a new little girl or a new little boy. We will help you choose a poem to make the occasion unforgettable.


  • It’s a girl 💕 ? #proud #babygirl #happynewborn
  • Congratulations on your little girl. Add us if you’d like! 😊
  • Congrats @yujia45! We can’t wait to welcome our newest little angel into the world.
  • Congratulations on the new arrival. We can’t wait to bless her with a Solly baby of her own.
  • Delightful news! The Smith family welcomes their sweet baby Loretta into the world—and we’re delighted that she’s here. Stay tuned for a special gift from Stan Smith 👶
  • Hooray the mother of the year is here!
  • Hey @sarcastic_gentleman, your princess was born today 💕☺️
  • Hi guys, we’re going to be parents! 🧡😍
  • When life gives you lemons, you make sure your first moments feel as sweet as possible on a #Babymoon with the new mama. 🙌
  • Isn’t she precious?
  • It’s a girl 💕 ?
  • Congrats! It’s a girl!
  • I’m so excited! I just found out that my baby is a little girl.
  • Meet little Halle. The smallest, sweetest and most beautiful version of me and @jasonaldean​. She’s here and she’s perfect.
  • The birth of a child is a blessing. She is something to be cherished and loved. A new life full of promise. Do you agree?
  • Channelling strength, confidence and independence, it’s a truly empowering name that’s sure to stand out in the crowd.
  • Finally she arrived. A little girl, and we couldn’t be happier!
  • We love your little girl! What’s her name? Shoot us a message and we’d be happy to add your family to our growing group.


Congratulations On The Baby Girl


  • Congratulations! You have a beautiful baby girl! Add us on Facebook if you’d like to join our community.
  • Your little girl is so precious and she’s growing up so fast! Congrats, stay updated on her development here.
  • Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! We are more than happy to add you to our newsletter if you’d like.
  • Congrats on your bundle of joy! We’d love to keep you and your little girl up to date. Let us know!
  • Congratulations on your new baby girl! Let us know if we can help you with anything while you’re adjusting to parenthood.
  • Congrats on your little princess. We hope you enjoy saving a bundle while shopping for your favorite My Little Pony toys, apparel and other My Little Pony merchandise from the comfort of being home.



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