Top Fishing Captions for Twitter #Fishing Quotes

Top Fishing Captions for Twitter: You’ve seen these captions before in memes and forum posts. They’re a popular fishing meme that uses a captioned image, usually a photo of a fisher, with a clever caption to describe the mood of the photo. These fishing captions have been around for a while and have been used in many creative ways. In fact, The Washington Post even published an article about the rise in popularity of Fishing Captions experienced in 2015.


Fishing captions for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


The ocean can be an exciting place to visit, or maybe you’ve gone deep sea fishing with your dad in the past. These captions are perfect for anyone that has caught a fish in the ocean either in their past or recent experiences. We encourage you to use these captions when writing about fishing experience in your photo caption on Instagram.


Search boat captions. Unbelievable how many I found! I laughed till I cried. Please enjoy a few of them with me. The fishing quotes were hilarious!


Fishing — one of the oldest and most effective ways to relax, de-stress and enjoy nature. Unfortunately, for those of us who don’t do it as a hobby, we’re left only to the photos that people share on social media to see what we’re missing out on. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I mean, check out these fishing captions! How could you not want to go fishing now?


Top Fishing Captions for Twitter
Top Fishing Captions for Twitter

Top Fishing Captions for Twitter


  • “A #fishing is like holding a #miracle in your hand.”


  • These: Not those: #fish #fishing #mountainman


  • Let’s go fishing. 🎣


  • I don’t know why I love fishing so much. I just do.


  • Catching that perfect fish. Thanks for the photo, @trout4fun 😍


  • Your first time should be with someone who loves you…not just some idiot who can catch fish 🎣


  • Fishing is one of the few activities that lets an individual become so immersed in the act that everything else fades into the distance.  The angler just becomes part of his environment.  Time stands still.


  • Catch of the day 🐟


  • Reeling in the big one… ‪#‎fish


  • Stay still, quiet, don’t act like you’re here. Look for the signs. And then when you find it, set the hook with all your might! !!!! It’s only when you least expect that you


  • When the fish are biting and nothing but fresh seafood will suffice 🐟


  • Fish designed by @Isaac_Baker


  • ”Aim for success, not perfection.” – David Beckham


  • Fathoms deep, where water creatures move in mysterious ways… 🐟 Reply to this post if you want to see more fishing captions!


  • If you love the the lake, then you’ll love this 30% off 1-year subscription! The all-you-can eat fisherman’s special. Who’s ready to get #outdoors? @yesfishingapp #yesfishing


  • Gone fishin’—hopefully they come home with more than they left with.


  • This weekend we’re going to be hanging with our old fishing buddy who just retired and took up fly fishing. We’re pumped to get out on the lake and spend time together. And, of course, we’ll be


  • It’s that time of the year again! Get those fishing lines wet, and those lures out to catch your limit.


  • Beam me up, Scotty. I’m heading to this #summeroceanfishing spot in 30 minutes.


  • Keep calm and fish on.


  • This is the time of year when we need to do it with a maxim, “It’s never too early to start stalking.”


  • The autumn moon as seen from Anchor Point, Alaska. (Photo by Matty Matheson). 🍁⛄️📷


  • On the hunt for something 🎣


  • There is a big world out there, and the Road Toad wants you to catch a glimpse of it.


  • It’s a work of art and it’s also delicious.


  • <br /><br />


  • Stay calm. It’ll come to ya.


  • I’m a university student and I never stop learning.


  • It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you love fishing you can do it! So when your Dad asks when your gonna stop fishing like when you were 4, tell him you’ll be fishing for the rest of your life.


  • <Insert fishing brand> we support the growth of your future 👣 ⚓️ ➡️⚓️➡️⚓️➡️⚓️➡️


  • We rarely fish for compliments… but when we do, we catch them. Big Time.


  • Even if you’re not wearing any, #FlipFlopsFriday is a reason to fish.


  • What an exhilarating way to start the day. Catching fish is more fun on the Stearns Bay BlueFin tuna rod and reel. ☀️


  • We’re gonna start this weekend out with a nice big fish breakfast.


  • No one likes a fish story so here’s to all the fish you caught but didn’t keep, the fish you released so you could catch another, and all the fish that got away.


  • Fishing is a boring sport, that you play with your hands, staring into the darkness. ##


  • My days are numbered, but at least I’ll be counting them down in style. #fishinglife #bucketlist


  • Stream fishing for salmon can be frustrating, but catching them is exhilarating. 😲


  • If you can imagine a tactic, there’s a fish for it. #fishyfacts


  • This weekend let’s get outdoors and enjoy the weather! 🌲☀️🎣


  • Try a new sport—even if you think you can’t. All it takes is one day to get hooked.


  • One of our favorite times of year. 🎣


  • No matter what happens on our journey through time, there are some good things that will always remain the same. Friendship is one of them. Friends are for life, whether they are here or not. Wherever they are, I know my best friend


  • Life is a great big fishing trip and most of us have just a nibble.


  • We ♥️ sharing the joy of fishing with your friends. Here’s to finding lots of fish, beautiful scenery, and good times!


  • Cast your mind back to spring when you just couldn’t wait for the summer to begin. Now that the weather is cooling, plug yourself in and embrace hibernation mode. You’ll keep warm when you’re wet when you’re wearing [fishing brand


  • Soak in the fun of fall with @moretanks Fishing #adventurestartshere


  • Fishing is in our blood. So when we’re not with family, we’re in the water; trolling for whatever happens to bite. 😎


  • More than just a hobby, angling is a way of life.


  • Fall is right around the corner, here are some fishing tips to get you started on the right foot. 😉


  • Fish for compliments.


  • Rise with the sunshine.  Come sunrise, we’re heading to the water. 📷: @mikeyhearn #RUFFfishing


  • It’s the end of the week and I got a fish taco waiting for me at home. Life is just about as good as it gets 🐟


  • The fish are jumping at the lake. 🐟


  • Slow down, take a seat on the dock and listen to the sweet sounds of nature 🤔☀


  • The ocean has so many treasures to offer – let us help you find them! 💎


  • My perfect Sunday 🐟


  • Each day is a gift, and that is why we call this awesome time of the year “summer”. Happy Summer Solstice! 🌞💕


  • Hook, line and sinker. This week, we’ll be fishing for some fun 🎣#NationalCatchFishForKidsDay


  • Fishing is an easy way to spend your free time and it is a great hobby for people of all ages to take up.


  • Sometimes the hardest part about fishing is remembering to un-hook your lure. -Buddy Hackett


  • If you love to fish you are sure to appreciate these fishing quotes.


  • Even when there’s no fish in the river, it’s still good to get out of the house. – Rick Bragg


  • Just a little tug on my line and I feel like I’m reeling out a memory from the distant past.


  • Catching up with old friends should never be the only reason to get in the boat


  • The grass is greener where you water it. #FlyFishing


  • Hauling in the big one! The bigger they are, the better I feel 🎣🍲


  • Hunting the big ones 🐟


  • Somewhere between St. Louis and St. Paul, I caught that sweet spot where the big ones like to hang out. 🎣


  • A day on the lake is like a good book: It’s best savored slowly. ☀🎣


Short Fishing Captions for Instagram:

1. Hooked on this hobby.
2. Reel in the good times.
3. Catching memories.
4. Fish on, stress off.
5. Fishing vibes only.
6. Cast away your worries.
7. Relaxing by the water.
8. Fishing: my happy place.
9. Adventure awaits at the water’s edge.
10. Gone fishing.


Funny Fishing Captions for Instagram:

1. “I fish because the voices in my head tell me to.” – Unknown
2. “Fishing is a jerk on one end of the line, waiting for a jerk on the other.” – Unknown
3. “Fishing: a jerk on one end of the line waiting for a jerk on the other.” – Unknown
4. “Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll buy a ridiculous amount of gear he’ll never use.” – Unknown
5. “Fishing is just a matter of sitting in a boat, waiting for fish to think about suicide.” – Unknown
6. “Fishing is the reel deal.”
7. “Fish tremble at the mention of my name.”
8. “I’m so hooked on fishing, I don’t need bait anymore.”
9. “Fishing: the most fun you can have sitting down.”
10. “I’m not addicted to fishing. We’re just in a very committed relationship.”


Fishing Captions for Instagram:

1. “Nature’s therapy: Fishing.”
2. “The best catch of the day.”
3. “Lost in the rhythm of the water.”
4. “Sunshine and fish kisses.”
5. “Fishing is my escape from reality.”
6. “Reeling in dreams.”
7. “The calm before the cast.”
8. “Where the fish are always biting.”
9. “Life is better with a fishing pole in hand.”
10. “Fishing: the art of patience and anticipation.”


Fishing Captions, Short:

1. Cast. Reel. Repeat.
2. Fishing and chilling.
3. Hooked for life.
4. Fishing therapy.
5. Find your inner peace.
6. One cast at a time.
7. Nature’s playground.
8. A fisherman’s paradise.
9. Catching moments.
10. Fishing, my happy place.


Girl Fishing Captions for Instagram:

1. “Reeling like a girl boss.”
2. “Casting my own path.”
3. “Fishing with grace.”
4. “Gone fishing, be back when I catch something.”
5. “Fishing: my kind of self-care.”
6. “A girl and her fishing rod.”
7. “Catching fish and compliments.”
8. “Fishing beauty, inside and out.”
9. “Fishing like a lady boss.”
10. “Proof that girls can fish too.”


Cute Fishing Captions:

1. “Fishing buddies for life.”
2. “Love at first cast.”
3. “Sunsets and fishing nets.”
4. “Fishing: my heart’s favorite pastime.”
5. “Reeling in smiles.”
6. “My fishing partner in crime.”
7. “Hooked on you and fishing.”
8. “Making memories one fish at a time.”
9. “Keep calm and fish on.”
10. “Fishing is my love language.”


Funny Bass Fishing Captions:

1. “Bass-ically addicted to fishing.”
2. “Bass fishing: a splashy affair.”
3. “Bass fishing is my jam, and I spread it thick.”
4. “Bass fishing: the bass-ics of happiness.”
5. “Bass fishing: the ultimate game of hide and seek.”
6. “Bass fishing is my cardio.”
7. “Bass fishing is my reel obsession.”
8. “Catching bass and taking names.”
9. “Bass fishing: because adulting is overrated.”
10. “Bass fishing: where the big boys swim.”


Fishing Instagram Captions for Guys:

1. “Real men bait their own hooks.”
2. “Fishing: the ultimate manly escape.”
3. “Gone fishing. Man at work.”
4. “Fishing: the pursuit of greatness.”
5. “A man and his rod, a lifelong partnership.”
6. “Fishing is my kind of therapy.”
7. “Fishing like a boss.”
8. “Reel men fish.”
9. “Fishing: where legends are born.”
10. “Adventure awaits on the water.”


Fishing Captions


  • Hey there! We haven’t met, but I wanted to stop by and say hi. My name’s Will. What’s yours?


  • Summer feels like a long time ago. But last week, we experienced a summer day in September… And fall has arrived!


  • Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans. So work hard so you don’t have time for life to happen to you.


  • Catch of the Day: a photo of a big fish


  • You are more likely to have a boat on your wall than a picture of the fish you caught.


  • 📣Learn more about our tackle 🐟 new collection on their official website”.


  • Someday I’ll be that guy with the perfect spot, the coolest boat, and the most amazing story, but for now it’s just me in my fishing hat, chasing bass. #otp #nofilter


  • Good morning, let’s go fishing. ❤️ 🐟


  • When someone asks if I am excited to go fishing, it’s like asking a bear if he’s excited to get in his new hot tub.


  • Laid-back weekend better get here soon. #wishiwascatfish


  • Nothin’ like some good ol’ Lake Michigan fishing this time of year. Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!


  • My most successful catch.


  • Let’s go fishing. In the ocean, lakes, rivers, or anywhere that has fish to catch.


  • Get your line wet by following us @lake_virginia for #fishbiteme.


  • Still fighting the fight, still catching fish. #stillcranking


  • Tackle it all. Tackle the day. Tackle the week. Tackle the future. Tackle your dreams. It’s in your hands, in your heart, in your soul. Go for it!


  • Soaring above the water like seaplanes. 🚁


  • This is what I live for.


  • All aboard the fishing boat! Hoisted by a crane from a cargo ship, this 30-ton monster of a sailfish drifted sideways toward the vast blue sea. The fish—the world-record International Game Fish Association–recognized catch and release


  • There is good fishing in this lake and it can be fun. And there is no such thing as bad fishing either – it’s just different fishing.


  • Worth the wait: a nice bronzeback that went into the box after 30 minutes of smallie fishing.


  • A photo can say more than a lot of words. The pause the excitement, the moment you catch that one fish you’ve been looking for.


  • As a fisher I have so many exciting moments it’s hard to keep track. #FishingLife


  • Feeling reeled in by the fishing game plan? Get some insight on how to land your next catch with our top tips.


  • When there’s a fish on the line, it’s hard to remember the rest of your life exists. 🐟


  • It’s time to fish again.


  • Right now, a fish is swimming somewhere. Thousands of fish. Millions maybe. They’re all around you, but you don’t even know it because fish can swim underwater without making a sound or blowing bubbles. Then I cast my lure into the blue


  • No matter how good you are at spotting “the one,” it’s still possible to miss out on the one fish that changes everything. #Patience


  • Angling for an easy dinner? @are your eyes bigger than your stomach?


  • Fish and do something you really love.


  • It’s the little things…


  • Sunlight glinting off the wide open water brings us to a place of peace and clarity. 🌊


  • Tie up your boots, roll up your sleeves and come on out for a great day of food and fun. You don’t have to be a fishing pro to enjoy this day with us, just a lover of nature and the open water


  • It’s the best time of the year to step into the fishing world.


  • Good things come to those who bait. #baitnotbored


  • When you catch the fish of a lifetime, turn around and keep fishing.


  • Time to get on the boat, whether you’re new to fishing or an old hand. 😎


  • Another day spent on the river, another great catch. Fish on, my friends.


  • Time to get away from it all, step back into nature, and commune with the wildlife #fishon


  • The one that got away…….


  • Consider yourself forewarned. There’s no better time to visit the Bay State than this weekend.


  • Rise & Reel in the fresh air with our delicious burgers, wings, fries, and brews.


  • Perfect day for a picnic, and this time we’re not just talking food. 😉


  • The captain is always the first in.


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