Best & Loveable 150+ Prayer for Protection of Loved Ones

Prayer For Protection Of Loved Ones: This is a beautiful, secure and secure prayer to use when you need special protection for your loved ones. There are some people who believe that if you repeat something long enough, you will come to believe it is so, and I will etch permanently the words of this prayer on your mind.


Your loved ones are in God’s care, my prayer is that they may enjoy the gift of living in His constant protection, shielding them from all dangers, needs or sorrows. God give me strength to face today’s challenges with courage and good will.


Our prayer for protection spell is designed to offer spiritual protections for your entire family within 24 hours. The spell includes Christian prayers, Native American chants, Chinese mantras, and spells to cleanse the body spiritually. Sometimes, even the healthiest diet or daily workout can’t keep up with day-to-day stress. That’s where our spell comes in.


Let your loved ones know in no uncertain terms that you want them in Heaven and for them to please, in the name of God and in accordance with God’s will, go there.


A beautifully illustrated prayer book for children. With themes of love and protection, we pray; we pray our family will be kept safe and happy.


Prayer For Protection Of Loved Ones


  1. May this image of a beautiful sunset remind you to always say a prayer to protect those who mean the most to you.


  1. + Oh Lord, please bless and protect my friends and family – they mean the world to me and I love them so much.


  1. let the light of your love shine down upon all who need protection and keep them, comfort them, protect them. amen.


  1. We’re in this together. Keep my loved ones safe. 🙏🧡


  1. May angels watch over you, wherever you are.”


  1. I pray for my little family with all my heart.


  1. Please keep my friends and family safe during the hurricane. I love them.


  1. Prayers for the ones who need it most.


  1. Lord, thank you for watching over me all of the time. 🙏


  1. Be watched over by the angels on this day, and always.


  1. With you beside me, I can run through the desert and never worry for my life.


  1. May the Spirit of the Living Beings be with you now and forever. Blessed Be. 🙏🏻


  1. God, please guide me through this day and always guide my thoughts to only the best👶🏽💋s


  1. Fight the good fight, do the right thing, and finish strong—spiritually and physically. 💪🏻✝️


  1. In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. So for this month of October, we wish you and your family a blessed and spook-free Halloween and a happy and prosperous November and beyond.


  1. Lord, please be with my loved ones the next 7 days and protect them from harm. I pray that everything will go well for them. In Jesus’ Name.


  1. One prayer, for peace in the world. One wish, for the safety of all our loved ones.


  1. Protect us from the intentions of Evil. Help us to be the instruments of your light and love. In Jesus’ name amen.


  1. I have an undeniable faith that God will protect you during your travels. May the Lord bless you 🙏


  1. May the Lord watch over your coming and going now and always. PS/ We’ve got you covered. 😎


  1. I never pray for myself✋🏼I always pray for someone else. I guess that’s just how it works.🙏🏼 #prayers✨


  1. God, protect us against the temptations of self-destruction…


  1. May you always be in my heart … may I always be in yours. ☺️


  1. Join us as we unite as a community to fervently pray for our city’s safety after the tragic Las Vegas shooting.


  1. The world is still land 🌍. I promise you, darling, I will protect you. And I’ll stay here If the world falls down around you.


  1. May your light shine bright, and may you conquer all obstacles that stand in the way of your goals. #blessed 🔥 “


  1. Our hearts are with the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Team Wish is praying for all impacted by this devastating weather.


  1. Our hearts go out to the victims and their loved ones in today’s #shooting in #Houston. ____


  1. Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. -Psalms 119:105


  1. I will not fear.


  1. May the angels protect those we love and may God envelop us all with his love. Amen.


  1. We are ever praying for your safety, health and happiness. Pray for us as we pray for you.


  1. Trying to convince the baby animals in our care, and ourselves, that we’re not about to get clawed up and eaten. I’m praying for protection.


  1. I have been saved by the blood of the Lord so my soul is resting in peace, I am fearless from now on even if people threaten me. #godwillprovide


  1. We hold onto the ones we love by the ones who love us in return. 😘🥕


  1. May God Bless you, may God bless me, may God bless every one of us.


  1. Be still, my heart 💛 pray for the world 🌎 – Rumi #quotes


  1. No weapon formed against us shall prosper–that is the promise of this captivating necklace.


  1. May we all live in a world that is SAFE and STRONG and FREE, and may we all stand up for justice, equality and compassion.


  1. Be with us as we travel the world, bringing stories and joy to those far from home . 🌏


  1. Blessed be.


  1. I believe in divine providence.


  1. Each day, we make choices to either build ourselves up or tear ourselves down. Focus on your #strengths and let that be your motivation along the way.


  1. May all of you be protected with His love and grace -Psalms 34:7 <3


  1. May your Hands always protect me, No matter where I may go.


  1. May the angels protect us from the evils of the world. Amen.


  1. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be praying for you…


  1. I thank God for all the ways he protects us from any harm, both visible and invisible


  1. Wish I could tell you that there is no cause for concern, but I can hunch my shoulders and lower my eyes like an old woman and ask the gods to protect all of you.


  1. May protection be granted to people who need it, courage to those who may not, and so much love to all. 😙🌎


  1. May God bless you with strength and clarity of mind to keep you safe and calm during this time of uncertainty.


  1. May our Lord watch over you and keep you in His care. Amen. #happymothersday2017


  1. Be the light that shines in the darkness of this world.


  1. “Pray without ceasing” is the advice given by the Apostle Paul.  This scripture reminds us that we can always turn to God in our joys, our sorrows, and even in our daily routines.  P


  1. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.


  1. No one is in charge of your happiness except you. Believe in yourself and love will find you.#sunnies #mondaymotivation #sunglasses


  1. Allah (SWT) in times like this we pray and ask you to prohibit potential harm and ease the hardest of burdens.  Allah please fill us with patience, equip us with strength and give us solace during this difficult time. May Allah


  1. I pray that you will protect my loved ones and I from any harm, and may Heavenly Father guide us in our decisions and be with us at all times.


  1. May the angels watch over your loved ones, wherever they may be.”


  1. May My Beloved have all the protection, guidance, love & Light from The Most High. 🙏👠


  1. I believe in the power of love and prayer and will lift up this thought to my God, that all hatreds and evil may be pushed aside for good to prevail. (when you see this post)


  1. Prayer can make us feel like everything is okay.


  1. God, please watch over me and my family today—and always. Thank you. Amen. 🙏


  1. My safety net is in Your hand. My shield is faith in You.


  1. May God protect and keep you, wherever your travels may take you. 🙏 #keepinmythoughts


  1. I promise to be as brave as you when I walk out the door every day. Will you pray for me?


  1. I just pray that you’ll be safe 🙏


  1. Holy Spirit, protect us in our hearts today.


  1. Where words fail, I hope my genuine feelings of love can speak loud enough for both of us.


  1. No one is ever alone.


  1. Blessed are the children of untouchable mothers. “Sisterhood” by Audre Lorde


  1. Alhumdullilah for my favorite people.


  1. Watch over them [loved ones] and shield them [loved ones] with Your love, wisdom, and strength.


  1. Say a prayer of protection for the person wearing this stunning necklace. 👜🕉


  1. We pray for our family and friends that they will be kept safe during this hurricane.


prayer for protection from sickness


  1. Be my shield, God #prayer #shomer #prayers #israel


  1. Please protect me


  1. May God’s love envelop you and shelter your soul. ❤️


  1. May god bless and protect us all. -Tanzania


  1. +++prayers for our beautiful friend and her husband in labor and  prayers for their little one👶🏼🙏🏻


  1. May the sun protect you and keep you warm. May light guide your way and keep you safe. May the wind be at your back and keep you strong.


  1. we are a little afraid of the dark, a lot scared to sleep. please keep us safe from nightmares and bad dreams tonight.


  1. Should I ask the sun to shine or should I get off my knees?


  1. Blessed be the space between two people.


  1. To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the Sun. A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.


  1. 🙏🏼



  1. May You hedge me in with Your protection and love.


  1. God bless and protect all our loved ones. Hope you and your family and friends enjoy this Thanksgiving and we’re grateful for the time we have here on earth. 💙❤


  1. May your home be free from all harm. May you taste only goodness and reap only good fortune throughout the coming year. Happy New Year!


  1. Thank you for this awesome day and loving family. Please keep them all safe.


  1. May God guard your thoughts and make you think only good, happy thoughts.” (Psalm 143:3)


  1. May God surround us with your peace, love, and security today. Have a blessed day. 🙏🏻


  1. Lord, bless this home and all who live here. May their joys be many with peace, love, and happiness. God is our refuge and strength always. Amen


  1. __Blessing for the week ahead –may we be protected, may we be guided, may we find our greatness, may our burdens be lifted off🙏 ⛪ 🌈


  1. May the Lord watch between you and me while we are absent from each other.


  1. May God hold them in the palm of his hand 🙏


  1. People say that behind every great man is a great woman. If that’s true, then I’m very grateful for my wife, Ann, who is the best person I know. And I love her with all my heart. If you’re a parent


  1. Ave Maria, gratia plena… Pray for us sinners now, and in the hour of our death. Amen. #godsdaughter


  1. We may not know what tomorrow holds, but we can rest in the assurance that God is with us through every season of life.


  1. There is no fortress so strong as family.


  1. 🙏🏽


  1. I pray that you will guard my loved ones and their homes, protect them from all harm, and bring safety to them.


  1. I pray for my loved ones, not only for their safety but also their spiritual protection. Safety is important, of course, but ultimately more important is turning to God in times of trouble. Guide them Lord, send angels to protect them. Let your


  1. I trust that you watch over my family when I can’t be there myself.


  1. For those we hold dear, we pray for protection and comfort during #HurricaneHarvey.


  1. May you be protected from all that is evil and may God constantly watch over you #Blessings


  1. Behind you. Before you. Above you. Beside you. Over you. Always with you. In all that you do, we are beside you as a part of your family and community to protect and serve as Saint Paul says in The Book of


  1. May the Lord be your protection and may He guard you from all evil. Psalm 121:7


  1. To keep you safe on land, at sea, in the sky. I pray your day starts out right. ❤️


  1. May this season protect us from the cold, the dark, the fear, and the unknown. And may it bring us together to nourish our hope, warm our beds, and celebrate once more.


  1. May you be blessed in all that you do, in every way you choose to go.


  1. Nothing is more important than family—let us never lose sight of how lucky we are to have each other. 💗


  1. Peace be with you.


  1. That we could all open our eyes and hearts to each other and see the importance in treating everyone with respect and kindness.


  1. You’re never walk alone


  1. Alhamdulillah, we made it through another week. We may not have strength to sustain but we can always rely on Allah. With Him, anything is possible.


  1. May You protect my loved ones & I from all dangers, harm, & violence.


  1. Lord, let angels watch over those I love. Keep them safe from harm.


  1. We love you and we pray for your safety.”


  1. I can’t love you more than God loves you. I can’t protect you any better than He does. _ _ _ _ _ _


  1. Dear Lord, thank you for the strength to overcome. Please watch over and protect those I love so deeply, through all trials and obstacles.” God, please give me strength to overcome the challenges I’m facing.


  1. Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, if I should die before I wake, then oh Lord, please don’t take my phone.


  1. My heart is filled with gratitude as I embrace the full moon and send out this prayer for those who need it.


  1. I pray for the strength to carry on.


  1. Blessed be to you, you are the warrior.


  1. I will set before my eyes no vile thing. Psalm 101:3


  1. No matter where you are God is always with you.


  1. May your journey be blessed with grace and strength to see you through. 🙏🏾


  1. Bless them with strength and wisdom through the storm.


  1. God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, courage to change the things we can, and wisdom to know the difference. 🙏


  1. May these four be with you today. May the Force be with you always. May the Force be with us all.


  1. May God protect you and your family today and always


  1. God, protect those who are always there for us. Give them peace and courage to do their best no matter what. We will be eternally grateful, In Jesus name AMEN


  1. Keep us from harm, from ourselves and from others. Lead us to help others with the strength you provide in abundance.


  1. We send you praises and adoration, God. Thank you for keeping our loved ones safe this holiday season. We give you all the praise and honor, O Lord! ❤️🙏


  1. May you be protected from all harm and evil So that you may see a good new world.


  1. may God surround you with His love and shield you from harm in the coming year. #blessed


  1. May God bless you and keep you in His love. Protect us from all evil and bring us to everlasting life, Amen.


prayers for protection from illness


  1. God bless our troops, especially those who are putting their lives on the line right now. Our family is so grateful for the sacrifices they make to keep America safe. We pray for your protection and safety as you do your job… Thank you very much


  1. ..may the wings of a dove surround you..


  1. “Even if I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.” Psalm 23:4 ESV


  1. In times of trouble, bless the people who surround me with a force field of divine grace.


  1. For a safe and happy holiday


  1. Let Thy will be done. Amen.


  1. Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom always to tell the difference.


  1. #happysunday


  1. I pray to you Lord; keep me safe and my family…


  1. May angels watch over your family and friends. Bless them and keep safe. #prayers 🙏👼


  1. God, please surround me with your angels. And protect me from the devil.


  1. God, may Your arms protect us from all harm, and may the protection of the angels be upon us. 🙏


  1. Lord, guide our paths and protect us from all evil. Shield us with your love and mercy in Jesus name we pray, amen. 🙏🏻


  1. May the angels watch over you and God’s love shine upon you everyday. (It can be adapted. It is associated with an artist, but was meant to be used by anyone.)


  1. My prayer is that you may not be attacked by the evil one.


  1. May God bless us all with protection from the sorties of the adversary.


  1. The Arms of God are Strong and Capable. His Love has no limits. We turn to him in times of trouble and rejoice in him always. Let’s pray: Our Father, who art in heaven,     Hallowed be


  1. Pray for peace. As above, so below.


  1. Thank you for keeping my family safe in this hurricane 🌬


  1. May the Lord keep you in heavenly


  1. Don’t be afraid in the morning; the Lord will be your helper in your life—Psalm 20:7.


  1. May God bless us with self-confidence to take chances, courage to face our fears, and wisdom to know the difference.


  1. May angels guard you and God’s love guide you through the night.


  1. May the angels keep you in their watchful care. Always. 🙏


  1. Lord, protect our son as he travels this week.


  1. The Lord watches over you. And the Lord is your guardian. The Lord is your protector.


  1. Pray that Lord your family be always with you in all your ways


  1. God protect us from the effects of possible disaster , may our prayer be answered soon. Amen.


  1. May the love of God shower upon you this day and always.


  1. May the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you, #blessing you with good #health and #peace.


  1. Thank you for the faith, courage, and strength to protect what def def worth fighting for. I see your ways! I have faith in you! 😇


  1. May our Lord bless you with fortitude and perseverance for this new season ahead.


  1. Send us your prayers for Texas and Oklahoma friends. 🙏


  1. I’m ready, God.


  1. God give me strength to endure this trial.


  1. Sometimes you have to go through life alone, but at the end of it, if there is someone beside you then everything is worth it.


  1. I ask that you wrap your loving arms around my family and friends. Protect them from any danger. And as they sleep soundly tonight, make them feel safe and secure.


  1. May your most treasured relationships bring you peace.


  1. God, please be with my family at this difficult time.


  1. God, please give us the strength we need to help those we love. Give them the patience and passion and perseverance and courage and positivity they need to survive and thrive.


  1. #Moms prayer for her children…


  1. Light a candle, find peace of mind. Let faith be your guide.


  1. Bless me with the strength to continue on this path, and for a safe journey.


  1. Sending prayers to the east coast because hurricane Florence is looking really bad… 😰


  1. Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.


  1. Guide us through the rough patches to keep our hearts close-knit. 🙏🏻


  1. May all beings be well and happy and may we strive to be like them. 🙏😇


  1. There is no place like home. 💙 — Francesca Conforti (@Francesa_Con) January 15, 2017


  1. BRAVA #LouderThanWords provides comfort to children separated from their families. Help these children seek admission to the U.S.


  1. Be relentless as you confront the forces of evil.


  1. 🙏🏾 #ItsNeverTooLate


  1. Please God, keep those we love safe from harm today. All is well.


  1. Blessed are those who are being protected.


  1. Will you please wrap your cloak of protection around those who are hurting–those who have been hurt by the actions of others. The victim and all involved. Please continue to heal their hearts and minds and give them strength and guidance as they face this new


  1. Lord, there’s power in Your Name. Make a hedge of protection around us. Thank You for leading and guiding us today 🙏🏾


  1. we know you make a way for all your promises to come true.. In Jesus name we pray


  1. Lord, thank you for the many ways you watch over and care for us. May we all live out your command to love one another as we would want to be loved…     – 1.Timothy


  1. God watch over us and bless us all for we pray in Jesus name, amen.


  1. We believe that ‘power of prayer’ is real, which is why we’re always providing opportunities for our Islamic brothers and sisters to come together and pray for blessings 🙏


  1. Trust that there is ALWAYS goodness coming your way, regardless of the circumstance. Have Faith.


  1. Please be with all of those affected by Hurricane Irma.🙏❤️ Godspeed to the rescue teams, cleaning crews and all who are helping in any way.†† May all find comfort in this time of disaster.


  1. May ye be safe from all those things which lurk in the dark.


  1. God please be with those who have been affected by the hurricane, and bless our first responders. Give everyone peace as they rebuild their lives.


  1. Let us hold hands and stand up against an evil that does not rest or sleep and keeps on walking and walking and walking toward the destruction of our beloved country.


  1. People are so afraid of the dark. It’s not dark when you hold my hand. 💛👭


  1. 👊🏻


  1. We are here to protect your home, business or pets. Call us today for a house blessing.


  1. Blessed be the warriors who fight for us. May their strength protect our loved ones. 😀


  1. May God keep the people you love safe every step of their journey through life. Amen.


  1. We pray that you will surround us with your blessings and keep us safe from every danger. Amen. #prayforme


  1. We are praying for your family during this time. May all of you be kept safe…


  1. May the Lord’s protection be upon you all. 💜


  • Lord, please watch over all who travel this day and night. Protect each person from accidents, harm, and danger. May the sun shine upon them with gentle warmth. Amen.


  1. Lord, cover us with your wings, for we trust in You. Psalm 91:4


  1. I will trust in the Lord, saying. “He is my refuge and my fortress; my God, in whom I trust.” Psalm 91


  1. Many thanks to you Lord, for all your blessings.


  1. May the stars carry your sadness away.


  1. Sending positive vibes to my family, friends and followers in light of today’s events. 🤞🏽


  1. With God all things are possible. Psalm 46:10


  1. May everyone’s dreams become a reality. 💫


  1. And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.


  1. May this coming week be filled with blessings and successes for you both. This is a prayer for protection for my loved ones, expecting the best but expecting the unexpected too.


  1. Lord, keep our loved ones safe in your hands. Allow them to be at peace and free from worry, knowing that they are protected under your wings.


  1. Lord, place your angels around my children and give them the power to see you. Allow them to feel your presence in their lives. Help them to make good decisions. Lord, protect my family and all the children in the world that are lost or


  1. May the shelter of God’s protection keep you.


  1. Watch over your loved ones this holiday season.


  1. I’m here with you Lord, guard my family while they sleep. You are the ruler of kings and Lord of all that is good.


  1. May the angels keep watch over you. I’m keeping mine over you too. 😘 #huglife


  1. May good night protect you from everything that makes day seem long. 🌙🍂


  1. May the power of your spirit protect us from what we can’t control and comfort us with presence in what we can. 🙏


  1. May the Lord keep watch between me and thee while we both live.


  1. We pray for you. We choose Love.


  1. Father, today we lift up all those whose lives are in danger. Keep them safe. Bless them with courage and strength to endure whatever is ahead. Protect them from all harm.


  1. I got your back. Keep shining for The Lord.


  1. safety in training under the sun, please give our soldiers strength to be their best. Amén 🙏☀️


  1. Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change…The courage to change the things I can…And the wisdom to know the difference.


  1. I pray for protection of my friends and family.


  1. Dear God, please protect my daughter as she travels across the country. And keep her spirit soaring high above the rest. #1


  1. God, protect and watch over my friend and her newborn baby.


  1. May the angels guard my brother A.S. your whole life long. He deserves it. O Lord you are merciful, show me how to help others in different circumstances, help me see the everything everything that’s in front of me at all


  1. Prayer is the best way for me to be in touch with my emotions. When I pray, it gives me time to pause and reflect about myself, my family, my loved ones—everything.


  1. And now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, if I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take. #‎prayers


  1. I pray the light of your love gives strength to those who grieve and heals those who hurt. 🙏 #godislove


  1. May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may your faith walk along with Him. May He protect you from all evil. Amen.


  1. May the Lord guard your going out and your coming in now and forever more. Amen.‖


  1. Blessed to be surrounded by those who love me…those I walk with and those who walk with me. Always. 💜


  1. I had to write a prayer for myself. I wasn’t really sure where to write it, so here it is! 🙏🏽


  1. I love you to the moon and back, forever and ever. 🌙


  1. May you be blessed with God’s grace. 🙏


  1. We hope you’re enjoying this beautiful fall day and that you’re surrounded by those who matter most.


  1. May Allah put a barakah in all our plans and activities, amen.


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