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Impressive Birthday Wishes For Crush: Click to send impressive birthday wishes for crush. Help that special person in your life celebrate their birthday by selecting one of the birthday wishes that makes them feel loved. We’ve got you covered with lots of great birthday quotes, sayings, puns, poems, and well wishes for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, son, or daughter.

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A heartfelt birthday tribute to your crush. This will display an impressive list of birthday wishes with flying balloons and animated effects. You can also save the message as a personal note in your e-mail or social network site so that you can send it to him/her on his/her birthday. This app is designed to impress your crush.”


Birthday wishes are so much more impactful when they are personalized. Before attending a party, bake a batch of exquisite cookies, decorate them with bright and colorful icing and write catchy quotes in it. Send these gift items to your crush’s home at least a day before his/her birthday and make sure to gift the whole package along with a flower gift basket for birthday for your crush.


Planning amazing birthday ideas can take up an awful lot of time. But it doesn’t have to. Do something different this year by surprising someone you care about with one of our birthday Wishes for a Crush .


kiss being a girl where it deserves- with a bubbly and classy birthday wish with a twist.


Impressive Birthday Wishes For Crush


  • Happy birthday, crush. I hope today is the greatest birthday in your entire life.


  • Kiss your #crush…It turns 10 years old today. Happy birthday, crush!


  • happy birthday to my favorite crush, my favorite friend, and my favorite person who i’m allowed to make fun of. see you on monday!


  • Happy Birthday to my 💗! You deserve everything that life has to offer because you are so loving, caring, and genuine. I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Have an amazing day! 🎂✨


  • I may be better at wishing you happy birthday than making birthdays come true, but I want you to know that you’re missed and thought of today.


  • Happy Birthday to my one-of-a-kind friend. You’re a blast on all counts and I just wanna let you have the biggest, boldest birthday celebration 🎈


  • You’ve got golden locks and ivory skin and lips like strawberry wine. Happy birthday to my favorite Disney princess: You!


  • Not a lot of people have the chance to join a March Madness squad mid-tournament, so we hope you have a fantastic birthday, Kaz! Here’s to many more successful years to come! ☺️


Impressive Birthday Wishes for Crush



  • Happy birthday @carlasolis. We’re so lucky to have you as a friend and inspiration, and so grateful for all the laughs, shoulder punches, and constant reminders to seize the day. 🎈🎉 We hope


  • Happy Birthday, friend. You fill our lives with light, joy and an unending sense of wonder—thanks for being you.


  • Happy birthday to my best friend and the most talented human I know. Can’t wait for all of the adventures we’re going to have! 💓


  • What’s better than a birthday?


  • Happy birthday to an inspiration for dreamers, an ally in the fight to uproot inequality, and an all-around badass…and one of my favorite people. ❤️


  • Being around you makes us all better. So happy birthday, dear crush! Hope it’s amazing. 🍂🎂❤️


  • Happy birthday, [crush name here]. You’re someone I can always count on to make me smile and every day with you is an adventure. Stay adventurous and never lose your curiosity and hope. Live huge ❤️


  • Happy Birthday, bae 😍🍰… #BDayWishes


  • Always thinking of you. Happy birthday, my dear —! 🎂 “


  • On your birthday, you are surrounded by love, joy and good times. Hope you have the best day ever!


  • For the birthday queen 👸🏻…


  • Happy Birthday to my best friend, the smartest person I know, and the most beautiful person inside & out.


  • Well, hello there birthday.


  • Happy birthday to my favorite boss lady. Here’s to about a million more. Love you Madam C 🍂


  • Happy belated ✨birthday🎊 to the funniest, kindest, smartest, and most inspiring person I know. I’m so proud to say that you’re my best friend ❤️


  • It’s hard to believe that it’s #monday, especially after an incredible weekend with you! Happy Birthday.


  • Turning 24 isn’t that old, but I’m old enough to know that I’m blessed beyond words. 🍁😚



  • For birthdays and beyond, may you have a lifetime of reasons to be happy.


  • Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Crushed, happy birthday to you 🥳


  • The older you get, the fewer candles you have. The better the wishes become. Happy Birthday ❤️


  • Hey there, bae. I’m thinking of you on your birthday and holding the door open for you that day.


  • Today is your day, Happy Birthday. Let’s make it the greatest day ever.


  • Happy Birthday homie!🎂 Thanks for being the type that always makes me feel cool 🙋👒 ___ 😎


  • Happy Birthday to a guy who thinks for himself and does what he wants. He’s doing his own makeup, telling his own jokes, making up his own dances & reinventing power-pop — smarter & sharper – tick tick BOOM.


  • Happy birthday, handsome! I can’t believe that someone as young and cool as you would choose to keep hanging out with an old married lady like me. 👑🎂


  • Happy birthday to one of the most impressive people I know. You’re fiercely loyal, wickedly funny, and your hair game is always on point. I’m so grateful to call you one of my best friends.


  • Happy birthday to that one person who gets you. You handle yours, and I’ll handle mine. 🎂🎈


  • Today is the day. What are you gonna DO?! #HappyBirthdayTess


  • Happy birthday to my favorite ocean ❤️


  • I can’t think of a better way to spend our birthday then with tacos 🌮🍻


  • Happy birthday to your crush. May your special day be filled with lots of fun and happiness.


  • Happy birthday, crush. May this year be one of the best ones to come. ✨🍰✨


  • Happy birthday, you absolute rockstar. You’ve managed to handle so many responsibilities with ease and have impressed everyone around you with your achievements.  We love you so much and can’t wait to spend more time with you next


  • So excited to wish my #1 man in the world a Happy Birthday today! Thank you for taking such great care of me. I love you and hope we will grow old and cranky together (and still like each other).


  • Happy Birthday, sweetie! You and I together, we’re unstoppable.


  • Wishing a very happy birthday to my favorite person! Jim, have a good one. 🎂💃🏼


  • Happy birthday to my favorite person, I’m happy that we know each other!


birthday wishes for granddaughter turning 13


  • No matter how dark the night, love always brightens the stars. Happy 23rd birthday!


  • Happy birthday to my favorite soul on this earth. 😍😘☺️💙🌹


  • Happy birthday to this smiling star, who always puts the smile on my face 😉


  • Being your friend was the best thing that happened to me. Happy birthday. 🎂


  • Here’s to wishing you an extra special year, filled with lots of laughs, love, and good times with friends.🎂 …



  • Let’s celebrate with some shots!


  • Dearest, I want to wish a very happy birthday for a girl/boy who has been a big part of my life. She’s smart, funny and pretty. But she lacks the gorgeousness that you have. You are not only beautiful outside


  • Happy birthday to my favorite crush. 🎉👭🎂


  • Today is the day that the person you’re crushing on turns another year older. You’ve got to give them some love—like, right now.


  • Happy birthday, you extremely accomplished and super-talented dreamboat. 😍


  • Wishing you a birthday that’s more of a breeze than a breeze block.


  • You’re the only person I want to celebrate my birthday with this year. Thank you for always making me feel like royalty. <3


  • Happy birthday to the most beautiful soul I’ve ever know 💕


  • Happy birthday to the one who makes every day better. 🎂


  • Happy birthday, sweetie.


  • Wishing you a day chock full of happiness, encouragement, and success ⭐️ #HappyBirthday


  • Happy birthday to my S/O and best friend, who is ruining me with love and support. Love you!


  • This year you will reach milestones and overcome hurdles. Of course we’re not just saying this because you’re a Libra, as astrology says Libras are talented communicators with an eye for detail. And as your friend, we want to


  • 🎂 Happy Birthday to my best friend and crush extraordinaire. I love you.


  • Have a blast and make it the best year yet. #HappyBirthday cousin! 😎🎉


  • Happy birthday to the coolest person I know, who exudes strength and beauty. Have an amazing day!


  • Happy birthday to the sweetest, most charming, craziest girl I know–and the only person in the universe who’ll love me when she’s sober. –S


  • Happy Birthday, Sarah! We love you.🥂


  • _(via @nicolaio) HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARMEN 👸🏻 I’m so glad you are my boy, but even more glad that you are my best friend. You bring so much to my life


  • Happy birthday to the person who brought color into my world. You made my life a rainbow.


  • Happy Early Birthday Weekend, Boo! 🎉 Hope you enjoy your day off and that this finds you well.


  • Summa Cum Laude Rosie ☀🎂❤️


  • You may not be from a faraway land, but you’ve reached a new age today!🎂


  • Today is your day. Cheers to your sweetest version of life. 😘🎂


  • Friendship isn’t complicated; it’s all about doing what you say you’re going to do.


  • Just the two of us today 🎂 #thxforimpressingme #thoughtful


  • Happy birthday, crush. May your next year be the best one yet.


  • Exhale. Repeat. Wishing you a life full of exhalation. Happy birthday, my crush. 💗😍


  • Happy birthday to the man of my dreams, @JeremyAven! I barely know ya but I already love ya. 😊 ❤❤❤ #crushbirthday


  • Wish you a very happy birthday. May this year be all that you wish it to be. 😎


  • Best wishes for your b-day, cutie! Hope it’s everything you wished for! 🎂🎉


  • Wishing a special lady a very special birthday today. Thank you for your support, love and wisdom. ❤️😘


  • Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…!! May all your wishes and dreams come true, just like a fairy tale! Have a day full of joy and laughter!


  • Happy birthday beautiful! May the year ahead be filled with adventures, new experiences, and all your dreams coming true. I love you.


  • May your birthday be a celebration of love, laughter, and many great memories in this year to come.


  • Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958… and so is the love of my life. Happy birthday babe. ❤️


  • Happy Birthday to my dreamboat, @queenofswag! You’re the most fun, generous, loyal best friend anyone could ask for ❤️💕


  • Happy birthday to the girl who knows how to have a good time, anywhere, anytime—even when it’s Monday.


  • Have an amazing day, I really hope it’s as great as you are.


  • Rich, dark, and smooth…metaphors aside, happy #birthday to my favorite coffee-drinker!”


short happy birthday message


  • Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear [name of crush], happy birthday to you!♡


  • Wishing you a happy birthday and many more to come! You are an inspiration to us all.❤️🎂


  • Wishing you an incredible year filled with new experiences, both near and far. Happy birthday!


  • Happy birthday to the hottest, coolest, kindest cutest 😍😘🎈👶


  • Happy Birthday Mike! ⇩⇩⇩


  • ​To my best friend, the five years we’ve spent together have been breathtaking. Keep believing in fairytales and never stop chasing your dreams. Happy birthday! #friendshipgoals



  • Here’s to celebrating you wishing you a year that is full of successes and victories that you’ve worked hard for. I’m proud of you and I love you.


  • Whether you’re turning one, turned fifty, or somewhere in between—here’s to your birthday today and all the ones in your future.


  • Happy birthday to my best friend, partner in hair crime, and the most supportive person a girl could ask for. Stay. Rad. 💋🎂


  • Happy birthday to my amazing friend and coworker. You’ve made such a positive impact on me and I’m lucky we get to celebrate life together 🎉


  • Happy Birthday to my main man, my bread and butter, my homeboy ❤️😂🎂


  • So many birthdays to go on a little trip down memory lane! Here’s to you 🍾👬


  • Hooray for that special someone’s half-birthday, which falls on a whole number day! 🎂


  • The more that you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. -Oprah Winfrey 🎂🎈🎉


  • You’ve got what it takes to make more out of life. Sending you big, big birthday wishes. 🎂


  • Happy birthday babe. You’ve got the best of everything. And you’re only getting better…Enjoy! 💛


  • Best birthday to someone who always makes you swoon, and lights up your world. 🎂


  • Happy birthday, you #hunk of burning love. ☀🔥❤️🌼


  • Happy birthday to the coolest, most talented, and most beautiful girl in the world! I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Thanks for always making me laugh, cheering me up when I’m down, and showing me


  • Please accept these muffins, because today is your day, and also to wish you a happy birthday 🙂 @crush


  • Happy Birthday to the superhero who helps me see stars 🌟


  • Happy birthday to the one who makes my world go around! 🎂


  • Happy birthday to the always classy, ever clever, and one of the most interesting people I know. ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️ 🍰


  • Wishing all my friends the very best birthdays! #Squad


  • Happy birthday to my favorite weekend planner! 😎


  • Happy birthday to this vision of vibrant self-expression 👑✨


  • Happy Birthday to my favorite person ever! I can’t believe you’re 25, Jenn. You look gorgeous and I think that’s a lot to do with you being a healthy eater, an awesome exerciser and a naturally beautiful person ☺❤


  • On your birthday, I wish you the same thing I wish for myself: happiness, joy, and all silly things that come with it. 🎂🍻#throwbackthursday


  • Party of One


  • “Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl in the world. I know that I am not very good at telling you things face-to-face whenever it is that we meet, but I promise you that every time we do see one another,


  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my forever crush, you are so sharp and amazing. I yearn for the day we can relive our first date over and over again. ❤🎂❤


  • I’m happy to be your friend, I’m happy to be your lover, but most of all, I’m happy to see you grow. Happy birthday!


  • Happy birthday, Mr. Right-Now. I hope it’s filled with birthdays and surprises and more than a few memorable kisses.


  • Happy birthday to the kindest, brightest, most magnificent of them all. You make our days brighter. 💫♡♥🧸


  • Happy Birthday to my favorite cool dude! You know who you are…


  • Happy birthday. Now get your act together.


  • Happy birthday to the coolest, funniest person I’ve ever known.


  • Happy birthday to my favorite man-bun! 🎂😎


  • There’s no better way to say happy birthday than with champagne and stilettos. 🍾💅


  • I have a crush on you.



  • May your weekend be jam-packed with all the best birthday traditions: a night out with great friends, a lovely meal with a special someone…and a whole lot of chocolate cake. 🍰 #TGIF


  • hope your day is full of love, adventure, and everything you’ve ever dreamed 💕


birthday wishes for family member


  • Happy birthday, crush!! You’ve always been so kind to me. Thanks for being someone I could always count on. Love you 😘


  • My crush is about to turn 46. But before she turns 46, I will wish her a happy birthday.


  • I wish you an action-packed life full of adventure, sunshine, and friends. Happy birthday, cutie pie!


  • Happy birthday to my sweet crush & hubby, @trentkeller. Thank you for inspiring me to dream big ⭐️


  • I just wanted you to know that I’m wishing for the best today, which is why it’s my birthday too. Happy birthday! You deserve the world.🥂😍


  • Hope your birthday is filled with fresh flowers, sweet surprises, and extra servings of cake 🎂♥️…


  • Happy birthday, my love. It’s our first one together and thanks to you, it’s shaping up to be the best one yet. I hope your day is filled with everything you dream of and more.


  • Happy birthday, cousin! I’m so lucky to celebrate your #birthday with you. Ever since you were born, you’ve always had this incredible energy about you. You’ve been a thought leader for me for so


  • We are wishing you a special day, filled with happiness and love! Candy, makeup artists, the best hair stylist, manicurists, spa days–you name it! Celebrate in style 🍩✨😘🎂


  • Sending birthday wishes to the one and only A. Rodgers, who’s celebrating today 🎉🎈🎂💑


  • Happy birthday, you cool person. Here’s to many more trips to the beach 🎉 .


  • Happy birthday to the person who taught me…


  • Happy birthday to my sweet, creative #bff – here’s to many more new adventures ✨


  • Happy birthday! I guess birthdays are kind of silly, except for the fact that they always remind me how old I am. 😅


  • Your birthday may mean cake, but friendship means ice cream. 🍦


  • Wishing you the happiest birthday 🎂🍫Happy Birthday #Crush!


  • Happy birthday to my crush ☺️


  • Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear John Cusack. Happy Birthday to you. #HappyBirthdayCusack


birthday wishes for family member


  • Happy birthday, bae! I hope you have a day as good as your friendship with me is. 😎


  • It’s important to surround yourself with beautiful things on your birthday. ☹️😍


  • Happy Birthday, @cedargrover! With all the wonder of nature surrounding you, it’s easy to feel amazed by everything in life. You are so wonder-filled yourself – full of wonder and curiosity. Always smile, my dear friend.


  • Happy birthday to the coolest, most wonderful person I know. I’m so lucky to call you my friend, and it honestly blows my mind that we’re the same age (and that you really do like me, because I


  • It’s your birthday pal. I really like you. I would like to understate how much I like you (and also offer some recommendations, if it’s not too awkward) by recommending the following book.


  • Happy birthday with 60 candles on the cake and 5 years in your twenties you’re such a big girl now.


  • Happy birthday to one of the most confident, stylish, smart girls I’ve ever known. I really can’t wait to celebrate another year of you. 😘🎂


  • Happy birthday to my favorite genius, @ianross. Here’s to another year of your brilliance and mischievous charm. Love you boy wonder 😉 #myfavoritegenius


  • Birthdays are like diamonds; they’re forever 😎 Here’s to you (and all the other amazing people celebrating birthdays today).


  • Happy birthday to the woman who never ceases to amaze me. I can’t wait to celebrate today with you ♡


  • On your special day, I am wishing you a time of abundance and happiness, always! #happybirthday


  • Happy birthday, @brianbacon. 🙌 You bring that excellent energy to everything you do, with your music and all the initiatives you support. And of course, I’m so proud to be part of the @kany


  • Happy birthday to my homey @k99k99. ⭐️ Today, you’re 26 years old and I’m better for knowing you. You’re a powerhouse whose bday deserves balloons 🎈,


  • Happy birthday to your best friend🎉Thanks for always being there for me, to make fun of me, and to make me laugh. I love you ❤️


  • At this age, you’re not just alright, you’re excellent. Happy birthday to one of the best people I’ve ever known! 😎


  • Happy 30th birthday, babe. Wishing you a lifetime of laughter and love. #happybirthday


  • Happy birthday to this chicka-d who keeps me on my toes, forces me outside of my comfort zone, and embarrasses me in public (in the best way possible). You make me not only love myself but also love the person I’m


  • Happy birthday from me to you, from me to you. I’m wishing you a year of beautiful moments, surrounded by the people you love most. Wishing you a day that is effortless and fun, a time that feels just right–and


  • Your birthday invitation was the first thing I opened this morning, and it’s been my favorite thing all day. Happy Birthday.


  • Eric, I had a blast celebrating with you today, from our lunch date to our dance party. Turning 25 truly doesn’t seem so scary anymore. Thank you for always being a step ahead and leading the way.



  • Happy birthday to someone who inspires me to do great things. Here’s to much more. 🎉😍


  • Happy Birthday! I celebrated your birthday a day early by doing a killer arm workout. Hope it was as good as your bday 💪🏼


  • 🎁 \/\/ 1110000001111111111110000000111111


  • Selamat Ulang Tahun, Stefan 👩‍🎤 Thank you for always being there for me, and I’m looking forward to keep on making memories with you. 🎊🍰👩‍


  • Wishing a wonderful birthday to one of the most impressive and kindest people I’ve ever met, @t_jameson.


  • …I’m not saying I love you…but I wanna be us… I love you, my love. 💘 You are my world.


  • Happy Birthday, crush of mine 🎂


  • Happy birthday to my big crush! You have known me since I was less than 5 inches tall, but you’re still stuck on me 🔥


  • Your friendship means the world to me. I hope you have an amazing birthday.


  • Happy birthday handsome! It’s not everyday that someone as great as you becomes older, but MORE people become younger after each year.


  • Happy Birthday to someone who makes this world a better place. You spread light everywhere you go and it’s a true joy to have you in my life. I love you so much, happy birthday!


  • From zero to hero in 365 days. Happy Birthday, beloved friend.


  • Happy Birthday to my favorite girl. I’m in awe of you. You make me better, braver and stronger.


  • My lone favorite light in this chaotic city, you’re the best person I know. Happy Birthday!


  • Happy Birthday to a young prince 💎✨


  • So happy birthday, baby👱🏼‍♀️


best birthday wishes quotes


  • Happy birthday to my favorite memory maker.


  • Thanks for showing up to my birthday party, even though I spelled my name wrong on the invitations.


  • Happy birthday to this BRAND new year.


  • for you for all your hard work, inspiration, and years of friendship ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 🎂 ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ


  • Happy Birthday to my favorite, most charming friend in the whole world 😍 You’re like a chocolate cake with extra frosting (the good kind) who wouldn’t mind if I stole one bite. Or three.


  • I know this is a long shot, since I’ve never even met you, but my crush is turning 30 today, and I thought I’d write a few things down for her.


  • Today is your day. You look absolutely great & all your dreams are coming true. Happy #birthday


Simple birthday wishes for crush female

– “Happy birthday to a wonderful woman who brightens my days!”
– “Wishing you a day filled with joy, laughter, and all the happiness you deserve. Happy birthday!”
– “May this special day bring you endless smiles and beautiful memories. Happy birthday, dear crush!”
– “Sending my warmest wishes for a truly amazing birthday. Enjoy your day to the fullest!”
– “On your birthday, I hope all your dreams come true and that you have the most incredible year ahead. Happy birthday, crush!”

Funny birthday wishes for crush female

– “Happy birthday to the person who makes me smile like no one else. And that’s saying something!”
– “You’re getting older, but don’t worry, I still have a huge crush on you. Have an amazing birthday!”
– “I wish you a birthday as awesome as you are, and trust me, that’s pretty darn awesome!”
– “Happy birthday to the one who makes my heart skip a beat and my face turn red. Enjoy your special day!”
– “Congratulations on another trip around the sun! Don’t worry, you don’t look a day over fabulous. Happy birthday!”

Simple birthday wishes for crush male

– “Wishing the most amazing guy a very happy birthday! May your day be filled with love and laughter.”
– “Happy birthday to a fantastic person who never fails to make my heart flutter. Enjoy your special day, crush!”
– “Sending you warm wishes on your birthday. May this year bring you endless joy and success!”
– “Happy birthday to someone who lights up my world. May your day be as incredible as you are!”
– “May your birthday be the start of a wonderful chapter in your life. Enjoy every moment, dear crush!”

Flirty birthday wishes for a crush

– “Happy birthday to the one who makes my heart race and my cheeks blush. Have a day filled with excitement and romance!”
– “On your special day, I couldn’t resist letting you know that you’re the reason my heart skips a beat. Happy birthday, crush!”
– “Wishing a happy birthday to the most captivating person I know. Can’t wait to celebrate with you!”
– “You make every day feel like a celebration, but today is extra special. Happy birthday, my charming crush!”
– “Sending flirty birthday wishes to the one who has stolen my heart. Enjoy your day to the fullest!”

How to say happy birthday to your crush over text

– “Happy birthday to the person who makes my heart skip a beat! Hope your day is as amazing as you are.”
– “Wishing you a fantastic birthday filled with joy and laughter. Enjoy your special day, crush!”
– “Happy birthday! Just a reminder that you’re always on my mind, especially on days as special as this one.”
– “Sending you virtual hugs and kisses on your birthday. May it be the start of an incredible year for you!”
– “Happy birthday to the one who has captured my attention and stolen my heart. Celebrate in style!”

Emotional heart-touching birthday wishes for crush

– “Happy birthday to the person who brings light into my life. Your presence is a gift I treasure every day.”
– “On your special day, I want you to know how much you mean to me. May this birthday be the start of something beautiful. Happy birthday, crush!”
– “Wishing you a birthday filled with love, happiness, and all the things that make your heart soar. You deserve the best!”
– “As you blow out the candles, I hope all your dreams come true. Happy birthday to the one who has captured my heart!”
– “Sending you heartfelt birthday wishes and a reminder that you’re always in my thoughts. Happy birthday, dear crush!”

Best birthday wish for crush Quora

– “Happy birthday to the person who never fails to make my day brighter. May this birthday be your best one yet!”
– “Wishing a happy birthday to someone who makes my heart skip a beat. Enjoy your special day, crush!”
– “May this birthday bring you the happiness and fulfillment you deserve. Have an incredible day, dear crush!”
– “Sending my warmest wishes to the one who has stolen my heart. Happy birthday and may all your dreams come true!”
– “On your birthday, I want to let you know how special you are to me. Happy birthday, crush! Here’s to an amazing year ahead!”

Birthday wishes to someone you like

– “Happy birthday to someone I really like. May your special day be filled with joy and wonderful moments!”
– “Wishing you a day as incredible as you are. Happy birthday to someone who has captured my attention!”
– “On your birthday, I want you to know that you’re truly special to me. Enjoy your day to the fullest!”
– “Sending my warmest wishes and affection on your birthday. Have an amazing day, dear crush!”
– “Happy birthday to the one who makes my heart flutter. May this year bring you endless happiness and love!”



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