Best and 360+ Cute New Month Prayer Messages for Lover

New Month Prayer Messages For Lover: Use our new month prayer messages for lovers to send lovely wishes on the first day of the new month to your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse. You can also use these messages to send to friends, loved ones, or family members. These are not only for the new month but can be used on occasions like Birthdays, Valentine’s, Eid, Ramadan, and all other occasions.


#prayers for lover Hi friend,


An exclusive prayer message to send to your loved one in a different country will be guaranteed to lighten your hearts and bring that much-desired feeling of closeness and bonding. Your prayer, combined with our services, can help you connect with your loved ones and share the blessings and love that only God can provide.


This prayer supplement gives simple, easy to remember praise and prayer messages for each day of the month


Have you ever wondered how to pray for each month? Well, now you don’t have to. Here are the prayer messages specifically designed for each month. This is an interactive app with room to write your own mesages as well. This is a must have for anyone who is serious about getting closer to Allah (swt).


New Month Prayer Messages For Lover


  1. Wishing you joy, love and light in this New Month. Here’s to another 31 days of adventure! 🌈 #NewMonthPrayer


  1. This month, may all your dreams come true. Happy New Month 😊☺ #NationalPrayersDay


  1. 🌙Dear God, I pray that each day of this new month brings me peace and joy. Help me to be calm and cheerful. Give me patience despite the temptation to be grumpy, forgive those who cross my path, give me insight


  1. A new month and a new prayer.


  1. Just a perfect month. A new month. You stay healthy and I’ll do the same. May no harm come between us this month, wherever we be. Remain blessed all of you. God bless you.


  1. To God be all the glory, great things He hath done. We celebrate you this month. Happy new month .


  1. May the new month be as colorful as your heart.


  1. It’s time to go haywire, summer has gone crazy enough for me 😌 it is time to make room for the new month here comes August 💛💜😘❤


  1. Happy #September. We’ve got you covered with the Instagram post ideas of all post types of this month.


  1. Prayer is the link that connects us to all that is. Our souls can be in constant contact with God when we pray.


  1. This month will be everything your heart desires…


  1. May today be filled with ☀🌞, 🦃🎇🦋, ☁️, 🌞☁️☁️


  1. Your plans for this week.


  1. Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani (Qaddamsalla wa Taala) said:


  1. New Month ✨🙏


  1. May the new month fills your heart with joy, peace and happiness! Happy 💗


  1. May the new month be filled with less stress, more laughter, and loads of love. Never forget to appreciate the little things❤


  1. New month, new start.


  1. May this month bring you closer to your dreams and light up all the darkness within you. ♥🌙


  1. Lord, help me to live before you for this month.


  1. 5 reasons why your body loves this month ✔️


  1. May the month of October bring you grace, joy, love, beauty and inspiration. Happy October ♥️🙏🌞


  1. Dear Lord, thank you for today and all it brings. Let me be conscious of the blessings you have given me and that I will ask before I take from others. Keep my mind at peace, that I may fulfill my responsibilities selflessly and with


  1. Good morning! Another Monday is here. May the month ahead be blessed with much success for your business, family, and spiritual walk with God. Make it a great day—the Lord is on your side!


  1. 🙏🌝 July, what can I say? You’ve been so sweet so far and I thank you.


  1. Peace out June. Hello July! ☀️🔥


  1. It’s already April and I am so excited for this year! Here’s to May and all of the good things it will bring us.


  1. Good riddance June, thank God it’s July.


  1. Good morning my love, hope you are doing well in this new month . May you do the things you like the most during this new month, I pray God bless you more…


  1. Happy new month.


  1. Let’s restart this month with all the love in our hearts and letting our hopes be restored.. Have a great week ahead.. May God shower His endless grace upon you and me…


  1. Pray for this month to be your most productive one yet. 🙏


  1. We’re in a new month, so it’s a new chapter. No one can predict what will happen, but there are things we can control. For starters, our attitude. The way we approach the day ahead of us is


  1. Lord, let today be the beginning of the rest of my life—to give me what I need to do my best. #mymonthlyprayer


  1. May your heart stay open to love, may your soul feel the spiritual nourishment of all that surrounds you.


  1. May the month of March unfold before you with grace and ease.


  1. September, the month that you were born. May all your dreams and hopes come true.


  1. 🤗😚🙏💜


  1. Let us pray for perseverance that we may be of good, brave, and pure life until the end of our days. Amen


  1. I wonder if the moon goddess reads the paper? #literarynerd


  1. When a new month comes, I pray for peace and happiness to be with me forever. There is nothing in this world that could make me always miss you. After all, your love for me is very strong and true. When will I see you


  1. A new month is coming in. Let’s hope that all your dreams will come true! 💜


  1. May this new month be filled with blessings, joys and happiness.


  1. Let’s welcome this month with open arms and loving hearts. Happy September!


  1. Prayer changes things. It can give us more than we prayed for. 🙏


  1. Dear God, I am so thankful to be home after the fun week I spent with you. May my days be filled with love and happiness. Amen.


  1. Cozy up under a blanket, sip on some warm cocoa, and enjoy this month’s #PrayeroftheDay.


  1. Little moments of the day are with you, God is there to protect you


  1. On the first day of the month let us lay aside all anger, all malice, all envy…


  1. May the freshness of every day carry you through the month ahead.


  1. Today is a new opportunity to commit ourselves to practicing random acts of kindness, especially with those who feel as if they have been wrongly judged. .


  1. Are you ready for some football? We sure are, and we’d like to welcome September with open arms. That means it’s time to get back to our roots and start working out! 💪


  1. Like the flowers 🌺, love blossoms in spring 🌼. Like the sun ☀️, love shines brighter in summer🌞. Like the leaves 🍂, love grows stronger in autumn🍁. Like fire


  1. I’m lucky to have you.


  1. Somewhere between sunrise and sunset, is the right moment you’re meant to be found.


  1. New Month, New Me


  1. Prayers For You. May this month be filled with love and happiness, and may God’s best be upon you all‍♀️


  1. 🙏 Powerful blessings as you begin a new month…


  1. May God bless you with love, grace and mercy in the coming month


  1. Lord, show me what I should do with this new month of June, amen!


  1. This time of year always makes me so grateful. Grateful for the opportunity to toast one more month together and “one more chance” to be better than I was last month. Happy October, baby.


  1. Let’s jump into this month full of opportunity! 💫


  1. Dear God, please be my strength as I hold on to those that have left. Dear God, please be my eyes as I struggle to see those that left me. Dear God, please be my ears as I hear their voice after a long period


  1. Best wishes for the month of October. Cheers to an adventurous, happy and healthy end of the week 🍂


New Month Prayer Messages For Lover


  1. Lord, help me to walk in purity and honesty. Lord, help me to remember what is important in this life. 🙏💗


  1. God, please help me to become a person of integrity and to do what’s right.


  1. God be with you until we meet again.


  • Lord, come and chase away my worries and troubles.


  1. This is the month of Thanksgiving and we want to thank you Lord for all that we have and all that we’ll continue to receive. Bless us, guide us and protect us in your mighty name. PTL! Amen.


  1. #NewMonth Prayer Messages


  1. #printscreen #newmonthprayer #godbless


  1. New Months means New Thoughts, New Opportunities and New Beginnings. May the Holy Spirit guide you through each day and each night as we begin a new month of August and may the Lord be with you and bless you to do great things for His


  1. Prayer can change everything—like a month of new beginnings and possibilities, and a fresh start to an even better you 🙂


  1. this October, remind your friends to believe in God with you on 20th of this month before 12 o’clock.


  1. Each month, when I ask you to renew our relationship, I’m not only asking you to be my lover. I’m also asking you to be my friend— to be there for me through the good days and the bad.


  1. You’re a blessing and a joy to my life. I can’t wait to see what days we get to spend together. – Fb Captions


  1. There’s nothing better than 4th quarter game day 🏈 👻  && the promise of an awesome new month to come ~~~~~~~~~ “October is unsettling. It always gets me right here…in the gut. Either


  1. May what you seek be found and that which you lost be returned to you. May the pain of parting be a small price to pay for a great love. Love will not happen by itself. Love is something we do. We pour our hearts out


  1. July is here! Let this month be better than the last. I want to spread good energy and make good energy my new habit 😇


  1. So begins another month of your life ~ a blank book waiting for you to create the story that will fill it ~ imagine what’s possible as a new page turns. ~ Author Unknown


  1. 13 Happy month @sparks _wave 😊


  1. For this #OctobeRadness we’re thankful for: ❥ This month we’re giving thanks to the community who has made our project possible and for your continued love and support. We can’t wait to


  1. “Together, we will make this a month to remember.” — Unknown


  1. Let us rejoice in the month of October with all its wonderful blessings.


  1. Happy New Month To My Love ❤


  1. May the next month be better than the last. (◕‿◕✿) #newmonth #prayer #thoughts


  1. Now it’s time for another new month and a clean slate. May God bless us as we embark on this new adventure. Happy New Month #HappyNewMonth #MM”


  1. May this month be filled with all that you need and more than what you wish for! #newmonth


  1. 🌟🌟 New month, new beginnings & new hopes. May the light of God fill your heart with joy and always shine on your pathway. 😊😇😊


  1. A new month brings so much to look forward too: a fresh start, endless possibilities and time for self-care.


  1. It’s a brand new month, so get ready to bring your A game. Following are the sweet captions for you to describe the feelings of this month.


  1. New month, New Workout. Time for a resolution reset! Let’s do this 💪🏼


  1. May your heart be filled with joy, happiness, success, love and truth, wherever your day takes you. ✨✨✨


  1. That I could kiss you every night, before the night kisses you because if not, its night kissing will be just a mere dreams.


  1. 🙏🏼🙏🏼 May the spirit of 💛💜 hold you tight, and bless all that you do.


  1. May the Lord give you grace and peace in the days ahead.


  1. Hi!  It’s me.  The moon.  Finally made it out of hiding and back into the sky.  Took a few days, but I made it.


  1. Might come across as quite random but it’s actually one of the best lines for captions.


  1. “There are two kinds of people who are not worth talking to. People who are not interesting, and people that are interested in only one subject.” ~Dale Carnegie


  1. This is the beginning of a brand new month and a fresh start, which means it’s another chance for you to remind yourself and your followers how much you care about them and want the best for their lives.


  1. There’s a new month around the corner. I pray that this one brings you lots of joy, success and whole lot of happiness. God bless you.


  1. New month, new starts… Be that one today 💕


  1. As a new month begins, I hope it brings you strength, courage and love. 🙏🏻


  1. May your month be filled with new adventures and the warmth of love, laughter & friendship


  1. Dear Lord! My life is so messed up. Please help me find the right person who have good character and nature, honest, caring ,assertive,and loving… ##


  1. Kiss me in the rain, in the morning sunrise. Kiss me in the evening, under the moonlight. #prayer


  1. No matter where you are this February, remember that there’s someone thinking of you a lot.


  1. I hope that the 31 days of the month of September will be full of missions and accomplishments. May you be fully charged with adventure and endless possibilities.


  1. “Each day of the month has its own special gift to give you.” – Steve Maraboli


  1. January was dark, February is cold.


  1. As we welcome September into our lives, we can’t forget to acknowledge what we’re thankful for during this special time of year. Thank you for the smiles, the memories and the beauty that inspired us all.


  1. “April showers bring May flowers” “Prosperity is the mother of morality” “Every season has its beauty” (anonymous)


  1. Dear September, please bring me good grades and a new phone case. Sincerely, me…


  1. chirchirchirchirchirchirchirchiru


  1. Blessed the new month because you are in it.I pray to see your face,smile always because the joy of doing the things I love is all…


  1. May all your dreams come true in this new month You are lovable You are loveable You are capable This month shall be great to you Have a fruitful month ahead I’m rooting for you, goodluck.


  1. Its a new month my love and I’m wishing you all the best things in life and love.


  1. May the New month of December fill our hearts with joy, love, prosperity, success, fulfillment and happiness. God bless us all “Happy New Month”


  1. With the new month comes new goals and opportunity. I hope that this month cultivates more love, joy, and peace in your life.”


  1. Today, I pray that the Lord will give me a spirit of self-control, a sound mind and eyesight to see me through this new month. May I receive your help as I start this month with determination.


  1. May this month be sweeter than honey, brighter than the sun, and busier than a bee. Happy New Month!


  1. Thank you Lord for your never ending love, mercy, grace and favour. I pray that you will continue to prosper me this month ahead in Jesus name. Amen. Let’s open up our eyes today, dear reader. The future of the


  1. 🙏🏾 A brand celebrating and capturing the love and feelings of National Love Yourself Day


  1. May this month bring you not just new opportunities but also the wisdom to know their hidden value 😇🙏


  1. This month, let’s watch the sunrise together. Each morning brings new beginnings and possibilities for us to grow closer together.


  1. May the October #moonbeams 🌕 of your soul illuminate more possibilities for growth and joy. Use them to manifest into reality the dreams that you aspire to be, do, or have in your life.


  1. May the Great Mystery bless you with all that you need in this blessed month, and cleanse your spirit of all that no longer serves you.


  1. The angles are all around me.  They are in the air, in the clouds, in the sun,  and they are right in front of my face.


  1. New Month, New Opportunities. May Your April Be Super!❤️


  1. It’s a brand new month, which means the beginning of a brand new start. I hope it brings you joy, peace and love.


  1. Happy New Month


  1. May the stars carry your sadness away,  and a new moon hold your  hopes  & desires  close to  her heart 🌛


  1. Congratulations to the new month, and the month of September! 😊


  1. On the 1st of every month I’m going to stare at the moon and say 🌕“thank you for this month, it’s been swell”.


  1. To those who have been hurt, know that God will one day heal you. To those who have been blessed, thank Him for always being good to you. And to those who have loved and lost, be assured that God has a plan for you


  1. Pray for God’s mercy to be upon you as it is upon me, and may He grant you the desire of your heart, Amen.


  1. May the months ahead be filled with more armfuls of love and laughter, a few less pinches of salt via toddler tantrums, and a lot more hours in the kitchen making #vegetarian food with my better-half.


  1. Counting down the days until I see you again.


  1. No hot water🚿, no fridge🍗, no TV📺, all I have is a bed😫and my laptop🖥 to make post like this😜#NationalHouseholdMonth #NightMareNight


  1. Be present, breathe. Accept the past. Open the door to the future with confidence in yourself and hope in the world.


  1. 🤲 Prayer for new month : May this month be filled with love and blessings of Allah upon those who deserve it. Ameen♥


  1. Good morning my love For this month,I pray that you are accepted into your desired school. I pray that all your plans for this year will be pleasant to you. I pray that you will enjoy learning new things every day. I pray that God


  1. May the New Month bring you new opportunities for love, wealth and success. #september


  1. You are my strength, You are my purpose. You are my richest blessing. Happy month!


  1. Dear God, this month is good. Bless me with love and wisdom, health and strength to handle all kinds of challenges at work.


  1. We’re more than halfway through this month, which means it’s time to turn your worries into prayers. Remember that God is always with you at every corner of the year.


  1. May the month of May be filled with new opportunities 🙏🏻 for you and all other mothers😍✨


  1. My God, thank you for this month.


  1. Let this month be better than the last. And next. And on and on and on and on ❤️


  1. Happy November—the month of gratitude and breaking fasts 🙏🏼


  1. My prayer is that you guys can be a blessing to somebody else. That somebody else will be a blessing to you.


  1. Be my inspiration to be better, do better , live better.


  1. Monthly prayer message to the lover in every month Happy New Month


  1. 🌙 prayed for you to be blessed with the favor of the new month! ✨


  1. A new month is a new start, so I pray you will have comfort, be happy and healthy. Happy new month @theyouthbloggers


  1. Be so busy loving yourself,there’s no time left to hate someone else. On this new month my prayer for you is to be filled with love and it will spill over for others around you.


  1. May we all be kind, compassionate and generous to each other. May we give thanks for the new month and its opportunities.


  1. Hello lovers, I say this prayer for you that God may bless you with favour because of your love.I pray that He gives you strength to carry our burdens because of your love


  1. I wish you a month full of good health and jovial spirits in 2016. 2. May all your dreams come true this year. 3. May the New Year be the beginning of a new chapter for you, 4. I hope


  1. May ALL your dreams come true this month, with tons of love and light.


  1. May God bless your days and beautiful your living.


  1. There is a reason that each month has been given a name. A reason for the hopes and dreams we have come with as we turn another page on our calendars…


  1. There is no love like the first love; and there is no faith like the first faith.


  1. May all your financial dreams come true.


  1. Give me the strength to change the things I can…give me the courage to accept the things I can’t…and above all…Please…give me the wisdom to know one from the other.


  1. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and rains fall soft upon your fields and, until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.


  1. Today


  1. Loving you was my new month’s prayer. Every tear I shed, every disappointment I felt—I saw each as a step leading me to you. And now, here we are.


  1. Oh thank you Lord for a wonderful new month. Thank you for blessing me with your love every day of the year. I pray that, I will show my gratitude to you by being kind and compassionate to those around me. Oh Lord, please bless


  1. Bless me with your warm sunrise. Bless me with your sweet smile. Bless me with a new month .


  1. May you embrace each day with hope, faith, and confidence. Happy New Month! 😊


  1. May your month be filled with wonder, happiness, and love!


  1. Another month gone and I want to thank God for this lovely month of October.


  1. May you have the power to see beauty in everything. 🌿 May beauty surround you with its voice. 🌿 May you remain gentle no matter what happens. 🌿 Have this power for all times.


  1. hope you all had a good month, drop your thoughts in the comments below 👇🏾👇🏾


  1. Hello September 😍 #HelloSeptember 👋


  1. May all your fears be erased by May Dawns. You will never know what you can do unless you try. Dig deep. It’s just the beginning. So let’s get to work on some


  1. family time


  1. God, give me the strength to carry out Your will, not mine.


  1. There’s something about the months of September and October—the sky is bluer, the scenery looks more golden, and I seem to appreciate everything more than usual. 🍂💜


  1. With God, all things are possible.


  1. Let this month be a time of joy and happiness. Bless me with love and prosperity and give me strength to face all the challenges of life.


  1. Each month brings new hope, new dreams, and another chance to make our best selves. Happy New Month, everyone! Let’s get moving towards greatness, together.


  1. May this be your best month yet. May you discover new places, people, states of mind, feelings, foods, coffee, drinks, art forms. Lots of love.


  1. I pray that I’ll keep loving you more, day by day!😊


  1. Remember I am always with you even in your darkest days. Always remember our memories together. Love, God.


  1. May your heart overflow with joy as you share it with others. Have a blessed month ahead full of bounty. 💖🙏


  1. Pictures do say a thousand words. But when you need to really convey what you want and wish, turn to these inspirational and worship captions from our collection of images that capture spiritual inspiration.”


  1. Let’s start this November on a high note! Celebrate #Thanksgiving with family, friends and good food. Not to mention we’re getting us some Black Friday deals. To another great month ahead, go get ‘em, tiger


  1. May all of your desires come to fruition this November 🙏📡☀


  1. I know you may think I’m late to the party but… It’s time.


  1. Making your #goals happen all month long…


  1. Took me so long to find you.


  1. May your mind be clear and bright . May you be happy. May the emptiness of your heart be filled with joy . #newmonth #prayer


  1. Be still and know that I am God. It’s a new month, a new adventure. #ThanksGod


  1. I like to start my new month with a clean slate and I’ll help you do the same. May you find contentment and purpose, adventure and intrigue, all good things 🖤 #newmonth #goodvibesonly


  1. Let’s make this new month one for the books. ✔️‼️


  1. May this month be the best one yet, and may we learn and grow from each other and every experience. I love you ❤️


  1. May this month be full of joy, love and laughter like never before.


  1. 🌏 Is full of endless possibilities, promise, hope for me and you. So don’t forget to count your blessings 🙏


  1. Prayer is the best way to let God know what we need and want. It’s a direct line of communication connecting us to The Almighty.


  1. May God continue to shine His love and faithfulness in your life🙏 #biblereflections


  1. I hope the next month sets a new direction for you, one filled with adventure and excitement.


  1. Prayer is better than sleep.


  1. 🙏🌝


  1. “Let my soul live in sync with Your Holy Spirit that I may know the things that are pleasing to You.” JUN-4


  1. I will not fear the reaper, because he takes and he gives back 💀________________


  1. “I believe the first step toward success is determining your purpose.” -Earl Nightingale #inspirationmonday


  1. May the new month be as good as you are.


  1. 💏Prayer is a conversation with God about what’s going on in our hearts and minds. It allows us to seek Him when we’re anxious, nervous, or afraid. It gives us the courage to speak things into existence


  1. Good morning Hope your day be Blessed and begin with Hope and full of Blessings and much love from God.


  1. May your heart feel the warmth of the love in this world and in this moment. May you feel our hearts beating in rhythm together and find peace in that moment of serenity and stillness.


  1. May you have a good month, a better month and a fabulous month.


  1. The first 30 days of the New Year will create the first 1,000 days


  1. Dear May, please be a good friend.


  1. April showers bring May flowers 🌿


  1. Mudanças estão vindo à sua direção .Não altere seus planos baseado nos planos dos outros. Apenas persiste com os planos que você tem e certamente


  1. “May the lord *prayer name* keep you in eternal peace, and may he keep your mind strong and steadfast.” Romans 15:5


  1. The most wonderful sight in this world is the sight of you with all your arms around me.


  1. The days are getting longer, warmer ☀🌞 “You can feel the vibration of spring” 🍃


  1. Hey there, old friend.


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