Best & Cute 350+ Long Distance Loving Messages & Quotes

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Long Distance Loving: My girlfriend and I have been in a relationship for almost ten years. Other than brief vacations, we never traveled together until this past summer after she purchased the Long Distance Loving planner. Not only did it help us stay on task with the individual goals we purchased the book for, but it also helped us set goals together. At the end of each month, we would compare our goals with each other. By doing so, we could learn what worked and what didn’t. Some months I wouldn’t make much progress towards my goals while others I far exceeded them. Likewise, my girlfriend set her own objectives tied to our purpose.

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Our friends mean the world to us. When we moved away from all of them, we collaborated with our mentor and had a long-distance loving reminder made for them and for …


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Long Distance Loving


  1. When you’re too far away to kiss her 😙 but close enough to send a kiss emoji 💋.


  1. When you’re miles away, but you’re never far from my mind.


  1. You are everywhere I want to be, here or there, my love is always with you.


  1. “I am so lucky to have you in my life” ~Unknown


  1. Been away for too long 🌇 💕


  1. When my boyfriend and I go on trips across the world, we keep each other company by creating stories with our photos.


  1. No place like home.


  1. Happy #SanFranciscoBayBridge80thAnniversary!


  1. As summer winds down & we start to prepare for the colder season, there is a lot to look forward to. Seeing your loved ones regularly is a big one! We also look forward to the fall leaves, our favorite sweater weather, and dating someone


  1. I miss you more today than I did yesterday, but not as much as I will tomorrow — Jacques Cousteau


  1. when you know you will see them soon


  1. The team from Chicago is finally here. ❤️🙌


  1. “there’s a kiss in these cheekbones.” ― Sarah Kay


  1. It’s a good day.


  1. One day, one night, and then we’ll be side by side again. Can’t wait to see you. #longdistancelove


  1. I miss you like crazy, but am loving our long distance relationship right now because of your timing with the cutest new blue topaz ring 💍😘


  1. Long distance never looked so good. ♥


  1. Distance never separates two hearts that truly care, for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there.


  1. When we’re apart I miss you dearly, but when we’re together I miss you like crazy.


  1. It’s 500 miles in between your heart and mine, but baby I can still feel you in my mind


  1. No matter how far apart we physically are, you’re always right here in my heart. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – #exboyfriend #dang #boyfrnd #boyfrndzone


  1. We miss you so much, even if we’re only apart for the weekend. #goodvibes


  1. We’re halfway there, no matter how far apart we are. Here’s to another year of holding hands across the miles.


  1. It’s always better with an @ sign in between our names. #RelationshipGoals


  1. literally can’t wait for us to be together


  1. I thought of you the moment I spotted this ❤️


  1. To give a little bit of your heart is to risk breaking it all.


  1. Absence is to love as wind is to fire. It extinguishes the small, it enkindles the great. ????????


  1. You are my everything…I love long distance.


  1. So much love cannot be contained 💗 Distance means nothing when someone means everything. #seemscompatible


  1. I’m a California girl, but you make me feel like a New York gal. It’s a very different thing to love someone like that.


  1. Home is where the heart is, but my heart is a little bit everywhere right now. I thought I was going to have a hard time being away from you this summer, but I have surprised myself…maybe the culture shock will help me appreciate home


  1. Distance means so little when someone is constantly on your mind.


  1. No matter how far apart we are, I’m always with you. 👭🐚


  1. You’re always with me. Wherever I go, you go. Whenever I call, you answer 🌏😘


  1. There’s not enough room in the caption box to thank you babe 👏🏼 for this amazing weekend ✈️☀️🛩👑❤️ #flyaway #nofilter


  1. I miss you 💛


  1. It’s kinda hard, this just being friends. #getouthereandlive


  1. How do I listen to this whole album without crying because 800 mi feels like eight thousand 🗺❤️


  1. Your relationship is as strong as the time and effort you put into it. 📺👀


  1. I haven’t been gone long—but it already feels like a lifetime.


  1. let’s #neverletgo


  1. Hello from another city‼️👋🏻First stop: hiking in a camouflage blazer 🕶️ 😎


  1. Distance is no barrier to love. 😜👯❤


  1. When you’re away but your heart’s in the right place.💕


  1. Missing you far away in a place I can’t go 🌍


  1. Just 💜 the distance.


  1. No matter how far away you are, you will always hold a special place in my heart.


  1. We’ll be counting down the days until we’re back together.


  1. Happy 1 year anniversary, my love. I can’t wait to see where our next year together takes us 💛


  1. Some people are worth the wait. -Unknown


  1. Hope is in the horizon. I miss your arms around my shoulders, even if in separation.


  1. when i saw you: it was like listening to a beautiful song and then realizing it’s about you


  1. I’ve crossed continents to get you. I’m even willing to #DuluthToKili just to spend some time with you.


  1. I’m missing you, but I have a good book and a dog that needs a walk 📚❤️🌹


  1. Hello from the other edge of the world.


  1. Be in a summer state of mind in the fall. It’s never too early to start thinking about your vacay.


  1. Signing off from a galaxy far, far away, 🌌 #galaxys6edge


  1. far away, but never out of sight. #longdistancelove


  1. You don’t have to be near someone to love them. Love those far away from you & those close by💗


  1. Distance might make the heart grow fonder but you don’t have to wait to miss someone.


  1. It’s so hard to not kiss you….#1163miles #LDR❤️


  1. I just wanna be next to you every minute of the day..


  1. Through the music, through the movies, through those late night messages from those ten time zones away, you feel it all. You love without condition. You love for not tomorrow or yesterday but now and now and now and now and now and now and


  1. I can’t stop dreaming about you, but I’ll stop texting your selfies to my ex.


  1. I miss you so much my love. 💕


  1. I miss you when I’m in the bathroom, but when I come out, you’re always there to greet me.


  1. We put relationships to the test when we’re apart. But, our trust in each other and our connection grows stronger because of it.


  1. “I have loved you with an everlasting love. I have drawn you with lovingkindness, compassion and mercy”


  1. December days may be cold, but I’ll stay warm with the memory of your touch. 💕


  1. We’re having a good time… but wish you were here 🌧☀️❤️


  1. You’re the reason my heart skips a beat. 👫


  1. If distance is one of the obstacles in your relationship, your only option is to travel.


  1. Whether it’s for your high school reunion, your first vacation together, or just because. We love the distance even more when we have love at our side.


  1. Catching up with a long-distance love is always a sweet surprise.


  1. Amarillo, Texas to Shanghai, China, you are loved. 💕🌎


  1. True love in so many words 🖤 . #DistanceIsntEverything


  1. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, but doesn’t make it any easier. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


  1. Thousands of miles apart but you’re still with me. Everything will be alright, I promise. I love you. ❤️


  1. Searching for love, heading west #FirstLove


  1. Distance doesn’t equal out of sight. 🎶🌴👫❤️


  1. Day 3… missing my baby 👫💋


  1. Be my island in the stream…be my telephone…be my anything that I need to make it through the lonely nights😈❤️


  1. Thousand. Miles. 📍😘


  1. Me and you…


  1. 📞 me‼️


  1. Not all who wander are lost.


  1. Loving you from 2000 miles #adventurewithus


  1. When my long distance love travels 2 hours to see me for the weekend—I’m totally celebrating with a romantic picnic set up on our balcony. 😎


  1. Are we still long distance? 😍❤️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀#alwaysrememberthis


  1. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me — across hundreds, thousands of miles. I love you.


  1. All these miles keep us apart… but not for long. I miss you, 🌎


  1. He’s infinity miles away from me now, but I live for those moments when we can reconnect.


  1. Lookin’ forward to a weekend of love…#weekendgetaway


  1. Distance is the test of true love because it takes commitment, trust, patience, and faith. Love grows stronger when you are away from one another. I’m so thankful God allowed me to love an army man.


  1. There’s a lot of distance between us, but that won’t ever mean there is distance in our hearts. I miss you 💕


  1. You don’t need to be with someone physically to love them deeply.


  1. It may be 10,000 miles away, but it’s hard to visit the world when you’re in your head—leave your worries behind and #TravelWithLove @BritishAirways


  1. Be on the same page no matter how far apart you are. Think of me when you drink your morning coffee ☕️.


  1. Sometimes you need a special someone in your life to make an ordinary moment extraordinary.


  1. No matter where the wind blows, you’re always in our heart.


  1. The best part of dating someone long distance is waiting to see them again. 😍


  1. Distance may be a factor in your life, but NEVER let distance get in the way of love!


  1. You are forever on my mind. I can look anywhere and see you. Not for a second does time escape me. I will always love you, I will always be there for you, and most importantly, I will never forget you.


  1. Distance is the only thing that will get me to miss someone, but memories last forever. ☁️❤️


  1. Every kiss is still my favourite. I miss you. #HappyAnniversary baby!


  1. spending the holiday season apart won’t keep us from celebrating together.


  1. I miss you more than I miss pizza.


  1. Distance isn’t a number, it’s a state of mind.


  1. ‘You can see it from a million miles away.’ – Simple Minds


  1. here’s my heart, where are you?


  1. There’s no place like home. But we still miss you, as much as the moon misses the sun. (o:


  1. One ~two-sies and French press four 💚☕👍🏻


  1. Hope you’re loving your day, wherever you are.


  1. “I’m on a boat.” —Captain Chesapeake


  1. No matter how far apart we are, you’re always in my heart. 😍 #longdistancerelationship


  1. Be mine even if I’m far away, 💛


  1. You can’t keep us apart. Even from half way around the world. #foreversummer


  1. Love so strong it doesn’t care about time or distance, only the heart it touches.


  1. FaceTime with the person you miss. Listen to your favorite song from when you were together. Your heart will pick up the rhythm of their beating. Wait for them to come back home. It’s an unimaginable ache that blooms into a flower


  1. “I miss someone right now. I don’t know who it is. But I think they miss me too.” –Someone Real


  1. Be my lover, not my friend. 💛


  1. Don’t forget to tell them why they are your best friend on your birthday even if you are miles apart #bestfriendgoals #birthday


  1. I got you babe, no matter where you are. 😊


  1. Love isn’t for the faint of heart. Love is for risk takers, dream chasers, and big thinkers.


  1. It’s amazing that no matter how far apart we are, you’re still always on my mind. .


  1. To be with you as often as possible, as far as possible.


  1. On the other side of the world but feeling the same ✈️📱😎


  1. The spaces between us don’t matter when I still feel you with me.


  1. Happy new year 🎊


  1. Home is where the heart is💙 far away, but still in my ❤️ #longdistance


  1. Turns out, distance makes heart grow fonder.


  1. Have you ever woken up & realized that your beloved is 6 hours away? On airplanes I’ve found what I love most about this space between us, the distance. Here are some pics of the places in my travels I’d


  1. Sending love on this long weekend 💜


  1. Are. The. Reason. I dream of distances between us, of a place where my world is your home and yours is mine.


  1. FaceTime with the best travel buddy…


  1. full speed ahead with time and galaxies between us. your smile will always be mine. 💜


  1. Lately each day has been a constant stream of FaceTime, two thumbs typing on your keypad making me smile from across the hemisphere.


  1. When you gotta go one way, and I gotta go the other…but we’ll always cross paths.


  1. Somebody send me a sign 🙏🏼 #couplegoals


  1. Time to explore new places. I’ll go wherever you are, baby (:


  1. I have told myself that I shouldn’t be surprised or get my hopes up when you text or call. Yet, I can’t help but to hope and dream. 💞


  1. Every time the moon came out the night before and we didn’t go outside to see it, we felt like we knew each other a little better.


  1. a❤️a


  1. #tbt to our visit in NYC over thanksgiving. We miss our long distance love ❤


  1. Distance makes the heart grow fonder.


  1. You’re my favorite thing about a long drive.


  1. Wishing I was with you, but we’re apart. I’m still thinking of you and can’t wait to see you soon 😘


  1. You don’t need to be next to the one you love, you just need to love the person you’re next to.


  1. You’re the only picture frame I need #sweethearts


  1. If I’m in your heart, I’m in your arms.


  1. When you stay up until 4AM to talk to your bae while they’re away at school. 😫❤️


  1. Say you’re not cowardly enough to skip the longest distance.


  1. 🙌🎭 #FBF to that time I Skyped my besties.…I ❤️ you all so so so so much.


  1. Sending you a little love from across the pond 🌈❤️


  1. I’m not there right now, but I’m here wishing you a great day. And the whole time I’ll be thinking of you.


  1. I am who I am, and it’s you. Wherever you are is where put the universe. 🌎❤️😭


  1. no distance is too far when the feeling is right 💑🌎


  1. Being apart makes the heart grow fonder—even if it’s only on Instagram.


  1. We’re always nearby no matter how far apart we are.


  1. I think we should go one day without seeing each other. We don’t need to know, we can make it longer. What do you think? About a month and a half. That seems like too long, but I’m


  1. Distance can’t keep us apart, but it’s no party ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  1. We’re newlyweds & newly transplants living in different cities (and time zones). Comment with your city name, and we’ll give you a shoutout on our stories!! ❤


  1. It’s amazing how, when you’re in love with someone, time flies.


  1. I miss you, and I love it.


  1. Here’s to me and my amazing boyfriend who always make it home for the holidays.


  1. We’ve never needed each other more. 😘


  1. No matter where we are, what time it is, or what day it is—we are forever connected! #InternetQuotes


  1. Hey 👋, I miss you already.


  1. Good morning from 10,000 miles away.


  1. A beautiful moment shared at the end of the world. -David Levithan


  1. It’s always springtime somewhere. 🌸


  1. What is better than long distance love? Nothing, that’s what.


  1. We know it’s the little things that keep love strong. Here are 6 simple ways to keep your long distance relationship alive.


  1. Long distance relationships are tough. But they make the best memories when you find a way to make them work.


  1. when you miss the ones you love the most 💛


  1. Love is a lot about being there for each other when it counts.


  1. One of the things I love most about our relationship is the distance between us. It keeps us a mystery to each other– a mystery that we both want to solve over and over again. 🌎💞


  1. Remote control is officially dead, and life feels very close to perfect with you in my arms. 💙☀️


  1. gonna miss you tonight ❤️💛💙💜


  1. If I’m not holding you tight, it’s because I’m holding you closer. ♡


  1. Happy Valentine’s Day, babe. I miss you 😘


  1. 👫❤️🌎


  1. Walking home on memory lane.


  1. Working through the time zone differences is worth it.


  1. Keeping it _________ when ___________. _____________. ________._


  1. Setting my heart adrift on a clear summer’s eve. 💕


  1. Tonight’s the night. I’m on my way. #longDistanceLovers


  1. long distance #love


  1. It’s the simple moments that mean the most in a long distance relationship. Knowing someone is always there for you no matter how far apart you may be. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — –


  1. Long distance is hard, but I appreciate that he’s trying. 💁 😆


  1. Dinner in New York, breakfast in San Francisco, lunch in LA—love you to the moon and back!☄👽


  1. When you really miss someone and can’t wait to see them.


  1. Happy Valentine’s Day from LA to NJ—we miss you almost as much as we love you 💙😞


  1. “If you put the miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and millions of millions of millions of millions of millions of millions of millions of millions of millions of millions of millions of millions of millions between us on


  1. Away from each other is still together, apart without being apart. On my terms. On yours.♥️


  1. I miss you most at night. When the house is still, when all the little noises have gone, when it’s dark and silent … I think of you then most of all.


  1. Scrolling through the endless list of trending hashtags on IG with you in my heart ♥️


  1. My heart is the skipping record because of you.


  1. Like riding a bike 🚲 | You get the distance. We have the coverage. #LikeABird


  1. No matter how far apart we are, I’ll always have Stars Hollow.


  1. Ice cream is calling my name… 🍦


  1. Long distance is just another way of saying not with you. And never being with you isn’t what I want.


  1. long distance isn’t a bad thing, it’s a blessing ❤


  1. And when you can’t be with me (and I miss you like crazy) you know the next best thing to having you near is touching your heart.


  1. Life is better with someone special by your side, and you can find them right here if they aren’t in your life.


  1. Distance may make the heart grow fonder, but it does little to win over the stomach. Here’s hoping I see your face soon.


  1. Watching your love from afar can be difficult, but today they’re in your heart and they always will be.


  1. I miss you every day. But most with how you smell, hold me close with your heart tonight, I’ll be there soon


  1. A thousand miles to each other, but still feel like we’re under the same sky❤️🎶


  1. 30 💙 for 30 💜🌏✈️♥️


  1. Catching up with my friend on the other side of the world is as easy as opening up our Snapchats and having a virtual dance party 😎


  1. Distance means so little when someone means so much.


  1. When you miss someone so much, it physically hurts.


  1. “It’s not a distance that separates us, but rather a different kind of road that leads us to a different kind of conclusion.”


  1. There’s this thing called #datenight , and once a week, I get to FaceTime with my #summerbae 🎌💫


  1. “When I was a kid, I used to pray every night for a new bike. Then I realised, the Lord already has a brand-new bike waiting for you–it’s called your dream.” — Christopher Reeve


  1. I swear we’re twins separated at birth; we even sleep the same way. #LongDistanceLove


  1. When you’re in a long distance relationship it’s everyday Valentine’s. Happy day of love to my soul mate! Next to you is where I belong ❤️


  1. Every long-distance relationship involves a lot of work and dedication. Without that drive to put in the effort, no LDR will ever succeed.


  1. 10k miles for you, 10k miles for me, but it’s you I’d like to be with. There won’t be any more rushing around, ‘cause if our love must wait it will wait for us.


  1. No matter how many miles are between us, you are always close to my heart. 💕


  1. From what I hear, the hardest part about being apart is missing stuff. Missing someone’s face. So I try to put it up all around you, so you’re never far from me. 🌛


  1. Distance makes the heart go wander.


  1. Missing you like crazy 💚


  1. You know you’re a couple when your best friends are constantly fighting over who will get to visit your sweetie first. Good thing we live a 5-hour distance from each other so they can have a go at it 💙🏝


  1. Distance doesn’t make the heart grow weaker, it makes it grow stronger 🌏 #100happydays


  1. Don’t forget…no matter where you are or how far apart we are, you’ll always have a friend in me.


  1. Missing you…


  1. Sending you lots of 💞❤️💗💓 all the way across the country.


  1. With you by my side, the world is in slow motion. 😍🗺


  1. When the only direction is forward ##the holiday-inspired travel series


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