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I Miss You For Her Poems: The ‘I miss you for her’ Poems App has over 100 custom poems crafted by a love poet, just for your significant other. There is no other app that gets into the depth that this one does in bringing comfort to your soul mate. Just write in his/her name and it will find the poem that fits their situation best. I broke the poems up in sections so you can either go through them randomly or read them when you want to be reminded of how much he/she means to you.

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It’s more than just an app! Send “I Miss You Quote”, “Missing You Poems”, and even mysterious messages to your loved one.


I Miss You For Her Poems


  1. I miss you like…


  1. I miss you whenever I open my eyes, but when they close, it’s even worse.


  1. Always miss you, always love you. My one…


  1. I can feel your heart beating through my shirt. I can feel your hands on my waist. I can see your face when we’re laughing and while we’re loving. And while we walk, while we talk…I cherish the time that we spend


  1. Miss you when I see your old straw hat, when the scent of the ocean swirls around me.


  1. “The truth is, you won’t know a good thing until a better thing comes along. This quote is a reminder that even though I miss someone, it doesn’t mean I love them any less.” ― Bian


  1. In the middle of this two-year war, I sometimes find myself missing you more than ever.


  1. Fall in love all over again.


  1. It’s been a while.. and I still miss you!


  1. If indeed it be that Death is kind, And there are lives beyond this earthly span, May I but traverse them far enough To meet you on that distant shore.


  1. When I breathe. I think of you…


  1. you


  1. Eighteen Years Ago


  1. The sound of our hands winding. I love that wristwatch. The sun is like a camera flash in your eyes. Until they meet mine.


  1. I MISS YOU….I miss your voice , your laughter, the cute things you say, the silly games you play. I think of you with every heartbeat. I can’t wait to see you on Friday.


  1. I miss you in the morning when I wake up and to my surprise, you’re not there.


  1. I miss you like the flowers miss the sun


  1. I miss you,” she said. It was a quiet moment of a distinct kind of intensity. This time apart has forced us to become messengers again. We try new ways to communicate with each other now that we are so far away from


  1. I miss you.


  1. I miss you, like the deserts miss the rain. I miss you, like the ocean misses the rain.


  1. Missing you is like a piece of my heart left behind. Every day, every night, every moment… I miss you. 💔


  1. on the last day of summer I realized that all I want to feel is you


  1. Sleepless in the White Silence – I miss you like shipwrecked sailors miss land.


  1. July has 31 days, I can’t say the same of you. But every day we were together held a lifetime of memories. I miss June. ❤


  1. I can’t think of you, I can’t think of you, I can’t… So I write it down.


  1. Written in crooked lines


  1. Love is like a thick porridge. A thin porridge is easy to digest, but a thick one sticks to your ribs, and they stay with you for longer.


  1. i miss you when you are not with me,


  1. i need you to know that your worth wasnt measured by my love for you, its how much i miss you


  1. I’m here, I love you, and I miss you.


  1. I miss you more than the sun misses the flowers’ caress!


  1. my love following your steps, as you leave


  1. Love is temporary, poetry is forever


  1. you see me in your eyes,


  1. I will never be enough for you. I can try, but I will fail. I simply am not good enough for you.


  1. I’ll keep dreaming of you as I used to.


  1. Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same._


  1. Every year I spent with you was like a book, Every chapter brought something new 📚


  1. Everything has started to feel so significant since I met you.


  1. One day I’ll be back.


  1. I think it’s fair to say we are in complete denial about the reality of the moon leaving us. It feels wrong. 🌓 #Moon


  1. Wishing you all the joys of the season. May this holiday season bring you peace, laughter, love, and happiness!


  1. 📖: “i miss you” – Robert Carl, 2013


  1. I miss you.


  1. My love for you is strong, loyal, sweet. You are my soul mate, my lover and my friend. I am always here for you with open arms, always ready to listen with an hea rt full of love.


  1. Missing you is one of the hardest things to do … it’s a bittersweet kind of pain. I miss the way you smile … I miss your laugh … I miss your company … I miss who we used to be.


  1. Someday, Love, when I’m gone, stop me in the street. Say my hands are just like yours were, say my voice is just like yours was, say to everyone I know little stories about me that you told them


  1. I know what I’ll miss most about you the most.


  1. to my ❤


  1. Love is not a word. There is no enough space in the dictionary to describe it. It’s a feeling, a sense, a tender caress to the soul. It heals. It motivates. It makes you high, so you


I Miss You For Her Poems


  1. I don’t know where I’m headed,


  1. There is no one like you. The same as there is no other me. Together—imagine all we could see.


  1. we’re not the same people we used to be, but that’s perfectly fine because change is a good thing. #HappyBirthdayToMe


  1. Me too.


  1. Love is like a river flowing through me, past the rapids of my heart and into the wide ocean of our souls. – Scott Adams


  1. Do not stand at my grave and weep


  1. To drive, or not to drive— that is the question.


  1. i miss you


  1. “We lived in perfect blissful ignorance, till you came into my life, showed me what true love meant. I miss you so much it hurts knowing one day I’ll never get to look into your eyes again. One day i


  1. what a long hug you have. your hands seem almost as soft as my heart.


  1. you are my heart


  1. I wish I could put in words all the feelings that I feel for you. I don’t know why I feel this way,


  1. My love… we’ve weathered whatever we weather, and will weather whatever we weather. I miss you.”


  1. Poetry is official.


  1. You are the sunshine in my life.


  1. “I miss you like the deserts miss the rain, and I can’t stand it anymore” – Nirvana


  1. Lonely, I stand in the mist of your shadow, silently I gaze at you, but you are oblivious.


  1. You’re the star that comes out before the sun,


  1. I think of you when I see the full moon


  1. 🏝 It’s simple really:


  1. I have been preparing a long time for this, my own resurrection.


  1. i miss you like the ocean misses the shore like i miss you baby boy


  1. i miss you when i’m up in the tree which reminds me of fishing trips with your folks.


  1. your voice echoes through the halls of my mind, where you used to roam. 💕 i miss you.


  1. Love is like a fruit; it does not fall from the trees. It must be looked for and cultivated. Download our app to get her poems on Whatsapp and let’s bloom some sweet love in your life.


  1. I miss you more than I thought—


  1. I miss you more than the moon misses the sun


  1. “I miss you when the sun goes down, at night when I close my eyes. I think of what we have shared, and how it all will never die.”


  1. Watching the sunset on your Instagram feed, i never want to let you go, arm’s length is too far.


  1. I’m never lost, even when I’m alone, because I know exactly where I am: in your arms.


  1. This is my real life. This is me, in all my flawed glory, getting ready to go out with the girls for some good food and fun❤️ You wouldn’t understand it , but this is my normal. 👗👠


  1. I’ll be the sun, you’ll be the moon, and we’ll be all the stars ✨


  1. Don’t I know it


  1. The days will pass and the music will play. And if it’s a song I know, I’ll sing along.


  1. I saw a quote on Instagram about having depth of feeling and depth of character. How cool is that? #depth


  1. Holding your hand, guiding you through love’s messiest moments, and looking forward to the calmness that lies ahead. Happy you-versary!


  1. I miss you i love you i need you being away from you is the hardest thing that i have ever done


  1. when i miss you, each hour is a day. when i see you, each moment lasts a second.


  1. I miss you every time I close my eyes I think of when we kissed I miss you when I blink, to make it come true 🖤ㅏㄴㅁ


short i miss you poems


  1. I miss you and I don’t know how to stop.


  1. I miss you, so I’m not going to write a poem.


  1. Drowning in a hurricane love starry eyed , can’t sleep, no angel songs will sing me to sleep. I’m missing you.


  1. Always miss you when I’m away from you.


  1. Missing you is my hobby.


  1. It’s 2am and I still can’t sleep. I’m wide awake, filled with thoughts of you.


  1. I _______ you more than words can say.


  1. I can’t wait to be back in our bed


  1. 💗💗💗


  1. Do not wait, beloved…


  1. Sometimes the things we crave become the things that ruin us.


  1. i miss you. i miss you. i miss you. i miss you. i miss you. for so many reasons…


  1. From “i miss you” by J.Simm 😍


  1. i miss u like the ocean misses the moon 🌙


  1. I miss you, my summer love #


  1. I miss reading your poems in the middle of the night. I miss when we were both young and didn’t know what we wanted out of life. It was easier then when time moved slower and we could stay up late watching movies and you’d ask


  1. I miss you like missed chances, like hurricanes by the shore, like northern lights I’ll never see.


  1. I miss you, but I never forget you.


  1. I write you in the soft blue light of my dreams. The way your hands feel on me in this tiny, quiet room. How you like to touch me when I’m sleeping. How much lighter I can breathe when you are close to


  1. your favorite books, summer rain showers after a hot day, the sight of a first star to appear in the darkening sky, a warm blanket on a cool night, handmade gifts from your loved ones… what memories from this past summer do you miss


  1. It’s been __ day(s) since I last texted you.


  1. I thought you were the one. I was wrong. You’re not it.


  1. In the bleak of Winter, We still had each other. In the storm of Spring, We kept growing. In the warmth of Summer, Our love grew tall and strong.


  1. My bride, my precious one–how lovely to wake from sleep and find you here beside me💜


  1. May these words sink in where they need to go.


  1. Be present in each moment, the past is history, the future is a mystery. Live in the moment and appreciate everything that you have.”


  1. i miss you like the kids miss snow days.


  1. I miss you  like when I miss the bus  I miss you like when your  first kiss  is forgotten  I miss you like when our  paradise is turned to dust


  1. I miss you – I miss talking to you, I miss waking up next to you, I miss sharing a beer with you. How is it that time has gone by so quickly?


  1. I miss you – but I have your picture, it’s the sunshine in my room.


  1. Roses are red, my love is true. Life without you makes me blue. Love you always hug 💕


  1. Meeting you made me forget all the reasons why I was afraid of love.


  1. A love letter to dew drops, sunshine on leaves, and the sweet quiet of your morning.


  1. I miss the way we used to be–


  1. It doesn’t matter how you say “I love you”. What matters is that you do. 😚


  1. I woke up today and realized that you weren’t there. I missed you. I picked out your clothes for the day before going to bed, and it hit me harder than usual. I couldn’t bear the thought of having to dress myself


  1. My heart unfolds to the lonely unknown, and leaves my whole soul exposed. (Megan Marshall)


  1. it’s always raining somewhere 🌧


  1. Home is where the heart is. ❤


  1. Sometimes you have to distance yourself from someone to truly see their value. Even if it’s just a little bit away.


  1. It is the time when frosty mornings are made for hot chocolate, when apples are in abundance at farm stands, when coats and scarves are put away until next year.


  1. i miss you when my feet hit the floor in the morning


  1. I miss you when the rain is pouring, your name echoes in my voice.


  1. I miss you stranger from a far, who strayed into my life and turned everything around.


  1. I miss you. These words could be a poem’s first line or a thesis sentence, but they could also be its last.


  1. it’s not about the distance it’s about the memories you hold in your heart


  1. You make me feel that I have reached Heaven when you hold my hand in your hand. #LovePoems


  1. Missing you is like having a rock in my shoe (not exactly). But missing you, I cannot explain.


  1. I can’t believe you’re gone, but if my poetic words could bring you back here one more time I grovel at your shrine.


  1. Good morning, sweetest. I am so very glad you are in my life each and every day. #LoveNote


  1. Love is something eternal; the aspect may change, but not the essence.  *Albert Einstein* Love is like a beautiful flower which I may not touch, but whose fragrance makes the garden a place of delight just the same. – Helen Keller


  1. Time away might make the heart grow fonder, but absence makes the photo better.


  1. I’m too busy to find the words so I’ll leave them in your pocket. 📖


  1. I’m so excited to be presented with this opportunity to share my feelings and thoughts with you all. I had an amazing time and it was such a memorable experience that I wanted to bring you into this moment with me.


  1. And the birds, sweet birds! Are silent in their nest, and overhead some solitary crow.


  1. i miss u for her boook


  1. i miss you like can’t-remember-your-name. the kind of miss you forgot how to finish.


  1. i miss you after drinking warm milk before bed


  1. We are all the same, A breath of air, A trip around the sun. But when i look at you I see so much more, A reflection of myself that i had forgot. A friend that’s always destined to be there ,


  1. Missing someone #poems


  1. “I miss you,” she said to me as I walked into the rainy afternoon.


  1. when you died i cut out my heart and put it in the box next to your ashes.


  1. leave your footprint in the sand where i walked


  1. I swear I can smell your skin in the morning, and I miss you.


  1. Life is too short. And I’m not going to miss a moment of it with you.


  1. If love is a lot like life, then you’ve got to give it your everything. — Jenny Lawson


  1. One last hand to hold me


poems about missing someone you love


  1. I think that we should just say it: we won’t be prepared for this. And we won’t know how to say it.


  1. We send out these Boba Guys cards every year to customers that have ordered from us in the past. The front of this card says It’s not Christmas yet, but early this year, so you might have seen it around. We wanted


  1. “Out of sight, out of mind.”


  1. i miss you “your hand in mine. your warmth and how easy it is to talk to you about almost anything. the way we pass each other in this little house we built and just let our feet touch under the table.


  1. that’s my poem’s name, it’s very nice, the best love i could show you, i had to get it out of my chest! hopefully i did not offend you, you are still the best person in


  1. I miss you.


  1. I miss you more than nostalgia.


  1. I want to tell you how I miss you. I need to.


  1. Miss you like the coffee shops miss my dollars in November.


  1. Falling for a guy is not easy, But when you finally found the right one it becomes the hardest time to let him go…


  1. I miss you when I wake up, but the sound of rain makes me remember all the things to love about fall.


  1. Miss you like I miss yesterday.


  1. a storm a soft rain a bone thrown a kiss goodbye a glistening moon a dream fufilled.


  1. Thank you to my city. Thank you for being home.


  1. Just one hug and I’ll be on my way. . 💗


  1. 💜


  1. Facebook memories… “Remember when…”


  1. i miss you for her poems are old poetry made new. they are the subtle poetry of everyday feelings that are never noticed without looking deep into someone’s eyes or seeing what’s in their hand or hearing the tone of their voice that makes it all up


  1. I miss you for these words,


  1. I know, I miss you too! But let’s stay connected & see each other soon. Here’s a little gift…


  1. I even miss you more than I miss the sun.


  1. I remember when times were tough, but now we’ve worked things out and I love you more than ever.


  1. Leaving you giddy on your birthday with good vibes #LoveYou


  1. So much stronger than missing somebody, is the person you’ve become because of it.


  1. I made this for you.


  1. Good friends are essential to our happiness. When you are not close to the one who understands your thoughts, reads your soul, laughs with you, shares all that you are with wisdom and love, then go out of your way to look for the one


  1. I miss you in math class when the teacher talks about integrals.


  1. Give your mobile a break and share a real hug. That’s how we do it in Gigi Land 💛💚


  1. ~I remember~


  1. Have you ever been so busy worrying about other people’s problems that – 💥BOOM💥 – you didn’t realized your own got swept under the rug??


  1. when something that should feel wrong actually feels right.


  1. Words in the wind


  1. i miss you, but the weather is making me feel you’re here.


  1. I miss you to the moon and back, I love you to the moon and back, I miss you so much, I love you so much.


  1. I miss you like gigantic waterfalls miss all of the little rocks they carry off.


  1. I miss you, but I love you more. You once held my heart and needed nothing else, yet your love of beauty and treasure of time has taken you away from me.


  1. I miss you whenever the stars go out of sight and the moon is not in my sky


  1. memories are like the butterfly wings. they touch you warmer than the sun.


  1. The time we spend apart doesn’t lessen the time spent together. Keep missing me until I’m back in your arms.


  1. It’s been a long day. Goodnight my love #missyou


  1. Each night I fall asleep to thoughts of you.  And when my head hits the pillow, I pray  that when I wake up in the morning, you will be in my arms and in my life.


  1. A couple of paragraphs about missing the one you love


  1. My love,


  1. While you were busy winning the gold today, I was busy winning a different kind of medal: one that reads “World’s Greatest Lover” 🏅 for 365 days.  ~Winston Churchill


  1. You are the stars in my sky,


  1. Star light, star bright. The first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.


  1. Overwintered beets, ramps and nettles share the plate with spicy sautéed cabbage and flavors of old-world Europe.


  1. i miss you


  1. i miss you, as the waves miss the shore


  1. I miss you on my worst days. I miss you on my best days. I miss just being in your presence. I miss that crazy feeling when we first fell for each other. I miss the little things that remind me of you. Most of


  1. I miss you every morning! I miss you every evening! I miss you in my dreams! I even miss you when I laugh!


  1. I miss you like the ocean misses the shore.


  1. I miss you when I’m in the middle of a project and need someone to talk through it with.


  1. mornings with friends and endless summer afternoons with you.


  1. Missing you can be like a disease, but loving you is my cure.


  1. I’d miss you in the morning if I didn’t kiss you goodnight.


  1. I’m Sorry I Didn’t Know Her


  1. I can’t sleep because I’m afraid of missing you.


  1. Love is friendship set on fire.


  1. A home without love is like a string instrument without music. Adam Gordon


  1. i miss you like the sun misses these trees, like dogs miss their bones, like humans miss mystery.


  1. I miss you. May you be here


  1. I miss you like the world misses color, And all that it can create.


  1. I miss you like the desert misses the rain; like the winter sun misses the leaves; like my heart misses you


  1. My love for you isn’t a phase. It’s not for now, it’s forever.


  1. When you miss someone, mornings are the hardest. That feeling like you’re forgetting something right before leaving the house. Remembering that person while waiting in line at Starbucks. Maybe you feel like people notice that you don’t have that


  1. No matter how far from each other we are, you’ll always be with me


  1. Good morning you sweet little one


  1. He will come back to me, one day. He promised.


  1. The urge to run away with you is overwhelming.


  1. my body image has changed


  1. Sweet little flower, flower that can be found in the meadows, I Would you could hear my thoughts, they are very gentle toward you. And although this greeting is simple, it’s full of feeling.


  1. No one is quite like you.


  1. The reason I love autumn is simple: it’s a time for you and me.


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