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Have A Great Day Message For Her: It’s not always easy to know what to say to your special someone on any old Monday. This gift book is your insurance that you won’t forget to tell her how much she means to you. With 52 original messages about all the things you love about her, “Have a great day for her” makes gorgeous gift-giving easy…every day.


Let your special someone know you’re thinking of them and wishing them a great day with this card. The message inside reads: “I hope you have a great day!”.


Whether they’ve been an amazing wife, mother, sister, or daughter; tell them they’re beautiful today. The love is all around, make her smile!


Send a smile her way with a gift in a keepsake box made especially for her. Your recipient might be surprised when they hear their favorite song play or when they open a box to find a personalized greeting. She will love the gift… and the little things that come with it.


Have A Great Day Message For Her


  1. Have a great day beautiful.


  1. Have a great day, darling. It’s all about you today. 😉


  1. Hey future ex. I hope you had a great day. 👋


  1. Let’s share a smile and have a great day!😃


  1. It’s a beautiful morning. Have a great day, you handsome human you.


  1. Sunny or snowy, every day is a great day to you.


  1. You always have a beautiful day in everything you do!


  1. While it may be officially spring, I’ll remember this day as one of the first sun-drenched days of the year. Hope you have a great one! – H


  1. We all deserve to feel like royalty in our own way (and yes, that includes you too) 😎


  1. Fashion Magazine has a great last day of summer party going on this weekend, want to check it out? #fsxww


  1. You’re doing a great job 👏


  1. To day, honey 💁🏻 you are the jam 🍯 of my toast 😉


  1. ____, have an awesome day.


  1. Coffee is a pick-me-up to your day. Get going ☕


  1. This isn’t an ordinary coffee, it’s a celebration of life.


  1. Have a great day sweetheart. 💕 #happymonday


  1. Hi, okay, I just saw you and said “have a great day.” Thanks for being you.


  1. Hey, you’re really great. Have a great day. I hope you know that already.


  1. You are enough of whatever you think you’re not. Whoever you want to change for—don’t. Be the person you need, so you can be the person who deserves love. Love yourself first, so you can love the


  1. Wishing you a heyday full of hey-happy feelings! 🤗😎


  1. Happy day-to-day! 💙


  1. Are you a fall-kind-of-girl or a spring-kinda-girl? It’s good to know that there is no right or wrong answer. Both bring new things into our lives that we sometimes don’t know we need. I


  1. Life can be hectic; finding time to step back, breathe, and appreciate the little moments helps everything feel a little lighter 💜


  1. It’s a breezy 86 degrees and sunny ☀😎🌞


  1. Who says Mondays have to suck? Let’s fall in love over a bowl of oatmeal, and have the happiest Monday ever!


  1. Have a blessed day.


  1. This is my favorite time of day – warm enough to wear sundresses and flip flops, but cold enough for tea ☕


  1. How about an enormous cookie with your coffee? 😍


  1. Let her know it’ll be a great day! Post this in the morning to wish her a great day.


  1. Have a great day at school or work, honey! Make every minute count! ❤️


  1. Have a great day ❤️❤️


  1. I’m determined to make sure you have a great day. Here’s a little smooch just to show you how much I care. 😘


  1. Today is going to be a fun day. A brand story from a fashion store


  1. Hello, beautiful. I hope you’re having a great day.


  1. I had a rough night with these 3 little cuties but as always, today is shaping up to be amazing. Truly looking forward to it already. Have a great day things! 😎


  1. I hope you have a great day. ❤️


  1. Remember that today is a gift—that’s why they call it the present. 💕🌎


  1. You’re lovely, don’t ever change.


  1. Cheers to great friends, beautiful moments, and the little things that fill them up.


  1. Today is a good day for a good day.


  1. See you soon… Thank God it’s Friday! ⏰


  1. Time doesn’t stop just because it’s 3 A.M., so you might as well stay up and enjoy it! ❤❤


  1. ❤️ you mean the world to me. I only hope that every day is a great one for you. xoxo


  1. Good morning. Have a great day sweetie.


  1. Have a great #outfitofaday 💗


  1. We’re all about ladies who live the good life—and there’s no better way to spend your day than living it up.


  1. I mean, I’m already having a great day ☕️ donut pass it up. 😊


  1. Have an awesome day, sweetie. XOXO


  1. It’s a fresh start to 2018! Start off by doing something that makes you happy today. 💗✨


  1. Life is hard right now, but we do this together and we’re going to come out stronger than we were yesterday.


  1. Cheers to another gorgeous day! How are you celebrating?


  1. XO’ing this day like no other


  1. My new mantra: “If you don’t succeed at first try – try, try again.” -Winnie the Pooh 🐻


  1. I’m pretty sure I can get through anything when you’re around to laugh at all my jokes.


  1. ^ 🍁^


  1. When Friday rolls around, you know the weekend is just around the corner and we’re ready for it. It’s going to be a great one, right? We’ve got everything we need lined up: coffee ☕


  1. Have a bikini-ready body by the time you reach mid-summer! 😉


  1. Have a great day gorgeous ✌


  1. Have a great day, babe! ☀


  1. Hello, gorgeous. We love you today _/|_ and every day.


  1. Happiness is the best make up you can wear. So make each day your best, gorgeous!


  1. Good morning beautiful 😊 I hope your day is as beautiful as you are 💚😄


  1. Today I’m going to have a great day because YOU are in it.


  1. Have a wonderful day everyone! Go do the things you love. Dream big, try hard, and be kind. 💗💙❤️😁😆💜☀😁☁😁


  1. Work hard, have fun. Repeat. Wake up feeling good every day and let that inspiration fuel your dreams. 😎


  1. When it comes to style, be your own kind of beautiful. Happy Saturday, ladies!


  1. Always remember that tomorrow isn’t promised, but if your gonna be anywhere, you gotta be with friends. That’s what they are for 😁


  1. Hello!!♥ it’s a sunny day ! that’s a good days.


  1. Wishing you a long and busy day of making waves.


  1. Good morning sunshine ☀️ We can’t wait to celebrate another fine Friday with you!


  1. Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So… get on your way! 🙌


  1. It may be the shortest month of the year, but it’s one of the sweetest. Have an adorable February, everyone! 💕#february


  1. Congrats on being a wonderful lady! #haveagreatday


  1. Hey girl, you look nice today. Have a great day!


  1. Loving this picture of @darlabartz with her niece, Lyla. So adorable. Have a great day! 😇 #britnay


  1. Have a great day! Let’s celebrate ourselves and each other.


  1. Good morning to you, gorgeous 💄


  1. Praying you have a great day!


  1. You are inspiring. I want to be more like you when I grow up. 👩‍👧


  1. May the start of your week be filled with surprises, joy, and lots of love. Have an awesome day!


  1. It’s the simple things that make me ❤️ fall.  🍁


  1. After another one of those crazy, out-of-my-control, whirlwind days—that wraps up with me sipping wine at 9pm, eating sushi in my pajamas, and watching Lost—I somehow always feel like tomorrow is looking


  1. Here’s to kicking off the week on a positive note. Which reminds me, I really want you to smile today.


  1. Mornings are made for adventures. Let’s explore yours together.


  1. Happy Sunday, beautiful—one week down, many more to go. Enjoy the weekend. It’s an adventure! 🙂


  1. Happy Weekend! I am going to have a relaxing Sunday catching up on movies and documentaries with a cup of coffee.


  1. Have a great day, beautiful 👍


Have A Great Day Message For Her


  1. Not everyone puts so much thought and love into your day. Thank you for being wonderful, and letting you know it.


  1. You make every day more beautiful. 🌻


  1. Good morning gorgeous 💜💛


  1. Happy Friday, babe. Have a great weekend! What are your plans? Let’s connect over the weekend if you want 🙂 #FridayFeelings


  1. Keep shining. Love you, too.


  1. We’re just getting started together. Have a wonderful day, my friend. 🙂


  1. A day to celebrate all the amazing things you do, just for us ☀💕


  1. another way to say goodbye ⛅️☀🌸


  1. Happy to see you on your day off! 😃


  1. In the end, you’re left with yourself. It’s important to make time for that ☺


  1. When summer feels like it’s never going to end and you’re kind of sad about that but also excited for the change of seasons and all the new things that come with fall, just think of that first cool breeze and how cute your boyfriend’s going


  1. Have a beautiful day and be bold in everything that you do! #boldandbeautiful


  1. You illuminate my world.


  1. Have a great time in Billings, and always remember to add capes and monsters to your museum visits.


  1. Love the woman you are today. Have a great day! #WhatAWomanWantsToHear


  1. Just because someone doesn’t love you, it doesn’t mean that there is no one who will. Have a great day ahead.


  1. Good morning , good afternoon, good evening my love 😁😁☁☁☁☁☁❤️❤️


  1. Have an amazing day filled with sunshine, laughter, and the people you love. 🌞


  1. We took our day, we had it planned, and we made it better by smiling with you. #hellosunny


  1. It’s a wonderful day to be alive. Have a great one, friend. 😀


  1. Treat yourself right, today and every day.


  1. On this Thursday morning before the big day, let’s take one minute to be happy and smile 😊


  1. Good Morning! Have a great day ahead!


  1. Good morning my sunshine! Just wanted to say have a beautiful, blessed day!


  1. I slept in. I didn’t look at my phone for 5 minutes. I got a bubble coffee. And so far it’s the best day ever.


  1. Don’t try so hard. Let it be ok to need a break and to take one. Happy Sunday! #tbt


  1. Life is what you make it, so make it sweet! ☀🍭


  1. Cheers to Saturdays! And to all the days that come after, because they will come no matter what. I love you.


  1. Staying cozy and warm is part of the reason I love fall. Plus, it helps me get in the introverted state of mind needed to get through a day at work!


  1. Have a great day and remember to smile, because you never know who might be falling in love with you as you’re walking down the street. #LOVE


  1. Have a great day, darling.


  1. Have a great day!


  1. Today is the perfect day for great things to happen. Thank you for being amazing.


  1. Have a wonderful day! You deserve it 😁


  1. Bluebird skies are smiling down upon you today, making it perfect to get outside, socialize, and take in the fresh air. Have a great day!’


  1. You are working for a company that wants to make people’s lives easier. Relax, you are doing great 👌


  1. Every day, in every way, I’m #betterandbrighter with you. 👑


  1. What a great day to take your furry friend for a walk, especially when the weather is this good! ☀️🐶


  1. Good morning! ☕️


  1. Tomorrow is never promised, so live everyday like it’s your last.


  1. Woke up with the sun today, but just for a little while 😴 #TBT


  1. May all your sunny days be filled with sunshine…


  1. Waking up to these beautiful fall colors calls for a good mood and lots of coffee! 😊


  1. As I worked my way through the darkness, I could see that there was light. Now that my life has been brought back to life, I can give light to others. – Annie Dillard


  1. Have a great day girl!


  1. Have a great day, dear!


  1. Have a beautiful day and stay blessed ✨


  1. it takes 10,000+ hands to make the 43,846 cheesecakes we’re dishing out today across 43 restaurants. From all of us at Cheesecake Factory, have a great day ahead 🤗


  1. Hello, my name is: Day. It’s nice to meet you.


  1. Good morning! Have a great day. 😊


  1. Hey sweetie, I hope you’re having an amazing day ☀☕☀


  1. What a beautiful day to share the love! And don’t forget it’s #InternationalDayOfLove ❤️


  1. How was your day?


  1. Final day of #shopping 😃😃 Get your Christmas list ready! 👉🏻👉🏻


  1. A day without a smile is a wasted day 😀


  1. Totusi, nu nuisi!☀ #HelloSunday


  1. Whether you’re dry brushing your face or deep conditioning your hair, pamper yourself this Sunday 💎


  1. Those were the days, my friend…


  1. Set your intention for the week ahead. But let this moment be all about you.♥️


  1. Have a great day!


  1. Have a great day, just like you have a great night.


  1. Today is your day to shine, so go ahead and show the world your best self.


  1. “When you’re in love, it is never really goodbye. You’ve just got to go until you can come back again . ~ Gilda Radner


  1. There’s no dulling the shine of a positive outlook and a smile as bright as yours. Have a great day, friend. 💫


  1. Hi you’re great good bye


  1. You pulled me out of the deepest darkness and taught me how to love again. I love you always. ❤️


  1. Your day will be awesome if you start with a great cup of coffee #WeHaveAWonderfulDay


  1. Being around you gives my day a sunny glow ☀☁☁


  1. Let me take you on a walk, through my day..


  1. Good Morning. May the force be with you this day”


  1. It’s Monday Funday!


  1. ☀🌞


  1. Hang ten.


  1. Have a great day, beautiful.


  1. You make every day better, princess 👸🏼


  1. I had a great day with you. … wow, I think that’s song lyrics. Enjoy your evening ❤️


  1. I mean first and foremost, you look great today.


  1. Even though those winter days are coming, you can still have a great one! Happy Sunday babe ☀️


  1. You’re amazing, and you should know it. Have a fantastic day!


  1. kiss kiss 😘


  1. Treat yourself well. Take time to relax, breathe, and unwind. We believe it’s the best way to greet the day ☀️🌻


  1. Hey, so I hope you have an amazing day!


  1. Follow your dreams and always put a smile on your face 🙂 😅


  1. I’m excited for our adventure and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us today❤️


  1. Happy Friday, beautiful! 💛 We’re trucking right along here at the HQ. How’s your week so far? ••• …


  1. Calling all morning people! Give me coffee, give me hugs, and give me your sunny side-up egg ☕ (then come right back – I need more coffee before noon!)


  1. Let the adventures begin! Shine bright!


  1. I can’t think of a better way to inspire women to have a great day without the distraction of the phone in their hands, so I designed a case to do just that.


  1. __Hi__! Have a great day.


  1. Smiling so hard my face is sore 😊 Have a great day!


  1. Hey, girl. I know Mondays can be tough, but you got this. 💪


  1. I’m so lucky to have you in my life.


  1. Have a wonderful, happy day! If you want more, check out our website today.


  1. You’re ambitious, generous, and kind 🎅🏻 Thanks for being my friend every single day.


  1. I think you’re a whiskey-sippin, slow-dancing, moonlight-kissing, sunset-chasing, fireworks making, spontaneous lady. And I love you.


  1. Today’s your day!


  1. So excited for a fun-filled day with a lil mama, who can’t wait to be an auntie! Can’t believe I get to share the special moments. Fun fun fun times ahead. 😎


  1. Impossible to have a bad day with this song playing in your head all day long 😉


  1. Paying attention to the moments that make my heart feel full.


  1. Happy Sunday, sunshine. Thanks for smiling back at us. ❤️ 👋


  1. Have an epic day while you’re out there making this world a better place 🌎


  1. Have a beautiful weekend, beautiful people.


  1. Have a great day my love ❤️


  1. Hey, girl! It’s gonna be a great day! Have fun at the game, and don’t forget to text me pictures. I’m here to support you forever!!!


  1. Looking forward to spending the day with you. Have a great one!


  1. Have a great day!😊😘


  1. Have a great day, sweetie.


  1. ❤️It’s a brand for women who are trying to find their way, asking them how they are doing today, where they are going tomorrow.


  1. I just wanted to wish you a great day. Spring is here and I hope this spring will bring you joy, happiness, love, success in all your endeavours and celebration of life!


  1. Have an unforgettable day today.


  1. Hey happy Friday! Just wanted to thank you so much for everything you do and all the support you give me. I really appreciate it and I’m grateful to have such a wonderful friend like you ❤️


  1. It’s simply another day. I can’t wait to see how you make it great.


  1. I hope you have a day as beautiful as you!


  1. Happy Birthday to the sweetest girl in the world!


  1. Be your own kind of beautiful today.  🌸


  1. Happy st.patrick’s day from my favorite irish lass ❤


  1. Cheers to this sweet time of year when sandal season and Pumpkin Spice Latte season align. 🎃☕


  1. Thank you for making every day better. Have a great day!


  1. Have an amazing day, beautiful. You deserve it.


  1. I think that this has been one of the greatest days of my life. And I’m so happy you are a part of it.


  1. Have an awesome day! Hope it’s getting better all the time.


  1. Don’t let work get in the way of your happiness. Happy Friday, honey 🍻


  1. Glad to be alive, doing what I love today. Sharing that love with friends and family. #hatersgonnalove


  1. Everything about today feels good. I hope it makes you feel that way too.☀💙


  1. Shout out to the girl who’s always early, holding the door, and watering my plant. You’re a life saver 👏💪💕


  1. Today has been a great day so far! How about you?


  1. Have yourself a day, girl.


  1. This Monday is meant to be lived in your most amazing heels, on your way to achieving something beautiful—like a fresh mani 🍂


  1. There’s nothing like starting your morning off with a big cup of joy. 🍵☕️


  1. Have an awesome week ahead and I hope you’re grinning from ear to ear after today’s outfit photo shoot 💛


  1. Another coffee post…coffee is my fall spirit animal 😋


  1. This is the perfect time of year for an adventure—you never know whats just around the corner. See you later, summer! 😛


  1. Sweetest smile👄😁 Have a great day darling!☺💕


  1. Have a great day, sweetie.


  1. Have a great day 😘


  1. You’re so loved. You know that, right? Have a great Friday. ❤️


  1. I have learned that part of having a great day is making someone else’s great.”


  1. Wishing you a great day filled with happiness.


  1. Good Morning friends! Thanks for following along with me on my journey. I hope you’re doing whatever makes you happy today. ❤️


  1. I’m always around whenever you need me, and for today I’ll be your lucky charm 😉


  1. I always have a good day when I make time to spend with an old friend ☕ 😊


  1. Happiness is not too big of a word for me today, I am totally happy right now 😊


  1. A new day is dawning. A good morning for a good person.


  1. Cheers to the perfect day for weekend brunch with friends and family


  1. May all your mornings begin with you feeling happy, healthy, and grounded. 😘


  1. Party like it’s yesterday (not like it’s tomorrow).


  1. Wishing you an awesome, empowered day. End it by giving yourself – and someone else – a hug.


  1. Have a great day and thank you for all you do. XO


  1. Have a great day, gorgeous!🌞


  1. You’ve got a busy day ahead, but I just wanted to say that I hope it’s as wonderful as you are. Have a great day!


  1. Today’s weather is lovely, but you’re lovelier. Have a great day ❤️ 👋


  1. Happy Birthday, to the best mom in the world. hope you have a great day and I love you! *hug*


  1. 👋 Have a great day, friends! 🌞


  1. As long as it ends with a kiss, this day is A-okay. ❤️


  1. Someone’s having a better day than you, but remember there’s always someone who has it worse. Have a great day anyway.


  1. From breakfast to happy hours, you make every day awesome 🥂


  1. I love it when you smile.


  1. Good Morning, Sunshine!


  1. Happy day, beautiful! #blessed


  1. Thanks for staying so cool. It’s nice to meet someone so chill. ❄️


  1. Just as you’ve made space in your day for a good friend, make space for a great lawyer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ================================================= ===================================================


  1. Hello, gorgeous. 😎♥️ #haveaniceday


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