Top 90 Funny Instagram Captions for singing: Adding Laughter

Funny Instagram Captions for Singing: Are you looking for some hilarious and entertaining Instagram captions to accompany your singing posts? Look no further! Here are some funny Instagram captions that will add a touch of humor and personality to your singing-related content:

1. “Singing in the shower: Grammy-worthy performances since forever.”
2. “Warning: My singing skills might make you question your sanity.”
3. “I apologize in advance for any eardrums I may rupture with my singing.”
4. “Sing like nobody’s listening… because they probably shouldn’t be!”
5. “The world isn’t ready for my shower concert series.”
6. “When life gives you high notes, crack them like a pro!”
7. “My singing voice is the reason I’m not pursuing a music career.”
8. “If you can’t hit the right note, embrace the wrong ones with style!”
9. “Caution: My singing may cause uncontrollable laughter or temporary deafness.”
10. “They say ‘sing like nobody’s watching,’ but my friends watch and laugh hysterically.”

Singing is one of the best things ever — there’s no denying that. But, being connected to social media can sometimes be a double-edged sword with its followers focusing on your flaws instead of your absolute vocal strengths. To ensure you don’t lose your fans postnatally, continue scrolling to discover some humourous Instagram captions for singing (that will make you LOL).

Remember, these captions are meant to be lighthearted and funny, so feel free to use them to show off your singing skills while putting a smile on your followers’ faces. Happy posting!

Funny Instagram Captions for Singing

• I’m singing in the shower again 😇

• I’m not quite dead yet, but I’m getting there. (Hopefully, my singing will improve the closer I get to death.)

• A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear. 😊

• All the things you love will soon be gone, so sing your song and dance today. 🎶🍾

• Boy: Can we have some pumpkin spice lattes?

• Tryna avoids all the lames in this summer, it’s too hot to be basic.

• Happy Birthday to me and to you. Today is MY birthday, and it’s YOUR birthday too!

• I scream you scream, we all scream at ice cream 🍦(the secret ingredient is love)

• If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands.

• Do you have all the ingredients to make this smoothie? 🍉🍇⬇️⬆️

• Wearing a turtleneck is like putting a collar around your neck and telling you not to talk.

• singing in the shower. I don’t even have a good voice.

• There’s an app for everything—except for finding a #voice teacher.

• Dear #World, I know we’re not perfect. But if you were a song, you’d be… Mariah Carey. (T-Pain’s voice)

• Cause I’m making that face you make when you’re singing in the shower

• I hope I’m making you laugh because I’m the funniest person I know.

• The only person who can make me sing in the shower is Odell Beckham, Jr.

• I know the lyrics to a love song and it’s not this one. #sorrynotsorry

• We love a good beat, and we love music even more. Beating music makes the whole world sing.

• Funny Instagram Captions for Singing: I woke up singing. I went to bed singing. And I slept like a baby singing.

• What do you mean that’s not a lyric?

• Talk about the weather and save a bundle…

• Roses are red, violets are blue, and the beat goes on and onnnn

• If two wrongs don’t make a right, try three. 🌑😐

• A little too close for comfort – that’s how we like it at Milk & Honey.

• It’s the musical of shows! Yes, it is. #YoureWelcome

• I love it when the voices in my head tell me to sing!

• if you got the money I got the time.

• you are a song, you are the music 🎶

What are the best Instagram captions for wine?

• What’s the key to great musical performance? Practice. A lot. 😂🎤

• Caffeine and melody – are two things that make mornings so much better. 🎶☕

• Today’s forecast calls for lots of good cheer, and bikini tops. 🎄☀

• And the hits just keep on coming #SameOldLove

• The greatest thing about music is when it hits, you feel no pain.

• I heard the weather’s gonna change but I go solo so I don’t care

• You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.

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Funny Instagram Captions for Singing

2022 Happy Birthday To My Cousin Sister Poem [Best Msg]

• Just singing in the shower like… 😎💦

• You think you’re singing, but actually, your face is screaming.

• Finally, the perfect song for when you’re singing in the shower and everyone’s annoyed but you don’t care cause the melody’s stuck in your head.

• Singing in the shower is the only exercise I get these days.

• We’re in love and we don’t care who knows it—unless you’re my mom. #sorrymom

• The best way to fight a cold? A hot toddy and Taylor Swift.🎶

• I can’t stop singing… And I ain’t even got no music.

• I only like this song because it has a pizza in the music video.

• What’s that noise? It’s the sound of all the bad decisions we made last night 🤔

• They say I’m crazy, and that’s a fact. But my heart’s in the right place.

• I only like two kinds of wine. Two buck chuck, and day-old pinot noir.

• Lucky for you we’ve got everything you need to keep the party going. Because this is what it means to be thirsty:🍻

• Everyone stays calm, but there’s a new fad in town and it’s called clawback karaoke. 😂

• How do I sing so good? Oh, I’m just drunk in love.

• Spice up your Sunday by singing off-key in the rain. #SundayMotivation

• Ok guys, I just need a second to sing my heart out about the holidays.

• You’ll be amazed how singing can really expand your lung capacity.

• There’s no lyric quite like “Let it go” when you want to give someone the flick.

• I’m bringing sexy back. No scratch that – I never left.

• One, two, Freddy’s coming for you. Three, four better lock your door. Five, six grab your crucifix. Seven, eight gonna stay up late 🎵

• I bet you’re talking to me, but I’m singing.

• I’m drinking a cup of coffee ☕ ❤ and what’s your superpower?

• What’s the point of being a grownup if you gotta sleep?

• Singing in the shower is the best because no one can hear you scream 😜.

• She got a Don Draper kinda flow. You know what I’m talking about.😉

• Gimmie Karen, gimmie Karen, gimmie Karen, KAR! EN

• You can’t sing, you won’t sing and you’re not gonna sing.

• Catch me on top of the world, at the big Donut #Beard.

• Got a face that only a mother could love… and since my mom passed away, I’ve really embraced it. 😜🎶

• If you’re going to sing, we’re going to drink.

• Our Chorus Line has been getting down with some serious practice.

• Auto-tune my heartbreak, auto-tune my love

• Where are the Carpenters when you need them?

• We’re just living on a giant, spinning space rock. We should celebrate that fact every day.

• I’m a fan of harmony in the workplace.

• Britney Spears walks into a karaoke bar, what happens next will shock you 😈

• We’re all singing along in the shower to our favorite hits from Sandy Cheeks. 😎

• If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, might we recommend this toothbrush? 😁☀

• If you’re happy and you know it, have some karaoke.

• You know I’m a baritone, baby.

• You gotta sing like nobody is listening,

• Today’s forecast calls for clear skies and an overall feeling of glee 😊

• For the love of harmony, stand a little far away from me when you’re singing this song.

• Funny Instagram Captions for Singing: Because you can’t spell singers without singing. 😏

• If you don’t know the words to a song, just make something up! 😉🎤

• I sing in the shower like no one is listening 🎤💨

• Did you hear the news? There’s a new island in the Bahamas called “Instagram Island”. People are flocking there just to get away from all of your selfie snaps.

• *sings* the odds be ever in your favor 🎶😜

• Falsetto is my warmup voice, then I go down an octave and bring it 👌🏻

• The key-tar is so boss, I put it on my resume. #ikeeprockin

• Mondays, Mondays. You know the rest.

• Let’s cut the chase and get straight to the chorus 🎤

• “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.”- Nancy Meyers

• If you can read this, you’re too close.

• The road to success is always under construction.

• I love singing. I love laughing. And last night, I loved laughing while singing.

• I’ve got 99 problems and 99 can’t be solved on any iPhone 😎

• Rules to remember when karaoke is the thing:

• Don’t be afraid to sing. Everyone can sing. All you need is the right song and a little bit of soul.

• I shouldn’t have worn these pants for karaoke.

• I’m not a good singer, but I have the good eyebrows

• Merrily we merrily 🎤

• I’d like to thank the academy 🏆🎶

• And you know how we do it, gotta protect my mind and body.

• We’re walking on sunshine, Walking on sunshine 😎

• I’m all about that bass, ’bout that bass, no treble.

• My singing is so good that it put the fear of God into birds 🤣

• You’re a hoot, you’re a rascal, you’re a scream. You’ve got every right to be glum. You’re the #1 star in your own zoo.

• Life is better when we sing—because, you know, we actually sound good if we do 😉

• Funny Instagram Captions for Singing: I sing in the shower, alone, to songs I hate.

• All I want for Christmas is to be in a Broadway show *sings*

• No, I will not sing in the shower.

• I’m not a baker, I’m just a guy who likes to eat cakes 🎂

• Today I’m singing ‘My Heart Will Go On — and it will because you left it right here with me. 😉

• Treat your ears to the sweet sounds of music while they still can—they’ll be silent soon enough. 😳

• Can someone just call me a barista, already?

• I’ve got 99 problems (but a pitch ain’t one)

• This is how a heart breaks…into many pieces. #FallingForYou

• Jingle Bells, Batman smells. Robin laid an egg. The Batmobile lost a wheel And the Joker got away.

• Funny moments. like when you’re thinking of the right lyrics when singing 😂.

• Oh no, my singing voice is coming back to haunt me 🎤🎼

• Happy birthday to the person who has the best voice in the group.

• Yodeling in the shower is my favorite.

• “ding ding ding, we have a bing” 😉

• Will the real song please stand up?

• I’m only singing because my therapist told me it’d help with my anxiety.

• Don’t get caught sleeping this weekend.

• Wait. For real? Well, just put me down in the front row because I’m so excited to hear it!!

• Let’s sing a song, you’ll feel better if you sing along.

• If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.

• It’s #NationalAnthemDay! Sing it loud, sing it proud (and no, you don’t have to be wearing red, white, and blue).

• You must be the change you want to see in the world. –Gandhi 🌎🌍

• The only thing you can count on is that you can’t count on anything.

• I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my number so call me maybe. 😂😜

• I’m singing in the shower because I can’t sing on the streets.

• Sing as if no one’s listening. Unless they’re recording. Then sing really, really loud.

• Don’t sing in the streets. People will look at you funny and throw things at you.

• Nothing’s sexier than a girl who can sing.

• You can’t keep a good song down! #theresmoretolove

• I woke up like this and I slept like this. No filter is needed.

• Love yourself. And if you can’t, sing about it.

• We’re caught in a trap, I can’t walk out because I love you too much baby.

• Freckles be a’coming on the cinnamon rolls.

• Is it a little spoon or a big spoon? Seems to be an epidemic.

• Funny Instagram Captions for Singing: One fish, two fish. Redfish, bluefish. I really hate this song.

• I smell like pumpkin spice and bacon.

• Singing in the shower is my signature. Singing in the streets, not so much. 😂

• I had a dream that I was singing and dancing as Beyonce in front of this girl at the club. Then I woke up and realized my life is already better than yours.

• All of you are like, “What is she gonna do with all of these eggs?!” Wait and see. Wait and see. # TheEggGang

• Is this mic on? Is this mic on? Is this mic on?

• I’m having a drink with you, singing karaoke until 4 am, then waking up at 8 am because I need to go to work after that.

• if singing is music, I’m a symphony in and of myself

• To keep up with summer singalongs, use these songs as your guide. Here are a few of our favorite tunes to get you started. 👩🎤

• We could start a band called bass, drums and me.

• Let’s get this show on the road. Goodbye, Hello. )

• Watch out world… I’ve got an opinion now.

• Pink lemonade ice cream, but it’s actually just lemons.

• Hallelujah! I love this time of year… when the leaves change, and the air turns crisp.

• I’ve never seen a purple cow. I’ve never heard of a purple cow. I hope to never see or hear a purple cow.

• I’m trying to have a legitimate adult conversation here and you’re talking about Snapchat stories?

• Hey, singing Queen! Come sing a song for me

• My only regret is that I have only one life to live, but I’m going to jam as much singing into it as possible.

• Next time you’re all out of lyrics, just let your inner Disney princess sing along. 🎵

• She said she wanna get married in a church and I said, let’s keep it simple Me and you, no I don’t wanna fuss

• There really is no escape. Unless you go to the cinema. Or listen to music while driving. Oh, and definitely when you’re in a shower.

• How to describe the sound of one hand clapping? Goodbye 👋.

• Funny Instagram Captions for Singing: Let’s get this show on the road…I mean, off the road…I mean, on the road—I mean….oh never mind

• Like a fine wine, I get better with time. #wine🍷

• The hardest part about these pushups is holding myself up.

• I am never satisfied. I make mistakes and corrections. I take two steps forward and one step back, but I just keep moving forward.

• When you’re supposed to be singing in this choir, but you’re really just waiting for the best part of the service so you can get out of there.

• It’s almost Friday and it’s the perfect day to turn on Ariana Grande and get ready to slay all week.

• I can’t stop singing in the shower…I don’t know why…

• We’re about to get a little musical. Who’s ready? #bringiton

• Schools are out for the summer and if you know what that means, it means it’s time to hit the road…summer tour! Here we come!

• the sheen on the top of a perfectly poured Guinness. I don’t need it, but I’ll have it anyway. #gottaBeIrishToKnowIrish

• Just recorded a new single. It’s called “Freeze.”

• Sing a song of summer, summer, summertime.

• You’re the reason I got my groove back

• I’d rather be 50 shades of grey than 50 shades of tired.

• Funny Instagram Captions for Singing: The worst part about singing in the shower is when you get shampoo in your mouth 🎤

• I’m gonna show you how great I am #newsingle

• I’m singing in the shower, and yes I do sound that good.

• I wanna be a billionaire so I can visit every Starbucks on earth and ask people to pronounce my name correctly.

• You can’t make a radio song without breaking some hearts.

• If music be the food of love, play on! If you can’t sing, sing loud! (Frank Sinatra)

• Don’t stop me now, I’m having such a good time, I’m having a ball.

• I’m the ruler of my little world but I’m not impressed with it 🌎

• She knew that feeling when you’re on stage and you’ve forgotten the words.

• If you want your voice to be heard above all the noise, it’s crucial to develop a strong personal style.

• I never knew you cared….But now I know, baby; now I know…

What is the best platform to share funny photos with captions?

• You know the song, you know the dance! You can’t sit down…

• Sometimes I just want to grab life by the lemons and say, “How’s that for sour?”

• Funny Instagram Captions for Singing: We’re just two birds of a feather who happened to catch fire.

• This is me when I look at my phone and see a text from you 😍😍💕

• Singing isn’t about how well you sing. It’s about how much your audience enjoys the show. 🎤

• So many songs sound way better when you’re singing them in the car.

• I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to get paid.

• I sang in the rain, just to make all of my enemies crazy #SoundtrackOfMyLife

• Whatcha doing? I’m making a fool of myself.

• I want a love that will last forever. I want love to last until the sun dies in the sky. I want a love to last until the end of time

• The best kind of exercise is…prancing around like a majestic unicorn 🦄

• I was singing the Girl Scout song in my head and now my cookie’s gone.

• Your love is a one in a million miracle 🎶

• Thankful for: Corn 🌽 Turkeys 🦃 And You 💗

• I was working on my new song, “Simon Says,” but I’m stuck on the lyrics:

• I can’t help but shake my tail feather! Well, I’m a chicken.

• The music was so loud, that I couldn’t hear the orchestra.

• 😎😂 I’m just tryna sip my Starbucks with a good beat 😎😂

• We sing because we’re happy. We’ll continue to be happy if we buy this product.

• Everything is better when you sing… life is better when you sing it.

• A little bit country, a little bit rock, and roll. All of Nashville is screaming my name!

• I’ve got 99 problems but my microphone ain’t one.

• Favorite song to sing in the shower? Mine’s all three verses of “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey.

• Don’t worry we’re just happy to have you.

• I like big notes and I cannot lie 🎤

• Pretty sure my bones are made of steel and my heart is made of gold so I’ll survive when you sing at the top of your lungs and shatter every glass in the room.

• I think I was cool in high school. And not just because it was the last time I ever took a bath.

• Funny Instagram Captions for Singing: If you’re a human being, and you have ears, then you’ll love this joke. Because it’s about ears! And being a human! And being alive! It’s for everyone!

• I’ve got that summer lovin’ feeling and the rest can go and fall in a pit of fire.

• When your voice is low, you can sing any note. And if your heart is high, you can sing without notes.

• The real question is, where are all the REAL Don Drapers?


Bad Singing Captions for Instagram

1. “Apologies in advance for the eardrum assault.”
2. “Singing: proof that cats aren’t the only ones with nine lives.”
3. “When life gives you bad singing, make it a comedy show.”
4. “Pitchy and proud!”
5. “Warning: May cause uncontrollable laughter and bleeding ears.”
6. “I sing like no one’s listening. Thank goodness for that!”
7. “My voice is so bad, even my shower refuses to join in.”
8. “Singing like a broken record since day one.”
9. “I may not have perfect pitch, but I’ve got perfect passion.”
10. “Proof that dreams don’t always come with vocal talent.”
11. “Making ears cringe since [insert year here].”
12. “My singing can shatter glass. It’s an acquired talent.”
13. “Bad singing, good times.”
14. “Can’t hit the notes, but I can hit the humor.”
15. “In a world of bad singers, I’m the queen.”
16. “Singing off-key, but on point with enthusiasm.”
17. “My voice is an acquired taste, like strong coffee.”
18. “I may not have the voice of an angel, but I’ve got the attitude of a rockstar.”
19. “Bad singing: my unique way of expressing myself.”
20. “If you need someone to clear a room, just give me a microphone.”

Good Singing Captions for Instagram

1. “Singing my heart out with every note.”
2. “Pitch-perfect and loving it.”
3. “Turning lyrics into magic, one verse at a time.”
4. “When the melody flows, everything else fades away.”
5. “Singing with soul and soaring high.”
6. “Music is the voice that never fails me.”
7. “Sharing my gift with the world, one song at a time.”
8. “Unleashing my inner diva through song.”
9. “When the music starts, my heart comes alive.”
10. “Captivating the crowd with every powerful note.”
11. “Melody in my veins, harmony in my soul.”
12. “Singing: my form of self-expression.”
13. “Creating melodies that touch the depths of the heart.”
14. “From shower serenades to center stage, I’m here to sing.”
15. “Finding my voice and letting it soar.”
16. “Notes dancing on air, carrying my emotions with them.”
17. “In tune with my dreams, singing my way to the top.”
18. “The stage is my home, and the mic is my best friend.”
19. “Singing is the language my heart speaks fluently.”
20. “Music is my escape, and singing is my refuge.”

Singing Captions for Instagram

1. “Let the music speak when words fail.”
2. “Singing is my therapy, my sanctuary, my passion.”
3. “Lose yourself in the rhythm and find yourself in the lyrics.”
4. “When words fail, music prevails.”
5. “Inhale music, exhale lyrics.”
6. “Singing: the universal language of the soul.”
7. “My life is a soundtrack, and I’m the lead vocalist.”
8. “When the stage calls, I answer with my voice.”
9. “Music is my heart’s beat, and singing is its melody.”
10. “Singing connects hearts across the world.”
11. “Find your voice, and let it resonate with the world.”
12. “Sing like nobody’s judging, because they’re probably not.”
13. “Let your voice be the paintbrush that colors the world.”
14. “Music gives a soul to the universe; singing gives it wings.”
15. “Singing: the art of expressing the inexpressible.”
16. “No matter the genre, music always finds a way to my heart.”
17. “Singing is my way of spreading love and joy to the world.”
18. “The stage is my second home, and the microphone is my weapon of choice.”
19. “In a world full of noise, find your own melody and sing it loud.”
20. “The power of a song can change the world, one heart at a time.”

Captions for Singers

1. “Captivating hearts with every note.”
2. “Chasing dreams one verse at a time.”
3. “Singing my way to the stars.”
4. “Life’s a stage, and I’m the lead singer.”
5. “The world is my audience; the microphone is my weapon.”
6. “Making memories with every performance.”
7. “The stage is my home, and the spotlight is my comfort zone.”
8. “I don’t need wings to fly; I have my voice.”
9. “Singer by passion, performer by heart.”
10. “Melodies are my currency, and I’m rich with music.”
11. “Singing: my superpower, my escape, my love.”
12. “Making magic happen with every song.”
13. “Raising the roof with my vocal prowess.”
14. “Sharing my soul through song.”
15. “When the music starts, the world disappears.”
16. “Singer by choice, entertainer by destiny.”
17. “Dream big, sing louder.”
18. “The stage is where I come alive, where my voice shines.”
19. “Singing is not just a hobby; it’s a way of life.”
20. “Serenading the world, one performance at a time.”

Karaoke Captions for Instagram

1. “Karaoke night: where talent and courage collide.”
2. “Channeling my inner rockstar, one karaoke session at a time.”
3. “Karaoke: the stage for everyday heroes.”
4. “Warning: my karaoke skills may cause uncontrollable dancing.”
5. “Singing my heart out, one karaoke song at a time.”
6. “Karaoke nights: the perfect excuse to unleash my inner diva.”
7. “Grab the mic, own the stage, and let the karaoke madness begin.”
8. “Karaoke: the therapy session I never knew I needed.”
9. “Karaoke is my happy place; I’m the star of my own show.”
10. “Karaoke: the playground for vocal enthusiasts.”
11. “No judgment, just karaoke and good vibes.”
12. “Karaoke: where my bathroom singing dreams become a reality.”
13. “Karaoke nights: when I transform into a musical superstar.”
14. “Mic check, vocalize, and let the karaoke party begin!”
15. “Karaoke: the ultimate stress-reliever and confidence-booster.”
16. “Singing my favorite tunes like nobody’s watching.”
17. “Karaoke: the place where friendships and harmonies are born.”
18. “Karaoke is my secret weapon for instant happiness.”
19. “Karaoke nights: where strangers become duet partners.”
20. “Karaoke is like therapy, but with a backup track.”

Captions for Singing Videos

1. “Sharing my vocal journey, one video at a time.”
2. “Witness the power of music through my voice.”
3. “Capturing musical moments that touch the heart.”
4. “Turn up the volume and let the music take over.”
5. “Singing my way into your hearts through this video.”
6. “Singing is my superpower, and this video is my showcase.”
7. “Bringing melodies to life through the magic of video.”
8. “Experience the beauty of my voice in this captivating video.”
9. “This video is proof that dreams can be heard.”
10. “Let this video be a reminder that music knows no boundaries.”
11. “Sharing my voice with the world, one video at a time.”
12. “Sit back, relax, and let the music video work its magic.”
13. “The power of music comes alive in this video.”
14. “Bringing my passion for singing to the digital stage.”
15. “This video is a glimpse into my musical universe.”
16. “Let this video be the soundtrack to your day.”
17. “From my heart to your screen, enjoy this singing video.”
18. “Witness the transformation of notes into emotions in this video.”
19. “This video is a testament to the power of self-expression through song.”
20. “Allow my voice to transport you to a world of melodies in this video.”

Singing Captions for Facebook

1. “Singing my heart out on the Facebook stage.”
2. “The power of music: bringing people together on Facebook.”
3. “Sharing my vocal talent with my Facebook friends and family.”
4. “Let the music resonate through your screens with this video.”
5. “Sing along and spread the love on Facebook!”
6. “When words fail, let the music speak on Facebook.”
7. “Bringing joy to your Facebook feed with my singing.”
8. “Join me on a musical journey through my Facebook posts.”
9. “Singing: the language that transcends borders, even on Facebook.”
10. “Experience the magic of music on your Facebook timeline.”
11. “The stage may be virtual, but the passion is real on Facebook.”
12. “Unleashing my voice on Facebook for all to hear.”
13. “Singing my way into your hearts, one Facebook post at a time.”
14. “Get ready for a musical treat on your Facebook newsfeed!”
15. “Bringing the concert experience to Facebook with every video.”
16. “Turn up the volume and let the Facebook sing-alongs begin.”
17. “Let the power of music fill your Facebook feed with this post.”
18. “Serenading your screens with my Facebook singing videos.”
19. “Experience the euphoria of live performances through my Facebook updates.”
20. “Let the music ignite your soul on Facebook, where melodies come alive.”



Feel free to mix and match these captions or modify them to fit your personal style and voice.

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