Best Love Proposal Lines – Romantic Love Proposal Messages

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Love Proposal Lines: The love proposal lines are deeply romantic and heartfelt messages, which are meant to express your heartfelt feelings towards the person you want to propose.

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Say I love you with a proposal line that’s fit for a princess! Our halloween-inspired love proposal applies to any occasion and are sure to put a smile on your loved ones faces.


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Love is a beautiful thing and this romantic proposal will be the perfect way for you to propose to your loved one. This unique and custom designed love message design features a heart that depicts pure emotion, showing how much you really care about her. A sweet rhyming couplet spells out your intentions, with the name of your partner’s choice written in elegant calligraphy forming the perfect quote for any proposal!


Love Proposal Lines



  • The best part of a proposal? The most unexpected one.


  • Life is a series of choices—choose the right one with this line.


  • If you’re reading this, I want to ask for your hand in marriage.


  • The proposal line is a way to surprise and delight your partner by having them open a letter they will never forget.


  • Breaking all the rules and proposing in a bucket.


  • Ready to make a commitment to love and laughter?


  • To my sweetheart. Happy anniversary, baby! I love you.


  • We’re ready to say “I do”. Are you?


  • Proposing is like love. It’s a risk. A big one. But it’s worth it when you get the response you’re looking for.


  • Let me be the one to sweep you off your feet.


  • In love and in life, I’d like to thank the people who made this possible.


  • I’ve been thinking about you this whole week, and I realized: I want to spend the rest of my life with you.


  • When you say yes to your future, you open the door for infinite possibilities.


  • Love Proposal Lines: How do you want to be remembered?


  • It’s a love story that starts with “I love you.” What’s yours?


  • Lovers, it’s time to get your special someone a nice gift this holiday season.


  • You deserve someone just as romantic as you.



Best Lines To Propose A Girl On Chat


  • Tell her how much you love her. Saying it doesn’t cut it—you have to show her in a way she can never forget.


  • Hands down, the best way to propose is with a big smile and family at your side.


  • Sometimes the simplest words are the ones that mean the most.


  • The future of love is simple: be honest and open, make time for one another, and most importantly, enjoy the moment.


  • Saying no is easy. But saying yes takes courage.


  • I would like to take this opportunity to propose a toast: To a life of adventure, to finding love where we least expect it, and to truly living every second of it.


  • I’ll be there for you, through it all.


  • You’re the kind of woman I’d want to be with forever.


  • I love you. I know it’s early, but I want to make sure you know that.


  • If you could have one thing said about your fiancé in one sentence, what would it be?


  • You’re on my favorite list, and I’ve got a feeling you’re going to be on mine too.


  • Looking for a unique way to propose? We can’t think of a better way than to ask you out on a romantic date—and then make it even more memorable by popping the question with our exclusive products.


  • Make the right choice.


  • The most romantic line ever: I love you because of your smile, the way you laugh, and how damn sexy you are.


Heart Touching Love Proposal Quotes


  • You’re the one I’ve been waiting for.


  • I love you so much, I can’t even put it into words.


  • You are the one I see.


  • When you love someone, it’s hard not to want them all the time.


  • The moment you know it’s real. Love Proposal Lines



  • I’m beyond happy to let you know that my heart is yours


  • I can’t imagine my life without [insert name here] in it. You are my one true love and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, sharing our passion for travel, food & wine 🍷


  • It’s been a long time coming, but the moment has finally arrived.


  • I’m sorry I pushed you away. I promised myself I wouldn’t, but I couldn’t help it. That was my mistake. Please forgive me, and let me make it up to you.


  • I had the best time with you. I hope we can do this again soon.


  • When it’s a good time to propose.


  • If you haven’t proposed yet, open your heart and make it happen.


  • I love you.


  • When you think of us, the first thing that comes to mind is love.


  • The only thing that matters is the love we share.


  • My love for you is like a red, red rose.


  • We’re saying yes! With love.


  • To infinity, and beyond.


  • If you are reading this and you’re single, stop reading and call the number on the right.


  • The right proposal is timeless and beautiful, like a painting by an artist who captures the spirit of the moment.


  • To the one who holds my heart, you are my everything. You are the air that I breathe and the sun that lights up my day. You make me feel like a princess on a big adventure.


  • I realize that my love for you is unconventional, it’s intense, it’s all-consuming. But I’m ready to take the plunge, and I know that whatever happens next will be worth it.


Best Proposal Lines For Crush


  • We’ll always be here for you. Always. Always. Always…


  • Your love is like a flower, I just hope you know how to repeatedly water it.


  • If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.


  • Propose with confidence by using our exclusive proposal lines to set your scene for success.


  • The most romantic thing you can do is to make someone happy.


  • Love is a risk. Be brave, be bold and make your move.


  • It all began with a single kiss.


  • I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.


  • I can’t wait to see you…


  • Meant to be.


  • If you can’t find the words to say, then just write them on my hand.


  • I love you more than I’ve ever loved anything else. Will you marry me?


  • I know what you want. I can see it in your eyes. And I’ve got the ring to prove it, too.


  • The moment you knew you were in love was when he smiled at you for the first time. The best thing about falling in love is that it’s never really over.


  • When we’re together, I feel like a million bucks.


  • You’re the kind of woman I want to be with. I want to be your everything.


How To Propose A Boy On Whatsapp


  • We can have the world if we take it one day at a time.


  • Life is full of possibilities. Don’t be afraid to dream big and live boldly by saying YES to your dreams—that’s the most beautiful thing you could ever do.


  • I have the perfect proposal for you.


  • It’s all about the proposal, baby. Make it a good one.


  • You’re my star, you’re my moon, you’re my sky.


  • saying YES to the most amazing day of my life.


  • For the one that makes me happier than any other.


  • Saying YES to the one who can do more than you imagine.


  • When you are with the person you should’ve been with all along.


  • Make your love last forever. Make it Instagram-worthy. Set her ablaze with our beautiful jewelry and gems.


  • The moment you see this ring, you will know I am the one. The one who will always be there for you.


  • You’re always on my mind.


  • I can’t imagine being without you.


  • She is the one and you are the only.


  • There’s something about you, a sparkle in your eye and a smile on your lips. I want to keep that feeling forever.


  • How will you spend your life together?


  • Promise you’ll never have to wonder what we’re thinking. We promised you – and now we’re keeping it.


  • If you’re thinking of proposing, think of me.


  • We can’t wait to marry you.


  • I love you.


  • We can’t wait to be your forever after.


Best Lines To Propose A Boy On Chat


  • Here’s to #romantic, Here’s to you.


  • What would you do if I proposed to you? ❤


  • Will you be my [last name]?


  • Just because you’re in love, doesn’t mean you should settle for less.


  • Let’s make this moment last forever.


  • I choose you,


  • I met the love of my life in a place that’s not supposed to be a place and I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life without you.


  • You’ve arrived at the most perfect place to say yes.


  • You will always be my heart, my soul, my everything.


  • I can’t help myself but smile when I look at you.




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