Best 250+ ways to write Sunday Prayer Message and Captions

Sunday Prayer Message: The Sandra Smith Sunday Prayer Message is a unique devotional gift with an open-spine design. This handy book features a weekly calendar of Bible readings and space for notes.

The spirit of Sunday worship is a moving force, an assurance that connects us to one another and to the great cloud of witnesses who surround us. This collection is for those moments when only words will do.

“Sunday” is an entry in my personal diary of day to day thoughts. It is not a ministry or a business. It is simply my search for the deeper meaning of life and getting closer to God. I live a pretty simple life; travel, teach, sail, walk along the beach…I hope you enjoy taking this walk with me.

The apostle Paul’s desire was to preach “”the gospel where Christ was not known, so that I would not build on another man’s foundation””. Therefore, during this season we will turn our attention to those who have never heard. Each week we will prepare messages which consider the cultural differences in countries where Christianity has never been known. We do this because God loves all persons without exception, and wants them to know how He has loved the world through Christ.


Sunday Prayer Message


In prayer, God gives us everything He has-all His treasures for heaven and earth. Here are some more prayer quotes to ponder. #prayer #quotes

  • Heavenly Father, I thank you for welcoming us into your holy sanctuary this morning. I ask that you would use me to strengthen the body of Christ in the capacity that you choose. By your grace help to carry the Gospel to others and remind
  • blessing cup of coffee,
  • Remember to read the Bible and pray every Sunday Morning. If you don’t have time, pray anyway!
  • It’s important to read and understand the Bible. Pray every morning. If you don’t have time, pray anyway.
  • At 8AM, every Sunday, make time to sit in the quiet and read your Bible. If you’re always too busy, pray anyways.
  • Can you make time to read the Bible? If not, try praying anyway. God will still love you.
  • Make it a part of your Sunday routine to read the Bible and pray. You’ll not only be strengthening your relationship with God, but starting your week on the right foot as well.
  • Take a few moments each day to read your Bible and pray.
  • The mornings are a great time to meditate and pray. Even if you don’t have time in the morning, be sure to fit prayer into your day.
  • You will become a better baseball player by reading your Bible every day and praying.
  • Enjoy a peaceful, prayer filled morning as you read God’s word each day.
  • Have a daily quiet time and stay in touch with God.
  • Locate a quiet place where you can read and pray every day. Then, throughout your day, look for opportunities to practice what you’ve learned in your Bible study. Also, spend time each day reading the Bible.
  • Make time to pray. Read and meditate on the scriptures.
  • Your faith is an intimate relationship with the living God. Your daily time with Him is essential to your spiritual growth.
  • It might seem like a trivial activity. But as you spend time in God’s word each day, you’ll be ready to face difficulties with grace and wisdom.
  • Becoming a baseball player in the Big Leagues is not an easy journey. However, by reading your Bible every day and praying you will become a better baseball player.
  • If you’re looking to become a better baseball player, it might be helpful to read the Bible every day and pray.
  • Reading your Bible every day and praying will help you learn about God, love others, and grow into a better person.
  • Squeeze in some time to study the Bible and pray each day, and you will get better at baseball.
  • Get a Bible and a journal for baseball. Read your Bible verse for the day and pray about the game.
  • You’re not only learning to hit a curve ball, you’re learning how to trust God more every day. Life is an adventure ─ start reading your Bible today!
  • Begin your day by reading God’s word and praying. After you spend time in the Word, let it saturate your life by applying it to your relationships, job, and other opportunities.
  • If you care about your relationship with God, take some time every morning to read the Bible. Prayer strengthens the relationship. If you don’t have time, pray anyway. Whether it’s 5 minutes or 15 minutes, he’s worth it.
  • God wants to talk to you. He’s invited you to spend time with him each day. Praying isn’t complicated, it just takes practice.
  • It’s good to read the Bible every morning.
  • The Bible is the most important book in the world. It’s a guide which helps us to learn how to trust and talk to God.


Best Sunday Prayer Messages 2020


  • Start your day with God. Spend a few minutes with Him before starting your day.
  • The Bible is fun and simple to follow. If you’re having trouble understanding a passage of the Bible, ask yourself
  • The Bible is the most powerful book ever written. It’s filled with stories, fun facts, and encouraging advice
  • Try your best to find a quiet time each day to pray. Take time to read and study the scriptures. This will help you come closer to God.
  • Treat prayer like a habit—a way of life. Since scripture reading is a vital part of your daily study, invest the time each day to read and apply what you learn.
  • Make a point to read the scriptures every day. Pray in your room, at church, or anywhere you can talk directly with Heavenly Father.
  • Take time each day to read and study the scriptures. Set aside an hour or so each day for personal prayer. Staying close to the Savior will help you recognize and develop your spiritual gifts.
  • Take time each day to be with your Heavenly Father. Consider what you read in the scriptures. Then put it into practice.
  • Find time today to pray.
  • In all circumstances, pray at all times. With everything you do, give thanks.
  • Locate a quiet place where you can read and pray each day. Then, throughout your day, look for opportunities to practice what you’ve learned in your Bible study. Also, spend time each day reading the Bible.
  • Start off each day by going to a quiet place where you can read and pray and look for opportunities throughout your day to practice what you’ve learned in the Bible study. Then spend time in the evening reading the Bible.
  • Find a place to pray and read the Bible regularly. Practice what you learn from your daily study. Read the Bible often, too.
  • When you read your Bible, set aside some time to quiet yourself. Spend 10 or 15 minutes reading the Bible, without doing anything else. Then spend time through out the day looking for opportunities to practice what you’ve learned in your Bible study.
  • Looking for a quiet place to read and pray everyday? This will be a good fit if you are wanting a group that is open to going deeper in their faith. If you desire to uplift your faith through the guidance in the bible, then please join us at [Name of your group].
  • Looking for a way to please God? The Bible will give you many ways. Set aside time each day for reading, study, and prayer. Also, read the Bible every day.
  • Even when you are very busy, make time in your day to read and pray. It will help you live a more spiritual life, and it will also help you have peace of mind.


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