450+ Best & Cute Get Well Soon Funny Quotes for Instagram

Get Well Soon Funny Quotes: We all know that we can never predict the future, but it is always nice to have some preventive tips, can’t you? One of the best ways to cope with life’s difficulties is by using funny quotes to help lighten the mood and get yourself through the tough times. Recovering from illness, old age or terminal diseases can be tough and depressing. But there are people who manage to get well soon after receiving such unfortunate news. It does not matter how old you are, what condition you are in or how grave your condition is, there are people who manage to recover in a short span of time. So if you find yourself in the same situation then it is important that you try to stay positive and get up every day with good hopes.


Get Well Soon Funny Quotes


  • Life without you is so dull, I hope you get well soon. I can’t wait to get back to your loving arms again. I hope that this brighten makes you smile even through the pain.



  • Get Well Soon Funny Quotes: My life would be so much darker without the light you bring. I love your humor, your creativity, your heart, and your playful soul. I love seeing you smile and laugh each day. Have a quick recovery, my love!


  • I may not be with you until you get better, but know that I am here if you need a shoulder to cry on. I will just -be a few miles away loving you from afar.


  • I Love You! When I saw where you were, and how sick you are, I cried. I sat there hoping and praying, but know it’s no use because you’ll be alright. Just to see you happy and healthy will bring me joy. You are my inspiration of strength because I love you so much.


  • You are the man of my dreams. You bring me so much happiness and I don’t ever want to lose you. I love you so much with all my heart’s bottom.


  • I love you I miss you so much. It just doesn’t feel right being apart like this, it breaks my heart. I hope the pain goes away soon and that you feel better. I love you!


  • We may not have met in a cute little coffee shop on our first date, but I still believe it was fate that brought you into my life. Even though we’ve had to work through a few hiccups, I will never take back the love I have for you. Every day is better than the last if we are together, and I am happy that you are always by my side to remind me why this life is worth living.


  • I miss you so much… I know that you dreamt of me last night, because I woke up crying. I’d rather see you hurt than healthy and distant. You are more important to me than anything else in the whole world. My heart aches without you.


  • You are my favorite person to kiss, and I am curious if my kisses make you feel better! I’m not that skilled, but I sure do love trying.


  • At first I thought that your illness was going to bring a rift between us, but I soon realised that it brought us closer. We held hands and prayed together every day. When I spoke to you I could feel your heartbeat through my fingers -that’s how close we were.


  • Get well soon! You’re the most amazing guy I know. You’ve made me so happy these past 3 years and I hope we can continue to grow even more. Your kisses are a breath of fresh air and your hugs are like a warm blanket on a cold night. I love you!


  • When you get well enough to read this I’ll be back at work thinking of you. In the meantime, just rest and know how much I love you.


  • I don’t know how I am going to survive without you. I dread every days that goes by without having my best friend, my lover and my dancing partner with me. Baby, you will be back on your feet before you know it, watching me do the “wave” at the bar while you are in a wheelchair. LOL….I love you!!!


Funny Get Well Soon Sayings

  • Get Well Soon Funny Quotes; I hate hospitals because they make me miss you. I hate missing you. I hate being so far away, but I know that you are resting. When you get out of this bed that we bought for us, I am going to take you anywhere you feel comfortable eating your favorite gluten free pasta with your family and friends. Have a speedy recovery!


  • I hope you feel better soon. You know I will always be by your side for the rest of my life, so please hurry up and get well! I miss you.


  • Antony, do you remember me, I am your neighbour and i came to wish you all the best. I was soo sad to hear about your injury and getting operated. Fortunately everything went well with the operation. You are now in the recovery phase and you will be discharged soon enough. But see you have come off lightly, this is an opportunity to reflect on what happened and make plans for future safe driving, take care, keep smiling.


  • After I heard about your accident, all I could do was cry. I hate to see you hurt! Knowing you must be suffering is killing me inside. Miracles can happen because miracles always happen the most when you need them the most. Cheer up because I’ll be there to hold your hand soon enough and give you a big hug, then we’ll go out and get something to eat!


  • I’ve never felt like this about anyone before. You are the light at the end of the tunnel and I know I will spend the rest of my life with you, making you as happy as you make me.


  • I never thought my heart could be broken… I never thought I would fall so hard and be left with only pieces of what life used to be. The worst part is that you have a new girl… My former best friend. But I am happy for her, truly, you deserve to go out with someone who will make you as happy as you made me.


Funny Get Well Soon My Love Quotes

  • Get well soon…but not too soon! I want to be the one at your front door with a dozen roses, celebrating your return. I want to take you out for dinner and drinks, just so I can have the pleasure of holding your hand across the table. I want to lay next to you at night, in bed, and feel you fall asleep slowly with me. You are all that I have ever wanted and more… my heart beats for you, my love!


  • I have to say, I’m pretty worried about you : ) You aren’t the type to take time off work; especially when it comes down to the wire like this. With extra pressure and so many eyes on you, I can imagine how stressed out you must be. Please just get better soon, so you can return home to your family and friends. Hopefully I’ll see you in person before too long!


  • I love your personality, the way you make me smile when I am sad. The way you hold me close at night and tell me you love me.


  • I think of you every minute of every day and my heart aches with need for you. I know that now is the time to fight for what’s ours, to fight for us because I will not live without you by my side. I would do anything to have you back in my life.  I only hope that whatever your doing, wherever your at…that you know how much I love you because every time I close my eyes all I can see is you.


  • Get Well Soon Funny Quotes: Somehow, you find a way to always manage to heal my heart and wipe away my pain. I can’t express my gratitude enough. I love you, my handsome.


Get Well Soon Funny Quotes


  • Hey! Just wanted to call and wish you get well soon. I promise to take good care of you while you are sick. I will hold your hand, hug you and bring you soup. I will be as gentle as possible when checking your temperature and make sure you are not too hot or cold. You know, it’s ok to cry a little bit (I mean that’s what girls do), but remember I still love you.


  • Hey, it’s me. It’s your birthday today and I missed you so much. I wished it was a day earlier because I can’t sleep without thinking of you. I wish you got well soon so we will have a party!


  • Funny Quote, We have the perfect relationship! You mess up, I get mad, you apologize, and I forgive you. We are the best of friends because we have so much fun and I cherish every moment I’m with you. Thanks for making my life more exciting and happy. Please get well soon.


  • I’m not saying I don’t want to get better because my illness is gone, but all I want is you healthy and beside me in bed. Your warmth, your beautiful smile, remember that girl? We used to date when I was just a crazy teenager. But now I’m all grown up and ready to settle down with you.


  • Thanks for being there for me when I really needed you. Your presence is always encouraging and I couldn’t ask for a better friend. Get better soon! P.S.: If you don’t, I won’t visit.


  • Get well soon my sweetie pie. I can’t wait to cuddle up with you again and snuggle under the blankets. Miss you so much!


  • I am sorry for all the arguments and fights. I know they were never meant to be, yet they still stirred up so much pain. I am sorry for everything I have done wrong, but don’t worry about a thing. Because from now on, it is all about making you happy and though I may not be perfect, I promise to always try my best…because that’s what true love is about. Get well soon.


  • Well, you know what they say. The best way to get over a man is to get under a new one! Haha I hope you feel better bro!


Humorous Get Well Messages

  • I’ll be the strength you need to keep fighting, I’ll be here holding your hand while you face the storm. I love you and we’ll get through this together!


  • My heart is always with you, even when I’m away. If I could travel the world over just to see you smile that’s exactly what I would do. It makes my day every time I see your face, and it makes my life so much richer with each embrace. My only wish would be to hold you in my arms and never let you go.


  • Get Well Soon Funny Quotes: Some people break your heart, some give you the feeling of being whole and some teach you how to love. With you I get all.


  • Cuddles are the most amazing invention known to man. We are perfect together and I couldn’t live without you. I love you so much, and no matter what comes our way we will handle it together as a family. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you or our precious daughter.


  • I can’t wait to get home and hold you in my arms again, to kiss the top of your head and tell you I love you. I will visit when I can, because your presence is always missed. Love you, get well soon.


  • I wish I was by your side, so I could hold you tight the whole night through. My endless love for you will never end, it’s so hard to be apart on this special day. Please get well soon as fast as you can, I want you home again! Lots of love.


Funny Get Well Soon Quotes

  • I want you to get well soon. I miss talking with you, kissing you and holding you in my arms. You are my world and there nothing in this world that would keep me from your bedside. I love you and please get well soon!


  • Sometimes I feel like I can’t breathe without you. I feel like suffocating, there’s no more love left inside of me and if you’re not here to love it will all fall away. Please tell me you will be ok–ill come visit you every day, ill bring lots of funny stories and jokes to cheer you up and we’ll just pretend these past couple days never happened.


  • When my time is up and the pearly gates open in front of me, please don’t let St. Peter kick my butt down to hell. Let him take you instead, because nothing would be worse than living the rest of eternity without you. You are my angel, my soulmate and my true love. I love you so much that words can’t even describe it.


  • You mean more to me than life itself. I want to be with you in every stage of my life. I am so proud to call you mine. Make a speedy recovery and come home soon so I can take care of you! I love you!


  • Remember when you thought you couldn’t get sick because you’re a big, tough guy that doesn’t need to worry about all the little things? Well, take a look at yourself now. If that wasn’t a sign from God to slow the hell down a bit then I don’t know what would be. Hope you feel better soon, love.


  • Get Well Soon Funny Quotes: I’ve never felt this way before. Please get well soon, I miss you desperately and would just rather be cuddled in your arms. It fills me with worry to see you like that. I’ll do anything to make you better again.


  • I don’t know what I would do without you. When you are gone I miss you like crazy and when we are together I cherish every moment with you. Your smile, the way your hair blows across your face in the wind, your smell and the way our bodies fit together just right.


  • It’s been so hard not to be there. I just want to hear your voice and see your face. I know you will get better soon and come back home to me. I am counting the days until that day. Until then, I pray for your quick recovery and your safe return to me.


  • Get Well Soon Funny Quotes: I’ve never been this scared in my life, all I want to do is hold you, kiss you and tell you I love you. I just want everything to be okay. You are and always will be the love of my life. Take your time with healing cus I know that we will be together soon again. If there’s something about me that makes you think twice about it, please don’t.


Clever Ways to Say Get Well

  • Today is your special day! It’s time to get better so things can go back to the way they were. I miss you, and I love you! Is it ok if I visit you later.


  • Get well soon my love. I’m so worried about you. Not a day goes by when I don’t think of you and hope you are getting better. You mean the world to me and I will be here by your side. Although I didn’t want to admit it over the phone, I do miss your kisses.


  • Every day is a struggle for me without you here. I miss you more than you could ever imagine. I pray for your well-being every single hour and just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery and get home soon.


  • I’m thinking about all the things I want to do with you when you get better. I can’t wait for our next big road trip or vacation together. Every time we are in the car together my heart skips a beat, knowing that I will see you soon. You and our four legged friends are the best remedy for a bad day. I love you so much and can’t wait to have you home again.


  • I want to see you feel better and be back home again. I miss your smile more than words can say, but I am getting through the day knowing that you are in excellent hands. Just know that I am thinking of you every single day. I hope you get better soon!


  • I wish I could be there with you right now, to cuddle you in my arms and tell you stories. To help you forget about the pain and the worry. My heart aches a little knowing that I’m far away and can’t be there for you. From now on I’ll make it my first priority to be there for any illness or injury. I love you!


  • I hope all your health problems will go away very soon. Thanks, I know you will return to normal and have a long life. Just think about the wonderful future that lies ahead of us!


  • I love you, sweetheart… more than words can say. I’m thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery. Your loving wife.


Funny Get Well Saying

  • The day you were born was the most beautiful day of my life. You’re the love of my life and I can’t imagine spending another minute without you. You are my dream come true! I love you more than words could ever describe!


  • Get Well Soon Funny Quotes: You fill my heart with so much happiness that it makes me want to melt into your arms. I hope you feel better and are back in the swing of things soon. I love you and miss you a lot today!


  • I miss you more than you know, I can’t wait to be back on the road with you where I belong. Everything about you makes me smile and shout “hello my love!” every time I get the chance. I love you to death!


  • I’ve never liked to be away from you for long. As soon as dinner is over I miss you like crazy. When I am with you time stops and I am filled with a love that takes my breath away. You are my everything. You make my days brighter and all my dreams come true. Thanks for everything you do for me and know that I love you so much!


  • I should have told you this a long time ago, but I love you! I can’t even remember how long we have been together, it just seems like I’ve known you forever. You are my always and forever, and no matter what happens to us, our love will never die.


  • I want to cuddle you all day, and hold your hand. I shall stay by your side as long as I can, and if your dreams are filled with me you’ll be dreaming of sunshine and flowers.


  • Get Well Soon Funny Quotes: You have no idea how much you mean to me Luke. I hate being away from you and so I’ll be counting the days until your back in my arms. You are the love of my life!!


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