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Summer Friendship Quotes: No matter how beautiful the weather is, sometimes a little extra inspiration is needed. We’ve designed Summer Captions to perfectly capture that summer feeling from sunrise to sunset, from seaside to mountain vista.


Summertime is our favorite time of year – the sunshine is here, the days are warm and your calendar is free! Summertime Captions is packed with fun captions for all of your summertime photos. Whether you are hanging out at the beach, spending time by the pool, or heading off to a summer camp, this mini collection will help you add some extra fun to your photos.


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Our Summer Caption is a playfully-designed cap with a curved bill and an adjustable strap in the back to help it fit well on anyone’s head. We’ve added some special details, like hand-drawn logos on the bill, which means it will be hard to find another hat like this one.


Summer Friendship Quotes
Summer Friendship Quotes

Summer Friendship Quotes


  • Summer is cool. 😎


  • Get fresh at the beach with these refreshing looks that are easy to put together and made with our summer-friendly produce 🥗 😎.


  • The best things are happening to you this summer.


  • Don’t wait to start your summer adventures. Experience them everyday with our refreshing and crunchy salads and wraps! 🥗 #GetFresh


  • To the beach! And maybe to your first summer internship…😎


  • One step closer to warmer weather, cocktails, and ocean 🌊


  • Doing summer day types of things in non-summer day ways. 😎


  • Summer on a plate 🌞👙


  • #BeachBodyOnABudget


  • Life’s a beach. (And then you get eaten by a shark.)


  • Treat yourself to a margarita, some sweet beats, and life under the sun.


  • Beach bodies. 🎉


  • To be young, free and barely broke in the best city ever.


  • A blend of fresh fruit, flowers with lemon verbena – an uplifting scent that reminds us the most magic moments are yet to come.



  • Live it up under the warm summer sun. ☀


  • Capture those summer moments with these effortless desserts that’ll spice up your barbecues.


  • Summertime, and the living is easy.🌞


  • Cool down and stay fresh through the dog days of summer with @iceteas’ new iced teas! 🥤 🎉


  • ‘Tis the season to be (colorful).


  • Say good bye to the teachers and the students go back to school. The summer is over for this year, so grab your friends and grab your jeeps. Have fun at the beach, you will need it after all that hard work in school.


  • So excited about the sunny days ahead. ☀🌞


  • Float by this weekend with these awesome floats & shakes… and enjoy the weather while you’re at it! 😍


  • Fashion isn’t about waiting for the next big thing, it’s about putting new things together in unexpected ways. -Tommy Hilfiger


  • The beach says “come and play” 💅🏻


  • Say it again 💃🏼


  • It’s 4th of July weekend and this calls for a celebration 🎆 Happy Independence Day from the BROUWER family.


  • Glad everyone is having fun. 😎


  • If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.


  • Feet N’ Feathers: The Classic Summer Bird-Watching Equipment.


  • Step away from the screen and enjoy the warm breezes, sunshine and sugarcane of summer, just as we do.


  • Sunflowers. Nudist colonies.


  • Just a girl, standing in front of a beach 🌊 with a piña colada in one hand and nothing to wear.


  • If you can’t spend time in the sun, then come feel the warmth of our little corner of it”


  • Warm summer nights call for long days & even longer conversations. 🌙☀


  • I love the beach and the winter; they’re both my favorites. 💕


  • You made it! It’s officially summer, and we’re celebrating the season with a brand-new lunch box full of healthy snacks to keep you going all day long.


  • Nothing like the OCEAN to get your summer off to a great start!‍


  • Get happy this summer with fresh fruit and vegetables from your local grocer. Live in the good countryside for great food.


  • Time for some poolside shots 👙 😎


  • Nothing like #SundayFunday 😎


  • A beach is a place where you can drink in peace.


  • Let’s get butterfly imaginations on 😍😘


  • 🌴🌞☀️


  • Boulevardier, rye whiskey with vermouth, bitters, and Campari shaken over ice, neat or on the rocks. Sidecar, Cognac or brandy, triple sec (or Cointreau), lemon juice. Negroni,



  • Summer nights are meant for dancing, laughing, swimming, getting tanned, having fun. Nighttime is the right time to make it happen.


  • Summer is here! 🏖🎽🎶 Fun in the sun, short days, long nights & endless possibilities.


  • #Poolside ready #summerstyle


  • Every time is summertime.


  • When summer feels just a little bit too far away, but you can already smell the leaves changing.


  • Beach season’s right around the corner. Talking about it is one thing, but experiencing it? That’s all that matters.


  • Keep your summer sizzling with our crispy revved up salads 👌🥗😎


  • Hang ten, hang one, or hang out. Wrap yourself in an easy way to have a good time—a Sunbrella beach wrap.


  • Nothing takes the edge off summer quite like a cold shower. So grab you phone, grab your friends and hop in for a cold one 🍺 #fridgeformysummer


  • Everything is better by the beach. Come enjoy our tropical cocktails 🍹💦☀️☀️🌴😎


  • Lemonade stands are the cutest when you’re 7, but what about when you’re 77? 🍋 #LoveLife


  • Life in color and and in compassion and revolution. Let’s do this thing 🌈☮️


  • That Monday Monday feeling when it’s already Tuesday. (Thanks, @1theKmusic)


  • All dressed up with nowhere to go, but you’ll probably have a great time.


  • It’s almost that time… are you ready for summer yet? Use hashtag #SummerIsComing to share your summer plans with us!


  • Just when you thought it was safe to go outside again… Summer is back!


  • Summer vibes are perfect for a birthday party, cookout or beach day.  Extra points if you do all three. 😎


  • Sun. Sand. Surf. A day off from work with no plans. A book on the beach as you sip a fruity drink with an umbrella as a stirrer. It doesn’t get better than this. #sum


  • Can’t keep calm, because July is almost here! We’re ready for warmer weather and BBQs with these summer-friendly recipes! 🍗☀️


  • There’s no business like the beach business 🏖


  • Wondering what you should do this weekend? Whatever it is, we hope it ends with a lemonade and beach read on your porch and a sighting of some salty sea creature swimming by your shore. 🌊″


  • It’s the best time to be alive and we’re celebrating it in our newest scent.


  • Life is a beach. Make waves.


  • Hitting the summer trails 🌲 ✔️🌲☀️ #‎gopackgo


  • So today we took all our interns on a field trip to the coolest coffee roaster in town and it was 🔥☕️


  • Driving into the weekend like…


  • Short days, long nights. 🌹


  • Life is this beautiful music you’ll never hear. Love is a place you’ll never visit. Dreams are these weird things you’ll never do.


  • You can’t stop, you won’t stop.


  • We’ve got a feeling summer is here to stay. With its endless warm days and stunning sunsets, we’re celebrating the season (and hopefully the last of those pesky mosquitoes) with this week’s Instagram theme: Summer


  • Let summer be a celebration of your life!


  • Summer kicks off this weekend with a bang—get your plans ready and be loud and proud about them. 🎉


  • Hello summer! 🌞




  • What does summer mean to you? ☀


  • There’s nothing that says summer like a baseball game and a hot dog. Support the home team and get your hands on some peanuts and Cracker Jacks! 🌭😎


  • Countdown to beach season is on! Meantime, we’re just dreaming about these beaches @princess_gold_island 😍🌊



  • Meet you on the *beach.*  ☀🌊


  • Happy Thursday, friends 🙌🏼☀


  • With the longest day of the year just around the corner, we’re feeling optimistic here at HQ. We hope you are too! ✌🏻️


  • Agree to disagree. We’ll be chilling with our dogs and drinking sweet wine all season long. 🍷


  • It’s time to get back to the basics, ditch the beach umbrella and grab your shades for an Island vacation. 🌴🎶


  • Enjoying the long weekend with friends ☀️☕️. Cheers to the sunny days ahead.


  • Pool’s open. 🏊‍♀️


  • Let’s go, summertime. Let’s go, summertime. On my mind is one thing and one thing only: S-U-M-M-E-R!


  • Turn up the summer heat with these super-inviting salads, sandwiches, and chilled treats. 🌞 😎


  • Had the best summer ever ’cause I spent it with you.❤️🏖😘


  • Ooh baby let’s whoop it up in the sticky summer heat. 🍶🐠


  • Happy Summer! The best time of year to sun and grill.


  • Let’s get away with the summer vibes 🌸☀💕👙


  • Celebrate summer like you mean it. Binge on the season with these 10 must-try recipes 👓 .😋


  • Ain’t nothing like a summer weekend to make you feel… #CHILL


  • This summer I’ll be spending more time outdoors ☀🌞 .


  • Let the sun shine on your face🌞


  • That magical place where the ocean and the sky turn into each other. #SunsetBeach 🌅


  • One day, as soon as the summer comes, we’ll start this journey home together.


  • If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing now…☀️🛋


  • Let’s do lunch 🍞


  • Life is too short to be ordinary. Seek the extraordinary in others, and in yourself. Live in color.


  • It’s summer. Let’s have a water fight.


  • Hey y’all, we’re hanging by the pool with these sweet styles and you should too.


  • That carefree feeling of summer… the days are long and sunrises early. Let’s sip a tropical drink at sunset, read a book on our porch, or jump in the lake—by choice, not by chance.


  • It feels like summer today! Come get lemonade, before the 🐤🍋☀🍂 are all gone.


  • This summer has been 🔥🔥🔥 and we’re just getting started.


  • We’re in the mood for a summer vacation right now 🌞 .


Summer Captions


  • JKJKJ🌞⛵️🌬️☀️ (and the pool parties don’t stop ’til Labor Day!)


  • Putting a little sun in your step. 😎


  • Tropical summer vibes 🌴


  • A day at the beach is a perfect day.


  • Life is better with friends. Could this 🍊 be any cuter?☀🍉


  • My summer motto is…


  • Have you ever felt like you’ve hit the Goldilocks zone? This summer is pretty much perfect for me 🌞


  • It’s time to get outside 🌞


  • Heaven is made of light bills and clear days.


  • Happy summer, everyone! Celebrate a season of freedom and fun with this cool caption for your cool photo 😎


  • We’ve been hearing a lot about “The Summer of Sausage”, and we can see why. It’s a time where friends and families get together to barbeque and catch up on all things summer.


  • Summer’s almost over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t savor these last few days of sun. #ThisIsSummer


  • Life in the summer ☀️ is not about how hot it is or how much time you spend at the beach.


  • Sunshine, sandals, music, and summer flings . . . be grateful for the little things 🎶🌴


  • Embrace the chaos and love every moment of it with our awesome summer ranges ⛱


  • Dishing up your favorite summer meals, but what about your favorite summer beers? 🍻


  • You can look at all the pretty pictures we post, but we’re just here to be your go-to source for cool weather fashion.


  • Spring is here and we’re ready to make this summer one for the books 🎣📚☀️


  • Introducing new summer drinks 🍹😋


  • Summer nights and boating and walks and singing and the smell of pine needles.


  • Just when you thought it was too hot to cook🔥 . #bringontheheat


  • Beach days are the reason we live 🏝


  • Ain’t no mountain high enough to stop us now ‘cause summertime is the best time ☀🌞 #sundayvibes


  • #happinessisland


  • Let it be summer.


  • It’s summer. And for the first time in forever, you’re not busy with school. Soak up every last minute of it. 👌


  • The sun will only be out for so long, but Summer will last forever–in our memories 😍


  • Ahhh! First day of summer! Time to pack our bags and head for the beach. 🏖️☀☀


  • It’s almost summer, guys.


  • Come on, let’s go play. Summer. ☀ #LifeIsBetterWithYou


  • Make sure ‘ya have a flip flop ready cuz it’s gonna be a hot hot summer!☀🌞


  • Sunshine, open skies and a day at the beach—doesn’t get any better than that. It’s summer holiday time ☀☀☀


  • Excuse me while I eat all the fresh produce this summer 🍅 ✨



  • This Sunday finds us by the water for a chill afternoon ☀️


  • Having a moment. Hitting refresh.


  • ⛱⛱⛱⛱🌞✌️☀️


  • ¢£¥€†♡¢♫♪♩♥☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☐☂❤❤🤮


  • To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world.


  • ..2…1… #SummerIsReady


  • Good times + good vibes. It’s summer in a photo! 😎🌴


  • Summer is coming… and with it, all the sunshine and warm weather! Spread your 🌞☀️ and stay cool this summer.


  • Catch the last rays of sun with our refreshingly honest summer offer.


  • Summer is the time for blazing heat, leisure, and lots of ice-cream. Enjoy the season 🍦


  • Life is better on the beach ☀️. Couldn’t be more true of <brand>. That’s why we only use the best ingredients and highest concentrations.


  • Make the most of what you have this summer A.K.A. your time is now 👌 🔥


  • Get fresh with these cool summer salads 🥗😎😍


  • ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️#summervibes


  • Feeling the heat 🌡️☀️


  • We’re excited to head back to the beach with our favorite light, breezy layering pieces 🌊🌴👙


  • Anyone else counting down until they can finally eat ice cream again 🍧 🥤


  • Gone are the days of boring chicken and fish, long live the season of snoballs and picnics! 🌴


  • Life is too hard, too unpredictable. If only think could be this simple.


  • You can’t go wrong with an ice cold beer and a good book 😎



  • Summer is a state of mind.


  • Two shades of summer 🌞🌴 When should we meet ?


  • Endless summer feels good, but it’s time to cool down😋


  • If you’re going to do a sports bra, you might as well show a little skin. 😚


  • Things to do this summer ☀❤️🎶


  • Follow us for some poolside inspo on a long summer weekend.


  • Let the good times roll. It’s June!


  • Thank you for spending this summer with us. We hope you had as much fun as we did!


  • It’s always sunny in our hearts.


  • The best thing when you are in a vacation is to have the most amazing time ever!


  • People don’t plan to fall in love; it just kind of happens. Do the same thing with your soft serve and you’ll get a taste of this sweet sensation @jimmy_doyles


  • ☀🌊 A glass is half full of French toast and ice cream cones, and that’s my story.


  • The perfect day starts with a perfect coffee ☕️😴


  • Hitting the road? Find your adventure at discover.chevyridge.com’


  • What’s your summer song? What captures the feeling of summer for you? (and your brand)


  • There’s no better way to beat the summer heat than relaxing by the pool—or in this case, in someone else’s pool✌🏻☀ #adventuresofstyle


  • It’s not always hot in the summer, but when it is, we’ll be there for that sweet ❄️🌞☀


  • 🌴☀☔☕️🍸There’s more good living on the other side of that summer madness. #WeAreLovesome


  • It’s time to eat outside. It’s time for barbecues. It’s time to look fresh in the warmer months. Get ready because summer season will soon be here, and you know it’s going to be awesome. Make the most of


  • There’s no place like this summer beach 🌊☀️✂ “Do What You Feel, Not What You Think”


  • What are you waiting for? It’s never too early to plan the ultimate summer vacay 🌴.


  • The beach, the pool, the waterpark—there’s so much to do before summer ends. Take advantage of every last warm day.


  • It’s getting hot in here–so we’re turning on the AC and switching to iced ☕️🥤


  • (Hashtag) summer goals


  • Happy #nationalicecreamday! We’re thinking: double scoop of our Hops & Honey and a side of @indianajones 1M Likes, 2 Comments.


  • Saying not just the right thing but the fun thing too 🍶💖😎🥂


  • Boldly going where no coffee has gone before—the moon, that is. ―Tagline for limited edition Star Trek™ Voyager™ blend by Seattle’s very own, for fans of all ages– SIP👖ON


  • 😎☀🌞😊🌸☁️


  • The only day of the year I love hearing the ice cream truck play its song.


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Beach with Friends Quotes

1. “Life’s a beach, especially with my amazing friends by my side.”
2. “Sun, sand, and friends make the perfect beach day.”
3. “Beach days are better when spent with friends.”
4. “Friendship and waves, two things that never fade.”
5. “Making memories and waves with my beach crew.”
6. “Friends + Beach = Endless summer vibes.”
7. “Salt in the air, sand in our hair, and friends everywhere.”
8. “Laughing, splashing, and creating beach memories with friends.”
9. “Beach days are the best days, especially with my friends around.”
10. “Friendship is like a beach; it never goes out of style.”

Funny Beach Quotes with Friends

1. “We put the ‘fun’ in funny beach moments.”
2. “My friends and I are certified experts in sun, sand, and silliness.”
3. “We’re beach bums with a side of humor.”
4. “Beach + Friends = Laughter overload.”
5. “Sunshine, friends, and a sprinkle of goofiness.”
6. “We might not be professional swimmers, but we’re pros at having fun!”
7. “Friends who beach together, stay together… and laugh together.”
8. “Beach days are a splash when you’re with the right bunch of clowns.”
9. “Life is better in flip-flops, especially when your friends are wearing them too.”
10. “At the beach, we have a ‘sea’rious talent for making each other laugh.”

Short Beach Captions with Friends

1. “Saltwater therapy with my favorite souls.”
2. “Sun-kissed and beach-blissed with my squad.”
3. “Good times and tan lines with friends.”
4. “Beach vibes and good vibes, all in one place.”
5. “Chasing waves, capturing memories with friends.”
6. “Friendship + Sunsets + Sandcastles = Perfect beach day.”
7. “Breezy days, sandy toes, and dear friends make the perfect combination.”
8. “Sunshine and good company are all I need.”
9. “Beach mode: ON. Friends mode: Forever.”
10. “Creating memories, one wave at a time, with my beach buddies.”

Best Friend Quotes

1. “A best friend is a treasure found in the sands of time.”
2. “Friendship isn’t just a word; it’s a bond that lasts forever.”
3. “Best friends are the sunshine on a cloudy day.”
4. “A true friend is the one who walks beside you, even on sandy shores.”
5. “Life’s journey is sweeter when traveled with a best friend.”
6. “A best friend is someone who knows all your secrets and still loves you.”
7. “In the book of life, a best friend is the most important chapter.”
8. “Best friends make ordinary moments extraordinary.”
9. “A best friend is a lifeline that keeps us afloat in the sea of life.”
10. “A best friend is like a starfish; they stick to your side through thick and thin.”

Caption Beach with Friends Quotes Tumblr

1. “Lost in the rhythm of the waves, surrounded by my tribe.”
2. “Sunsets, seashells, and soulful connections with my beach family.”
3. “On the beach, we find ourselves and each other.”
4. “Sand between our toes, love in our hearts, and friends by our side.”
5. “The tides may change, but our friendship remains unshaken.”
6. “In the chaos of the waves, we find peace within our friendship.”
7. “Under the sun-kissed sky, we discover the true meaning of friendship.”
8. “Our footprints in the sand tell the story of our unforgettable bond.”
9. “At the beach, we weave memories that last a lifetime.”
10. “On the shore, our laughter echoes, and our friendship blossoms.”

Summer Captions

1. “Summer days and sun rays, that’s how we like to play.”
2. “Sandy kisses and summer wishes with my favorite people.”
3. “Chasing the sun, capturing memories, and living our best summer lives.”
4. “Summer: the season of friends, fun, and endless adventures.”
5. “In the summertime, life is a beach, and I’m just riding the waves.”
6. “Sunshine is the best accessory for a perfect summer day.”
7. “Summer dreams and beachside schemes with my closest companions.”
8. “Life’s a beach, and I’m embracing every moment of this summer bliss.”
9. “Friends and sunsets make summer unforgettable.”
10. “Summer magic happens when friends gather by the water’s edge.”



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