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The Functional Gut Health Clinic is a health and wellness center that focuses on the treatment and prevention of gut disorders. We provide solutions, using a range of proven methods, to those with digestive concerns including bloating, IBS, Crohn’s disease, and colitis.

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The Functional Gut Health Clinic is a team of Doctors, Nutritionists and Dieticians who collaborate to ensure your gut health gets back on track.


Our aim at The Functional Gut Health Clinic is to promote living a healthy and active lifestyle by nourishing your gut. As the gateway between our body and the outside world, gut health has a significant impact on our overall wellbeing. Proactively maintain and improve your levels of good bacteria through diet, exercise and targeted supplementation.


We believe in evidence-based, patient-centred care. We have a single goal: To improve your gut health.

Learn how to improve your gut health with expert guides from The Functional Gut Health Clinic.


At The Functional Gut Health Clinic, we help you to feel good from the inside out with our revolutionary health solutions for gut health, digestion and immune function.


Welcome to The Functional Gut Health Clinic, an online clinic where we help you to improve your gut health, overcome digestive issues and achieve a better state of health.


The GUT HEALTH CLINIC provide expert advice and solutions to help you improve your gut health, reduce bloating and nausea, lose weight and feel better. We offer a private gluten-free menu, personalised tailored meal plans, recipes and specialist supplements targeted to your gut health needs.


The Functional Gut Health Clinic


Attention: We’re in the business of making your gut happy. 🤗


Sometimes a person’s gut health is better than their General Health.


What do functional gut health and functional brand have in common?


Too much gut health can lead to too much stomach fat.


The Functional Gut Health Clinic



There is circularity and the imagery that it creates within a person’s mind.


I wonder if every person has a different microbiome?


The gut is the largest immune organ!


If we had to rely on our gut microbiomes for all our nutrition, we’d be dead.


Discussions don’t need to be long. Sometimes 3 words are enough.


Everyone has the same bathroom in their head.


I just wanted to make a good product, but it became an obsession.


Technology is also scary, but it’s not working on its own. It’s a tool. You have to push it yourself.


The more you do, the less you think.


Gut health is functional, not medical.


You need the gut to be a functional organ.


Doesn’t everyone have an authentic, functional gut?


The non-cancerous gut is an organ.


If we leave our gut to others, they’ll most likely develop it into another’s.


The Functional Gut Health Clinic: “I feel like an entertainer and not a doctor.” – Ken Cohen


I’ve benefited tremendously from my random shower thoughts and I hope they help you as well.


You still want to do things you care about even when you feel like crap.



The “friendly” shower is not very fun; the “competitive” shower is fun.


You think you have to be a certain way to be popular.


All good things come to those who wait.


You’re never as young as you feel.


Hello everyone! We are so happy to be able to share some of the amazing things that our patients have told us about their experience with the Functional Gut Health clinic.


#nofilter #theguteathealthclinic


We’re at it again! We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the gut health diet, how to eat and what foods are best for your gut. So we created an infographic on our Instagram account that answers those questions!


Need to get your gut health back on track? Let us help you conquer the most common gut issues.


Treating the gut so it can treat you!


We’re here to help you live a healthier, happier life. 🤗


Human gut health is influenced by genetics, nutrition, environment and lifestyle.


The best functional medicine doctors practice functional medicine themselves.


While you’re in your doctor’s office, you can do workouts on the wall.


The Functional Gut Health Clinic: If you can’t get your health right, then that’s what you should be obsessed with.


If you build a better stomach, will others come? Or will they eat their own first?


I was going to tell you but then I started thinking about it.


The human gut is 85% less diverse than it was 100 years ago.


My gut is like my ex-girlfriend – I never know what’s going on in there.


A professional knows and does not have to ask about it.


If you aren’t functional, what are you?



Does it feel good or bad to do nothing?


What do you think is worse, an army of sheep following a weak leader, or a single wolf following a delusional leader?


There is a phenomenon called functional gut health.


Gut health is the foundation of good health.


Everything people hate about functional soil can be found in functional gut.


The Functional Gut Health Clinic



Random shower thoughts are like a private joke. Use them to bring your followers into your world.


It’s hard to make good gut health an option.


The Functional Gut Health Clinic: Every bathroom needs a tagline.


Shower thoughts are a product of calm mind, not the busy mind.


The fear of being seen as ‘girly’ is a social construct.


Sometimes the only way to change your mood is by changing your location.


If you can’t emphasize both sides of a trade, then you don’t know the whole story.


If you want to create, you will destroy.


The Functional Gut Health Clinic: We are all amazing.


When gut health is compromised, it can cause a lot of other problems in the body.


Other people’s gut health is directly linked to yours.


Pretty sure your gut health is more important than your eye health.


Health is the top of Maslow’s hierarchy, therefore mental health cannot be treated without physical health. The gut is where it all starts.


Constipation is often caused by a lack of fiber.

Doctors Specialising In Gut Health


Bacteria are both everywhere and nowhere at once.=-=-=-=-=-=


Some people think it’s weird that I spend a lot of time researching gut health or other topics in nutrition, but what’s the alternative?


The biggest office you have is in your head. So put a nice one up there.


The Functional Gut Health Clinic: Mistakes are proof that you are trying.


Re-reading does not yield new insights.


Building a great company takes a long time. This isn’t like college; the stress and suffering won’t end after four years.


Bread is like the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.


Did you know that there is medicinal cannabis that helps gut health?


I always recommend achieving that gut health.


I have good gut bacteria, bad gut bacteria, and even my own personal parasite.



Shower time is a good time to do the gut challenge.


Fecal transplants are on the same pathway as taking probiotics.


If the gut is dirty it becomes highway for bad bacteria.


In our personal lives, we try to build muscle for aesthetics, but in our business, we focus on building skeleton for functionality.


Everyone doesn’t have the ability or experience needed to live a work-life balance.


Why are you still going to the doctor?


The biggest difference between a really good professional and a not-so-good professional probably isn’t how smart they are, but how good they are at creating positive emotion.


When you’re angry, don’t yell; talk to a pillow.


Instagram captions are a way to say what you want and charge for it.


A perfect gut, is a creative gut.


The Functional Gut Health Clinic



Setting up gut health clinics would be incredibly lucrative.


The Functional Gut Health Clinic: A little dusting in your fridge once a week is really good for your gut.


You can measure functional gut health, but not with a gut health questionnaire.


Some gut health clinics have a hard time at the check out steps. In almost every case, it’s because they failed to clarify the meaning of words like ‘re-set’ or ‘repair’.


How did the gut get so many neurons?


You can tell a lot about someone by how they respond to situations they don’t like.


The measure of a good meal is how much you want to eat the next day.


If you aren’t having fun, you can’t be great.


The Functional Gut Health Clinic: Am I functional?


Resistance is not futile.



Saying captions for Instagram is just like writing haikus.


Think of your gut health as a community. The majority of your gut flora is there for many years to come.


As a species, we are getting better at taking care of our gut health.


The biggest factor in gut health (IMO) is a diet rich in diverse plant foods. I’ve seen too many people with small intestine bacterial overgrowth, leaky gut, and other issues respond


Get enough water so both your body and mind can function at their best.


You should be able to define your business in two sentences.


You can tell how well a person is doing by how well they thank you.


Nature designed us to be with others rather than alone.



The days are long but the years are short.


There is no dishonor in defeat. There is only shame in failing to try.


That’s why I like toilets. I know that my waste is just going to be here forever. My ancestors grew up with this concept and accepted it. But now people are obsessed with flushing their


You can use the same insentive to get the dog to give you a kiss or the neighbor to mow your lawn.


Functional Gut Health Clinic


Gut health is really the new brain health.


When you use your functional gut health clinic in a kitchen, does that constitute as eating out?


Exercise and nature are the perfect remedy for a lot of modern day problems.


Gut Health Expert Near Me


You get a random access memory error, not a random failure.


The Functional Gut Health Clinic



It’s better to be called an asshole knowingly than be ignorant and risk being considered one.


Life is a lot easier if you are intentional in everything you do. Life is a lot easier if you are intentional in everything you do.


You don’t have to be a redhead to make it happen.


If you want to be inspired, go work in a factory.


One of the hardest professional things is to ask for advice when you need it.


Weird how sometimes the things that are supposed to be sweetest are the most bitter.


When you don’t have a defensible moat, you must raise the cost for others to attack.


Have you noticed that the gut really runs the show?


An imbalance of gut flora can lead to illness.


The gut is the second brain. Your gut can sense fear, anxiety and depression just as your brain can.


I think I need to eat some yogurt and probiotics.


That’s how I got into functional medicine, by being mildly crazy and then seeing the links.


I knew it was a gut issue. I just didn’t know what kind of issue.


You should pursue a vocation that you’re willing to relocate for.


What is right what is wrong.



Leadership is practiced one act at a time.


Sperm is disgusting but it’s amazing.


I just have no desire to be a part of society.


Investing is simple, but not easy.


Gut health is the mitochondria of the body. By extension, probiotics are the aspirin.


We need to create functional gut health clinics—staffed by PhDs in gut health—in every major city.


Maybe doing functional medicine is similar to working on a startup.


The greatest threat to our gut health is a workaholic lifestyle.


The gut heals itself when it is not under attack.


We can be just as empathetic to a stranger as we are to someone we love.


The only time you should be scared of being wrong is when you’re right.


I wonder what shower thoughts taste like?[ding]


The hotter you are, the more things make sense.


With progress comes new challenges… bigger obstacles.


I’m going to get up right now and buy $100 of bitcoin.


The Functional Gut Health Clinic


I am not a bath person.


Our gut microbiome affects our health and well-being.


Good gut health makes good brain health.


Shower thoughts can be a way to shine some light on what you are really thinking about.


More gut health means better brain health.


Gut microbes are like guests at a party. Some are good, some are bad.


I learned about health on the internet, but what can you really trust?


A human body is a perfectly designed machine.



Maybe it is impossible to really know what’s going on inside of someone.


Laughter is the best medicine. Being positive is the second best medicine.


We waste vast amounts of time with negative information.


Sometimes you need to stop measuring something if it’s not working.


A vulnerable person is more likely to take risks.


We’re taking the guesswork out of gut health and getting you back to your best self.


Have you heard that your gut bacteria are responsible for 70% of your immune response? Come learn how you can increase their good bacteria and decrease the bad ones at our clinic today.


The #1 most important thing you can do for your gut health? Get enough sleep!


If you’re eating the way you’re supposed to and exercising, you should be able to use your bathroom normally. But if you feel like you have to go more than once a day, or if you have cramps, bloating or pain in your gut, then it may be time to get checked out.


Gut Specialist Near Me


We are so excited to share our story and more on the next episode of #UncoveringGGWC.  Our journey as a team will be an interesting one, we hope you enjoy it!


Feeling a little better today? We hope so!


The Functional Gut Health Clinic



The Functional Gut Health Clinic: See you on the other side 💪🏼


The Functional Gut Health Clinic: Let’s do this.


Gotta love that feeling of a clean and healthy gut, made possible by our Functional Gut Health Clinic.


Looking for a way to improve your gut health? We can help! Find out more about our Functional Gut Health Clinic.


The Functional Gut Health Clinic is a non-invasive, integrative medical practice specializing in the prevention, treatment, and management of digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease and various other GI disorders.



The Functional Gut Health Clinic is a natural, preventative and integrative medicine clinic staffed by board certified physicians who focus on gut health. We are dedicated to helping people feel better by working in harmony with the body’s own systems.


The Functional Gut Health Clinic is a place where you can find answers to your questions about gut health and how it relates to your life. We offer a wide variety of resources, including medical consultations, home visits, and education programs. If you’re looking for answers about gut health or want to get started on the path toward healing your gut, you should visit us soon!


The Functional Gut Health Clinic is the only clinic of its kind in the United States that exclusively focuses on treating patients with digestive issues.


There’s a whole world of gut health beyond what you’ve heard before. We take the guesswork out of it with our Functional Gut Health Program. Call us today!


We are excited to share the latest gut-healing research, breakthroughs in functional medicine, and simple strategies for living a healthier life.


Reaching out to you, our clients, and helping you maintain your gut health by providing the right tools and information.


Did you know that getting the right amount of probiotics into your system can help keep you regular, boost energy and reduce bloating? Come in for a consultation with us!


What makes us different? Our team of experts who are passionate about functional gut health, and our commitment to providing customized solutions for you.


We want to make sure you’re feeling your best. So if you have any questions or concerns, we’d love to hear from you!


If you want to feel better, buy yourself a scooper. 🥑


When you’re feeling under the weather, regular visits with Dr. Tricia are still your best bet for feeling better fast.


The Functional Gut Health Clinic: Say hello to your new best friend.


The Functional Gut Health Clinic is a program that educates and empowers individuals and families through an integrative approach to gut health. Find out more at https://www.facebook.com/FunctionalGutHealthClinic


Functional Gut Health Clinic, the place where your gut health is taken care of by an NYC-based team of experts.


The Functional Gut Health Clinic is a place where you can learn how to optimize your gut health, live a healthier lifestyle and eat foods that are not only good for you but taste great as well.


Hi there! We’re so glad we got to meet you and you chose us as your functional gut health clinic.


We’re the experts on digestion and how it affects your overall health. So we’ve created a plan just for you: Functional Gut Health.


Gut health is so important, and we’re here to help.


The Functional Gut Health Clinic


We’ve all heard that gut health is an important part of overall wellness. Let us help you take care of yours! The Functional Gut Health Clinic


The Functional Gut Health Clinic is changing the way people view gut health and their relationship to food. We are reaching thousands of people each year by sharing our knowledge with them!


Gut Health Doctor Megan Rossi



Your gut health is the foundation of your health. Make it a priority to support it with proper diet, exercise, and lifestyle.


A gut full of good bacteria could help you lose weight and keep it off. Don’t wait for your bathroom scale to say hello—get a gut full of good bacteria today!



The Functional Gut Health Clinic: What’s your gut saying to you? Let us help.


You can’t see what’s inside of you, but you’ll feel better when you get it checked out!


We treat gut health like a beautiful house—it’s designed to be healthy, yet if it’s not looked after, it can come undone. That’s why we focus on the whole body and wellness, not just intestinal distress.


Feeling tired, not just from lack of sleep but also because your digestive system is out of whack.


The body is like a garden. We have to work hard to keep it healthy and beautiful. The Functional Gut Health Clinic


At Functional Gut Health Clinic, we’ll help you get the gut health that’s right for you.


Enjoying a delicious breakfast at the Functional Gut Health Clinic.


We help bring your gut health to light. See you in our clinic!


Looking for answers? We can help! Book an appointment with our Functional Gut Health Clinic today.


We all know how important it is to keep gut health in check. For more information on how the Functional Gut Health Clinic can help, visit our website at https://www.functionalguthealth.com


Got your gut in a tangle? We’re here to help. Check out our Instagram today for more info 🤗


A healthy gut is the foundation of a healthy life. We’re here to help you make #guthealth happen for you.


#guthealth is a state of mind, not a medical condition. We empower people to take control of their gut health through education and natural treatments.


We’re here to help you live a healthier life. Contact us today!


Our mission is to help your gut stay healthy and functioning with expert coaching, education and personalized treatment plans. Let us know how we can help you!


Trying to lose weight? Say no to sugar and carbs. Learn more about Gut Health 101, here


Did you know that gut health is the foundation of overall wellness? If your gut isn’t healthy, everything else will be out of balance. Schedule an appointment today!


If you feel like you need to upgrade your health, we’re here for you. We understand it can be hard to talk about your gut issues, but we are here for you.


Don’t let gut issues hold you back. We work together to help you get back to feeling your best so you can enjoy the life that was meant for you.


We’re ready for you, wherever your health journey takes you.


The Functional Gut Health Clinic. A place where you can do what you love and be healthy at the same time.


Get results at www.theguthealthclinic.com: The Functional Gut Health Clinic


Stay healthy and fit with our functional gut health services!


Functional Gut Health is a clinic that focuses on gut health, and so far we have had great success with our patients. We are looking forward to helping more people!


The Functional Gut Health Clinic treats IBS, reflux, and Crohn’s with a unique combination of evidence-based nutrition and functional medicine therapies.


The Functional Gut Health Clinic: If you’re feeling a little off, the first thing to do is get yourself back on track with our Functional Gut Health Clinic.


Did you know that gut health has a direct impact on your overall health? Be sure to follow us on Instagram for the latest news, tips and tricks!


Don’t let gut health get in the way of a healthy lifestyle. Every month at The Functional Gut Health Clinic we help you rewire your gut so that you can start feeling and looking great!


A healthy gut is the foundation for better health.


The Functional Gut Health Clinic


We’re here to help you feel great, inside and out. With a holistic approach to gut health, we can provide the help you need.


We all have gut health problems. If you suspect your gut is getting worse, we can help 🥺🗜


The Functional Gut Health Clinic offers a unique approach to digestive health. The team at FGHC believes that there is no such thing as an ordinary bowel movement—every one is uniquely designed to keep you healthy, and we can help you achieve your ideal digestive journey with our services!


The Functional Gut Health Clinic



We’re digging into your guts! Come in today for a consult on what’s going on inside your body.


The Functional Gut Health Clinic: We’re on a mission to help you feel your best. 💪🏻


We are here for you. The Functional Gut Health Clinic



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