Enchanting Good Morning Crush Quotes

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Enchanting Good Morning Crush Quotes





It’s the little things in life that bring us the most joy, by that I mean crushes. Having a crush on someone is not a bad thing; it is totally normal and acceptable. But stalking your crush in some places is illegal and just generally creepy. Instead of just hiding and admiring from a far, I am sure you could do something so they’d notice you; you never know what fate has in store for you.


Good Morning Crush Quotes


Send your crush a good morning message and wish them a great day, after all, you have nothing to lose. We have written down some messages below that you can send to your crush in the morning to show them you are thinking of them and that they are admired and loved.


Good morning my baby, I hope you had an amazing night full of sweet dreams. Mine is just to wish you a happy day full of blessing and unforgettable moments.


The butterflies in my belly started tickling me in my sleep, and I know you are the cause; I look forward to the day when we will finally be together. Good morning dear.


I love everything about you and have an intuition that we were made for each other; I will wait for as long as it takes to have you by my side. Have a fun-filled morning.



Giving up on you is not an option because you make me feel so alive and I can’t wait for my dreams of being with you, I always have a better morning whenever I wake to your thought.


May this morning be as beautiful as you, thinking of ways to make you mine for life, have a grand day full of sweet moments and beautiful memories.


Good morning my love. I just wanted you to know that if you give me a chance you will never regret it, you are the one I want to be with and hope to wake up next to each morning.



I choose this particular morning to remind you once again of my undying love and admiration for you, my love for you it grows by the day as age does.


You have a way of affecting my morning positively; you are my good luck charm. I feel confident facing anyone this morning having spoken to you.


My intentions for you are right; I just want you to give me a chance to show you how to be truly loved. Have a fantastic day ahead.


I wanted you to get my message to bed, so I woke up quite early to send you this message filled with love enough to last you through the day. I am still crushing on you.


There is nothing good about my morning without you my angel being a part of it; you are the final piece of my jigsaw.


I hope you woke up without scary dreams and the bugs did not bite you because I am ready to go to war against whatever disturbs my prospective girlfriend.


You would look more beautiful when you are asleep, and I would love to be your guard through the night to stare at an epitome of beauty.


Do you want to know a great secret? I can’t stop thinking about you


Good morning my intending girlfriend, I have not been in love like this since I was born, it feels like the compatibility of a magnet and metal.


I could not sleep all night; I kept awake thinking of how peaceful and beautiful you would look in your sleep, I hope your day will be as bright as the morning.


I long to experience the thrill of waking up next to you every other morning, your strong embrace will protect me from the dangers of the night.

Rise and shine handsome, it is a day full of unlimited opportunities; my day will only be complete when I am your girlfriend.


I would love you to sleep and wake up with a happy face and me lying right next to you. Let us be lovers. Good Morning baby.


May your morning be as positive just like my eternal love for you; you are the man of my dreams, so you deserve even more.


May this day be as amazing as you dear crush, thank you for always sharing your warm smile with me. Hope you have an eventful day.


Sometimes, I wish there was no alarm so I could keep dreaming of you. Have a great day!


Last night, I dreamed of you and I couldn’t wait to wake up to live my dream. Good morning love!


Do you want to know a great secret? I cannot stop thinking about you. Good morning my love!


Good Morning. This day is beautiful and so are you.


I may not know where my road goes, but I would walk better when my hand holds yours. Have an awesome day dear!


My alarm has just sounded to alert me that the prettiest woman in the world has also just risen! Good morning my darling!


You always light up my day with your smile dear crush and I hope I may be the one to light up yours this and every morning. Have a blessed day.


I am thankful that I get to see another day with you in it dear crush, wishing you a memorable and lovely morning. Have a nice day.


Just as the sun lights up the day, you light up my life, and I look forward to the day when I wake up next to you. I had a dream last night that we finally dated.


Loving you is as beautiful as this morning, I hope you will one day give me a chance and like me back. I wish you slept well.


I have a confession to make this morning, I have been crushing on you for a while and prayed to God you one day feel the same way. My thoughts are with you.


Cyber hugs and kisses to the one I love so much and my heart longs for; we can achieve a lot together, please consider my proposal this morning.


You’ve always had a way of making me smile even without trying, and that is why I have a huge crush on you. Hope these are words worth waking up to this morning my dear.


Good morning crush. Every new day every new morning makes me fall in love.


If only I could show you my world, then you’d understand how meaningless it is without you. Wishing you an unforgettable day, good morning.


I hope you woke up on the right side of the bed because I want you to have a good day. Even though we are not together, I care so much about you.


This morning serves me an opportunity to remind you of how beautiful you are; you are the best I have ever seen and want to be with.


Don’t you ever look down on yourself because a lot of us look up to you for different things; I look up to you for a chance at love and I know we will work out eventually. Rise and shine.


You will always be the one I will always admire, not only for the beauty that radiates outside but the one that won me over from within. Good morning my love.


Motivational Good Morning Quotes


If only I could measure how much you mean to me, even though I can’t, I will show you how much in any way I can. Wishing you a wonderful and peaceful morning.


I always have a lovely time whenever I am with you; I woke up wondering how beautiful it would be if I can spend my nights next to you. Did you wake up feeling the same way?


Wake up to the beauty of the day, dear crush, and see that I am the one who will do anything for you. I want us to be together. Have a nice day.


You are definitely a fallen angel my dear crush and I am thankful that you fell right before my eyes. Have a wonderful morning and may the day be extra special for you.


You are special to everyone who knows you, you are loved and appreciated and I just wanted to remind you this dear crush. Good morning!



I wish the sweetest and prettiest lady I have ever known the best morning ever, I cannot remember the last time I looked at another, I choose you, and I fancy my chance of dating you.


Thoughts of you kept me awake through the night; I will stop at nothing to have you. You are all I want this morning and decades after.


May you always have the best of everything dear crush; you deserve the world and all the good that is in it. Good morning from a secret admirer.


I know you woke up on the right side of the bed because I also woke up happy and rejuvenated, my only regret is that I have to spend today all by myself.


I prayed to heavens this morning to make you mine, and I got a reply that I am one day closer to achieving my dream, you mean the world to me.


I hope you had enough rest sleeping beauty, because the day is young and there is a lot to achieve today, let us make that walk together.


I thought of you going to bed, and when I woke up this morning, I cannot seem to perform well without your thought in my head, baby, please be mine.


I woke up sad because you are not here with me; I want to wake up next to you every morning. Good morning my love.


I dream of you every time I sleep alone; it would be sweet if we were a couple, hold each other every night, and wake up together; nevertheless, I hope your night was awesome.


Good morning to my lady-crush, I do not know if you dreamt of me but I think of you a lot this day and I think God is trying to tell me that you are mine.


I hope your morning is as happy as you make me each time I see you, have a wonderful day dear crush, may everything be just right for you.


I cannot hide my feelings for you anymore; I hope this simple text depicts how crazy in love I am with you. Have a wonderful morning.


Good morning, I have always been attracted to you and I can’t hide it any longer, you are the one I have been crushing on and I hope you’ll notice me someday.


You are the perfect definition of flawless dear crush, you have captured my heart and soul and I am at your mercy, have the best morning ever my dear.


Hello, sleeping beauty, I hope this beep nudges you awake! I just want you to know that you’re beautiful/handsome and amazing, in case no one has reminded you of that this morning.


I wish I have a bank to buy everything you love. Good Morning, cutest one ever.

Wake up, sweetie! Prepare yourself to look super amazing as always because the next knock on your door is going to be from me, we’re finally going out on a date!


Every day when I remember you, a smile pops up on my face, want to know what that indicates? You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me! Keep that in mind as you head out for the day! Good morning, [princess/handsome].


One needs to look around to see the endless beauty around them. Colorful paintings, sunshine, singing birds and of course, you! I haven’t seen anyone as beautiful/handsome as you are. Good Morning!


Look outside to see the sky smiling back to you, how does that make you feel? Happy? Special? Beautiful? Yes! Because that’s what you’re made of. I hope you had a beautiful night rest.


I’m here thinking about you, reflecting on what a great person you are. Heck, you even made me believe in myself. You are truly amazing and I’ve fallen for you. Now, make sure to have fun and enjoy your day! Love you!


I woke up several miles away from you. I’m not deterred from the distance between us, because I have you right here with me. You are always in my heart. Good Morning, [Beautiful/Handsome].


Wake up and start your day with a smile. You are so beautiful, with your innocent looks, you make this world a happy place to be. Enjoy your day, with much love from me.


Good morning to the most adorable [woman/man] on Earth. I love how you make me feel with every sunrise that gives me a new day to like you!


I’ve always heard that love is powerful enough to make a warrior bend to his knees, I really didn’t pay attention until I saw you. I hope you carry this notion throughout the day, that someone, somewhere is thinking of you. Good morning!


Good Morning, Handsome! You have all the best reasons to sleep like a baby, because I asked God to always watch over you. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Good Morning, Handsome!


I woke up today with wonderful feelings about you in my thoughts. I feel so warm even if it’s cold. Damn, you’re really the sunshine in my life. Good Morning, Cool Guy!


I hope you enjoy a perfect day, sweet guy! There is nothing worth thinking about this morning but you. A simple good morning message to brighten up your day.


You are the last thought on my mind before falling asleep. I woke up feeling tired, because you never stopped running through my mind all night. Good Morning, Dude!


Life has given me a reason to appreciate the beauty it has to offer, because guys like you bring out the beauty of nature. Just tried to sweeten the rest of your day!


No words can explain how much special you are to me. Wake up and I will tell you.


I’m thinking of you and wish you a great day. You deserve all the best of things that come your way today. Keep smiling and have a cool morning!


Good morning beautiful. Have a nice day.


My greetings to the most adorable girl alive. How was your night! I hope you won the race, because you kept running through my mind all night. Have a wonderful day, my crush.


These beautiful eyes deserve to see the heaven in the morning. Good morning, Sweetie! I hope you start your day with a big smile.


Can someone tell this beautiful queen that I can’t stop thinking about her! She is the world I live in and I will always love her beautiful smile. My crush, have an amazing day.


You’re impolite; you touch the heart without any permission. Good Morning, Cutie!


Although the morning coffee makes a mustache, you still look cute with it.


Good Morning Motivational Quotes


I think beautiful people sleep all the day, maybe you’ll see this message tonight, so Good Morning & Good Night.


I’m a good photographer, you can know that by taking a picture with me. Have the best day!


Can you read this message again after having a cup of coffee? This may make you love to reply.


Good morning sunshine. I barely slept last night because the excitement of seeing you today didn’t let me get a good night’s sleep.


A kind-hearted and beautiful girl like you deserves to be happy every single day. I hope that each day is as beautiful as the last one. Good morning!


The sun is shining as bright as your smile today. It is a sign that our day will go well. Good morning, handsome.


Today is a lovely day to tell you that you are beautiful. You are wonderful, my love. Good morning. Have a great day!


On this glorious morning, I wish you were here beside me. I would wake you up with a good morning kiss every day.


It is a gloomy day today, but I don’t care as long as you are with me because you are my sunshine. Good morning, love.


Every day I wake up to the excitement of seeing you. I guess that is what keeps me going. Good morning, beautiful.


Good morning. I dreamt of you today. We were at the beach watching the sunset together. I hope it soon turns into a reality.


Good morning, princess. I hope your day is as cheerful as you. Don’t forget to smile because it brightens up my life.


I have a feeling that today will be a lucky day because I am going to see you. I believe that you are my lucky charm.


Good morning to the most beautiful person I know. I hope you spend your day surrounding yourself with positivity. Have a good day.


Good morning. Before starting the day, I would like to let you know how special you are to me. I fell in love with you the moment I saw you smile.


It’s time to rise from a good night’s rest and start the day with a big smile on your face. Good morning.


My morning becomes perfect when I get to see you smile. So, I hope that you smile the widest to make my day a good one.


I dreamt of you the whole night. As soon as I woke up, I saw the sun smiling so bright at me. I guess he is trying to say that my dreams are coming true now that I have you.


Good morning, baby girl. I hope you had a good night’s rest. Its time to rise and shine. Go ahead and make your day as cheerful as you.


Good morning, handsome. Here is another morning to add joy to your life. I hope you spend this day enjoying yourself in everything you do.


Today is a beautiful morning to wish my beautiful girl good morning. Good morning, beautiful. Have a fantastic day, and don’t forget to smile!


Do you know what makes my morning perfect? A cup of coffee, rain, and your smile. It’s raining outside, and my coffee is right beside my bed. All I need is your smile now.


Good morning, darling. I hope your day is filled with everything you want and deserve. I hope you spread sunshine everywhere you go.


Good morning. Wishing you good morning makes my day a little brighter, and I hope it does the same to you too. Have a beautiful day, my love.


I’m going to welcome this beautiful day with your beautiful smile. Even the sun is overwhelmed with joy when he sees your smile. Good morning, gentleman.


Good morning. Has anyone told you how beautiful you are yet? If not, let me tell you. You are the most beautiful person that I have ever come across my life


I get happy when I get to text you early in the morning. I can only imagine how glad I would be if I got to meet you this early. Good morning.


I don’t know about you, but my morning routine consists of being grateful for everything that I have in life. You are one of them. Good morning, my sweet angel.


It doesn’t bother me how the weather is early in the morning. All I care to see as soon as I wake up is your smile. Watching you smile makes my day perfect. Good morning.


I thank God every day for sending such a beautiful angel in my life. You truly are a blessing in my life. Good morning, beautiful. I hope you have a good day ahead.


This life we live is truly incredible. And you make mine more beautiful by being in it. Good morning, love. Love yourself and be happy today.


Good morning, my dearest. Thank you for being the reason why I wake up with a smile on my face. It is such a joyful moment for me when I do that.


My heart is the happiest because you live in it. I don’t think there is any way to get you out of my mind and my heart. Good morning.


Good morning to my bundle of joy. The universe must be just as glad as I am to have you. You are such a precious sweetheart.


Good morning my sweet angel. I am happy most of the time because you are there with me. I hope you know how happy you make me.


There isn’t a single moment when I don’t think of you. You are on my mind every second of every day. Good morning, lovely.


Good morning, baby girl. Today, I want to be with you and stare you as you smile the world’s most beautiful smile. I am in love with that.


Good morning. I am truly, madly, and deeply in love with you and everything you do. You are so perfect for me. Don’t you think so?


Even when I am in a bad mood, your smile makes everything alright. I am glad that I found you. I see my soul mate in you. Good morning.


Good morning, my dearest. Everything in this world seems beautiful when I am with you. Is that magic? Or did I fall in love with you?


I can keep looking into your eyes for days and still not get tired. That is how deeply I am in love with you. Good morning, sweetheart.


Good morning, my lucky charm. Ever since I met you, only good things have happened to me. I think it’s God’s sign that we should be together pretty soon.



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