Merry Christmas To My Wonderful Cousin

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Merry Christmas To My Wonderful Cousin





From your earliest memories, your cousin has always been by your side. Whether you were making trouble at family gatherings, whispering together during sleepovers, or struggling through the trials of growing up, you have always made the best memories together. To make sure your cousin has the best holiday season this year, find the perfect option from the Merry Christmas Wishes for Cousin below!


When your family gathers together for Christmas every year, you are always most excited to see your cousin. No matter who attends these celebrations, you know that you will always enjoy your experience if your cousin is there. With one of the Merry Christmas Wishes for Cousin below, you can show them your excitement and anticipation of the holiday. All of the best holidays and memories involve your cousin, so you know that they will make this a great season. For the best wishes and message you can send this year, find the perfect Merry Christmas Wishes for Cousin below!


Merry Christmas To My Cousin



Merry Christmas. To My Wonderful Cousin! May your heart be filled with the magic of Christmas. Have a delightful day!


Merry Christmas. To my exceptional cousin, I am hoping that this holiday season brings you everything you have been wishing for.



Merry Christmas My dear cousin, the spirit and beauty of Christmas are here today so be sure to have a special and memorable day.



Merry Christmas. To my favorite cousin, On this special day I send to you lots of wishes for you to have a cheerful and joyous Christmas day.


Merry Christmas. To my awesome cousin, It’s time to celebrate this wonderful holiday and have some fun with friends and family. Have a fantastic day!



Merry Christmas To My Sweet Cousin! Have a fabulous day and make sure to eat all the holiday treats you want!


Merry Christmas To My Fun Cousin! Thinking of you on this special day and I’m hoping you have an amazing day!


Remember all those holidays we spent together as children? Reading stories, watching movies, and leaving cookies out for Santa? What wonderful memories! Merry Christmas, Cousin!


Merry Christmas To You, Cousin! Holidays are so much better when we get to celebrate all together! Looking forward to making new memories and taking new family photos with you!


Wishing a very Merry Christmas to one cute cousin! Stay warm this winter!


Merry Christmas, Cousin! It sure is a treat to see you around the holidays! I’m wishing you plenty of cocoa, hugs, and all the good cheer you can handle!


Merry Christmas To My Awesome Cousin! The Whole Family Agrees. you light up our lives! Thanks for being you. Enjoy the holidays and eat plenty of tasty treats!


“Merry Christmas to the best family there is! I am glad we get to share these amazing moments together and that we are as close as we are. Love you!”.


“This Christmas will be extra special because we get to see each other after a long while. I could not be happier about it. Love you all!”.


“I wish you a Merry Christmas and that next year is filled with all the joy and love each of you deserve. You are the best family!”.


“To my family, you are the reason I have become the man that I am today and I could not be more grateful to you. Merry Christmas!”.Best Whatsapp Christmas quotes


“I owe you everything I have got and more, for you have always taught me with the best example there is. Merry Christmas, I love you!”.


“I love how close we all are and it is in times like Christmas that we get to really appreciate the love within a family. I adore you!”.


“Merry Christmas! I glad you all made it and that we get to be here today, sharing this lovely meal and amazing company”.

Merry Christmas To My Nice


“You were the ones who taught me the meaning of Christmas and how it means nothing when we do not spend it with our loved ones. Merry Christmas!”.


“I love feeling the warmth of this season reflected in each and every one of you. I am the luckiest person alive for having you. Merry Christmas!”. Best quotes about the spirit of Christmas

“Merry Christmas to my family, the best one there is and ever will be! You rock, never forget that! I truly adore you!”.


“Christmas would not be the same if I did not get to spend it with the ones I love the most: my family. Thanks for being here and merry Christmas!”.


“Growing up with a big family is the best there is, because we get love from all over. Merry Christmas to the most special family in the world!”.


“Merry Christmas to each and every one of you, for you all make this day the most special one in the year. I love you!”.


“I love our family because I know I can really count on you, whatever happens, we will always have each other’s backs. Merry Christmas!”. Get Merry Christmas quotes for WhatsApp & FB


“Let us share this amazing meal and be grateful because not everyone has the chance we get to be together tonight. Merry Christmas!”.


“You embody the spirt of Christmas within your smiles and laughter, and I would not change you for the world. Merry Christmas to you all!”.


“Merry Christmas to my one and only family, the best there is! I am grateful to the Lord because having you in my life is a real privilege!”.


“I wish you all the merriest of Christmas! May all your wishes come true and may our family keep growing with as much love as always. Xoxo!”. Short Merry Christmas wishes to friends and family on Whatsapp


“There are thousands of kilometers between us, but a great feeling brings us together, it is the love that we share as a family. All the best for all my family on this Christmas Eve. ”


“We are scattered in different countries but the same origin unites us. I miss you so much dear cousins and I want to wish you a Merry Christmas. ”


“We miss you very much but we are so proud of all your success abroad. We hope we can get together soon, but in the meantime we wish you a Merry Christmas. ”


“Today I am far away from all of you, however I have always have you present, especially in such an important date. Merry Christmas! ”


“It is so nice to feel family union despite the distance. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve and may God bless all of you. “Best merry Christmas wishes and messages


“Although you left so many years ago, I still miss you as much as the first day you went away. I wish you all the best dear brother, on this Christmas and always. ”


“You left the country looking to accomplish your dreams and I feel very proud because you are succeeding. I send you a big hug and hope you have a beautiful Christmas. ”


“In this wonderful day it would be impossible not to think of you dear sister, I love you very much and I wish that you spend a wonderful Christmas Eve.”


“Although many years have passed since you left, we still miss you very much. There is always a place for you at the table, we hope you have a nice Christmas dear cousin, we love you very much.”


“I feel more homesick because I would like to be with all of you. I wish you all the best for this Christmas, receive a huge hug.”Find original Merry Christmas status for whatsapp


“I want you all to spend a wonderful Christmas together and that despite the distance you feel the enormous love I have for all of you dear family. I wish you all the best! ”


“Christmas Eve is meant to be celebrated with the family, however this is not always possible. I want you to remember the birth of baby Jesus in your heart and that you remember wonderful memories of our childhood and feel joy instead of sadness for all those incredible moments. ”


“On this special night we miss you more than ever and that is why we dedicate this text to you to tell you that we love you very much and that we wish you all the best on this Christmas.”





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