230+ Best Pick Up Lines to Make Him Blush Filipino Captions

Pick Up Lines To Make Him Blush: The best pick-up lines for flirting with guys & girls in filipino. These unique and fun Filipino pick-up lines are sure to get you the girl!


Find out what to say to your crush in this fun and easy guide to flirting in Filipino. Pick up lines are essential to any successful relationship. These sayings tell the other person how you feel, whether it be love or lust!


“If your tongue is cold, then get a better coat” – Funny pick up line for flirting with girls in Filipino


If you want to try the best pick up lines for flirting with guys and girls, then this guide is what you are looking for. We help you to practice these lines on girls and guys.


Pick Up Lines To Make Him Blush


There’s a reason why Filipinos are the masters of pick-up lines. #FilipinoStyle


Are you ready for a flirting session? Our pick-up lines are the hottest Filipino flirting phrases that can get you the girl of your dreams.


Gaining popularity among the Filipinos, our newest pick up line is “ma’am, can I please have your number?”


The best pick up lines for flirting with your crush 💕


A guy can’t get over a gal if she or he don’t know how to tell him either, so we present you with the best pick-up lines for guys and girls!


Put your best moves on display with this video—and follow us for more great Filipino content. 😎


The best pick up lines are the ones that can be used at any time.


Tell me, do you want to go out on a date tonight? I know the perfect place!


Tell me your name, and I’ll tell you what to do.


Let’s be friends. Your smile is like the sunrise on a beautiful summer day.


You look like a Hottie.


Pick Up Lines For Flirting With Guys & Girls In Filipino


Don’t like to think? Don’t talk. Talk faster. Talk slower. Talk louder. Talk softer. Talk fast or slow.


Tell me the story of how you found me.


Follow your heart and make it sing.


Let’s chat about something.


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For a Filipino guy, it’s best to use this line when flirting with girls: “T’ingay, pare” #FilipinoFlirt


If you were a girl, what kind of pick up line would you use?


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I have a crush on you. You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.


In Filipinos, there are no “bad pick-ups.” We simply don’t use them.”


Pick up lines for flirting


Could you be more Filipino? 😎


The hard part about flirting is that it’s not always about the words. It’s about what you’re not saying.


Don’t be shy, get out there and fling yourself around! 😎


Don’t let your thoughts get the better of you–you’ve got to say it with confidence.


Life is better when you’re told to get lost.


Let’s get this party started.


When was the last time you went on a date?


You’re a strange, but I like it. 😉


how you doin’?


If I were a girl and you were a guy, you would be the one to bring me flowers. 😎


Hit me up if you’re ready to take your love life to the next level.


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Pick Up Lines for Boyfriend Over Text


The #1 pick up line that works on everyone.


The words you say will make him fall in love with you.


If you have a crush on me, I’d like to put a ring on it.


If you want to be my lover, then come here and take me.


Do you want to make me fall in love with you? 💕


When you’re with someone, do they prefer to be on their own or with someone else? 😉


Hey babe, you’re like a night sky full of stars 🌌


This girl is in trouble. I’m already too late, but it’s ok because I’ll be here all night.


Sashay away with a little swag, sashay away with a little snap, isn’t it nice to know you can reach for the stars?


You’re so cute when you blush.


I’ve been watching you from across the room 💆‍♀️😍


Hi. Your eyes are like an ocean, so blue.


“Ako na ang pinaka-eligible pang bagong manliligaw sa Filipino dating scene.”


Pick Up Lines To Make Him Blush


Pinoy guys, this is your time to shine. Show the world what you got!


When you’re flirting with a guy, you should say this out loud. 😉


Don’t be shy and try to call out your crush.


“Hey baby, I only want you. I want to be with you. Will you marry me?”


The best way to get a man’s attention is to ask him to open up a bottle of beer for you.


If you’re not flirting, you’re missing out.


You’re a beautiful woman, but I like what you’re cooking.


You’re the kind of woman I need in my life.


a-a-a-ah! I’m finding myself in a pickle over here.


I don’t know if you’re a prince or a pauper, but I’m going to take you as my knight.


Hey, want to come up and meet me?


Just ask me and I will give it to you.


If you want to be in my life, it’s gonna be for a long time.


Pick up lines for girls


Dude. I’m going to say this again in case you didn’t hear me the first time: You are my pita bread.


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If you’re a girl and you want to get in the mood for flirting with guys, say this to a guy: “Wag ka na po kang laman.” If you’re a guy, say it to a girl: “Bumili ka nang tanong.”


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You see me, You think I’m crazy. I see you, You think I’m cool. Let’s flirt like crazy!


There are many ways to impress your crush, but the best way is just to be yourself


You can be my date or I can be your date. Either way, we’re gonna have a blast. 😎


All the boys are going to be in love with you when they see you in that dress 😍💃


Be bold and try new things. Don’t be afraid to go out with someone new. There is no wrong way to flirt—as long as it’s natural, effortless and makes you laugh 💁🏻‍♀️👯‍♂️


Smooth Pick Up Lines For Him


Don’t be afraid to talk to strangers.


Let’s be real, we don’t always get along. But if you’re really looking for a guy, it’s probably because he has all of these qualities in common with me 😉😘


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You’re the one I’ve been waiting for.


I’m feeling flirty 😘


You know the saying, “When the pupil is bigger than the teacher?” Well, I’m definitely the biggest—”Yes please! I’d love to learn more about you.”


I thought you were someone else.


Flirt with your crush in Filipino.


The Filipino way of flirting is so subtle, it’s almost non-existent. But when you know what to look for, it can be a lot of fun.


Tag a friend who’s into flirting, ‘cause we all need a little help with our lines 💕


Hey, you’re beautiful. Are you single? Hey, I’m really into Asian women.


If you’re looking for a pick-up line, there’s always: “T¡nāl” or “You look like a good 10-year-old.”


You’re so cute, I can’t help but flirt with you.


Pick Up Lines For Flirting With Guys In Hindi


There’s something about a guy that can make you feel like a woman.


The secret to flirting with ANYONE: You can’t do it—you have to be that person.


It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it 😉


♥ for a date night in the city.


“Is that your lunch or a new haircut?”


Hit ’em with your best shot 🤓💃


It’s a deal-breaker when you’re not interested. 🤢


Get ready to get busy, baby.


What’s your game?


Fil-ipino pick up lines are spoken with confidence, wit and charm. They’re designed to get you noticed and give you a chance to feel confident when talking to people of the opposite sex. They can be used in any situation: at the mall, on the bus, or at a dinner party.


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If you’re looking for the perfect pick-up line, it’s got to be…the right number.


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Hi, my name is ______ and I’m available for a date! 🏡 💗


Funny Pick Up Lines For Flirting


Your looks are so enchanting. I feel like my eyes are hypnotized by your beauty.


Flirting is overrated. Wanna know what’s really hot? The guy who makes you feel like his secret crush. Enjoy your weekend!


I’m only here to make you laugh, smile and feel alive.


Got a crush on you!


Can you do the twist? No? Hey, why don’t you give it a try?


What’s your name? 😎


Let’s talk about you. What are you thinking?


Hello ✋️💕🍑


If you’re not with me, then you wouldn’t understand.


Start your day off with a bang with these flirty pick-up lines for him and her.


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The best pick up line is ‘I just met you, can I have your number?’


“Kailangang magtiwala ako sa iyo, kahit paano.”💕


I know you think your cute, but I’m prettier than you. ☺


How To Flirt Back To A Pick Up Line


I’ve been looking for a guy like you. 🔥🌸


Be bold, be brave. Be a flirt


I’m a word junkie. When it comes to getting to know you, I don’t discriminate.


If you don’t have a story to tell, tell me a story about your life. If you don’t have a story about your life, tell me a story about your wife.


It’s okay to be bad, it’s okay to be good, it’s okay to be single—just don’t forget to have fun!


You’re the one I’ve been looking for.


I can’t wait to take you to the moon & back, but first I gotta find a way to get that airplane ticket.


What up, hot stuff.


Bring out your wild side.


What’s your favorite thing to do after a long day?🍃

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